The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

August 21, 1979: Paul Wishinski


MR. SEGAL: I think I had better call Wade Smith, Your Honor. Bear with me a second; Mr. Smith has the next witness.

THE COURT: Be careful what you call him. He is a former football player, too.

(Whereupon, PAUL WISHINSKI was called as a witness, duly sworn, and testified as follows:)

MR. BLACKBURN: Your Honor, may we see you at the bench a moment?

THE COURT: Come up.


MR. BLACKBURN: This is character.

THE COURT: Where is this witness from?

MR. SMITH: This witness is from Vermont or Maine.

THE COURT: What do you want to prove by him?

MR. SMITH: We want to prove very briefly that our client has a good character and reputation, and we feel that we can do it rapidly, efficiently and get this man off this stand in just a few minutes.

THE COURT: Can you do it in three minutes?

MR. SMITH: I will give it everything I've got to do it in three minutes. I think I can do it fast. Let me give it a try and just see what I can do.

THE COURT: All right. See this thing here? In three minutes it is going to fall.

MR. SMITH: All right, let's see what happens.

(Bench conference terminated.)

D I R E C T E X A M I N A T I O N 4:19 p.m.

Q I think I better have you to state your name again so we can understand you?
A Paul Wishinski.
Q Mr. Wishinski, where do you live?
A In Montpelier, Vermont.
Q And do you know Jeffrey MacDonald?
A Yes, I do.
Q How long have you known him?
A I have known Jeff -- let's see, 1961 is when I first met him.
Q How did you first meet him?
A In Princeton University. I was his roommate for two years.
Q After he ceased being your roommate, did you see him from time to time?
A Yes, I did.
Q Did he cease being your roommate because he married Colette MacDonald?
A Yes, he did.
Q Now, during the years since that time, have you kept in touch with Dr. MacDonald?
A Yes. I kept in touch with letters that Colette and Jeff had written to me through the time period. I was overseas after I left Princeton and was in the Peace Corps.
Q Based on everything that you know about Dr. MacDonald, do you have an opinion now as to his reputation for peacefulness?
A Yes, I do.
Q What is it?
A I very strongly feel that he is a very peaceful person.
Q Based upon everything you know about him, do you believe him to be a non-violent person?
A Yes, he is non-violent.
Q Do you have an opinion as to his truthfulness?
A Yes, I do.
Q What is your opinion as to that?
A He is extremely truthful.
Q Have you seen Jeff with children?
A Yes, I have.
Q Would you state for the jury his demeanor and attitude toward children?
A I knew Jeff's relationship with children when I babysat for them many times. In the third year that I knew him -- it would have been '63 -- I saw him play with his children -- with Kimberly growing up with him in his home. His relationship with his children was always a very loving relationship.

MR. SMITH: You may examine the witness.

MR. BLACKBURN: Two questions, Your Honor.

C R O S S - E X A M I N A T I O N 4:22 p.m.

Q Where were you in February of 1970?
A I was overseas in Nepal.
Q You have no personal first-hand knowledge of what happened at the MacDonald apartment in 1970 in February, do you?
A No, I don't.

MR. BLACKBURN: No further questions.

THE COURT: Call your next witness.



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