Wade Marvin Smith, an outstanding trial attorney in Raleigh was the main co-counsel with Bernard Segal in U.S. vs. Jeffrey MacDonald, 1979. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he was a halfback who played in the Rose Bowl. Tall, in his early forties, polite, and a sharp dresser with an impressive record for winning cases among them murder
 cases. He had a way with the jury of making them believe what he saying. When he spoke, all was quite and he had the attention of every person in the courtroom. In North Carolina, Smith
is a good ol' boy, and a member of the
"bubba hood "; he spoke their language. A highly respected family man in the Raleigh area, his great passion was playing
the guitar and singing.
Smith and Segal were exact opposites; Smith was quietly aggressive while Bernie was boisterous. Smith had something that you could not help but admire. It has been said that
"He could insult you and you would like him more for it ". Of the two representing MacDonald, Smith was the one who would try to humanize MacDonald by pulling on the heart strings of the jury that this man would never have raised his hand in anger to his family. Smith never got the chance to say
much during the closing argument because Segal was on a rampage giving the jury a
lesson in what reason doubt was.
Smith went on to be a North Carolina State Representative, former president of the Wake
County Bar Association and winner of 2000 Distinguished Alumni Award UNC—Chapel Hill. He continues to practice law and is recognized as a top criminal dense lawyer and a
musician to boot.

Wade Smith, 1979

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