The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

Short Study File #32

Note: Translation of document following scanned page

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Short Study File #32

Note from Christina Masewicz: Translation of the above document as I read it to be
The part marked above is bold in the translated copy

Art 32 summation by Somers on 09/10/70

[Note: Actual date of Captain Clifford Somers' summation was 09/11/70]

during the shifting of the body which, by the way, I do not believe happened. I don't believe Mrs. MacDonald's body was shifted in that manner. However, regardless of whether it was or not, I contend to you, sir, that those things did not and could not have gotten there in any fashion other than the way I have described it.
Now there's another interesting fact to be noted about the strings and fibers of this pajama top. We find one of them under Kristen MacDonald's fingernail. How in the world did it get under Kristen MacDonald's fingernail? Captain MacDonald had taken his pajama top off in the master bedroom. Now admittedly, he was still wearing his pajama bottoms, and we know they were torn. And incidentally, sir, I suggest to you that the pajama bottoms were torn at the same time the top was, because who would wear a pajama bottom which was then torn in that manner other wise? And if it had been torn in that manner at some time prior to the night of the 17th, washings would probably have taken care of any stray fibers which might otherwise fall, so how did that little fiber get under Kristen's fingernail? I don't believe, sir, that a fiber will fall underneath someone's fingernail. A little bit of fiber floating around is not likely to do that. How did it get there? I suggest to you, sir, that it got there while Kristen MacDonald was alive, while she was clutching, and remember, sir, she has numerous wounds to the hand, as though she were attempting to protect herself or to reach out, and I suggest to you, sir, that she did reach out and she encountered the garment of her assailant, and her assailant was Captain MacDonald, and that, sir, is how that fiber came to rest under the fingernail of Kristen MacDonald.
So I suggest to you, sir, that there are many factors which do not match up, either independently or in conjunction with the story that Captain MacDonald tells of that evening.



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