The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

Short Study File #11

Note: Translation of document following scanned page

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Short Study File #11

Note from Christina Masewicz: Translation of the above document as I read it to be
The part marked above is bold in the translated copy


Donald Kalin, Upstairs Neighbor                                                 Date February 25, 1970
FBI Interview the day after the murders

______________ described the MacDonald family as an ideal family with no friction. He said he believe that the MACDONALD home life could be described as "beautiful," and that both JEFFREY and COLETTE had been childhood sweethearts who married at an early age. He said that there was no indication that the MACDONALD's were anything but extremely fond of their children, and that both the MACDONALDs maintained a very tender child relationship.

______________ advised that he retired early on the night of February 16, 1970. He recalls that he awoke at approximately 2:00 A.M on February 17, 1970, at which time he went to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom, he recalled hearing a siren, which he presumed to be a Military Police vehicle on an adjacent main road. Also at this time, he recalled hearing what he described as a thump.

He introduced himself to a Military Policeman standing at the MACDONALD front door, enter the living room of the MACDONALD apartment, and saw an overturned coffee table. He looked from the living room down a hallway and recalled seeing Captain MACDONALD standing in the hallway, bare from the waist up, and talking with two Military Policemen. He recalls then that Captain MACDONALD collapsed into the arms of the Military Policemen.

Note from Christina Masewicz: The above statement was not made by Donald Kalin. If that is what Fred Bost was implying, then he was wrong. The above statement was Chaplain Kenneth Edwards.

Chaplain Edwards and his wife, Rosalie lived 2 doors down from the MacDonalds in same building. Chaplain Edward gave several statements, each were different. According to one of his statements Edwards' recollections were that at approximately 2:00 a.m. on February 17, he and his wife were awakened by sirens and flashing red lights. Upon further investigation they could see that was something occurring at the MacDonalds apartment evidenced by the presence of several military vehicles with MPs going in and out. Unsure of what the problem was and since he was a Chaplain he decided to see if there was something he might be able to do to help. He arrived at the front door, identifying himself as a Chaplain and asked an MP what the problem was and that the MP replied, "This man killed his wife and children and he's also hurt."

According to Edwards, he requested permission to enter the apartment where he went directly into the living room and put his arms around MacDonald who was sitting on what appeared, to be stool. Further stating, "I knelt down beside him and started trying to console him, but as I did so he interrupted me, uttering, 'they're dead, they're dead, they came and killed them, they're dead, they're dead.' I said, 'Jeff, it's going to be all right, Jeff, it's going to be all right.' He was sobbing and had his head in his hands, mumbling over and over, 'they're dead, they're dead, they're dead.'"

According to Edwards, after a few minutes he got up and started to the back of the apartment asking possibly a medic where it had happened and was told in the back rooms. Per Edwards, he was given permission to take a look and that he entered into what he thought to be the master bedroom. Edwards said the bed was messed up, with a blanket hanging off the side of it. That there were streaks of blood on the wall to the left as one enters the room, which looked as if they had been made by a person's hand that had scraped the wall.

"On the floor was what I presumed to be the body of Colette MacDonald. It was covered from head to toe in a large white cloth, which seemed to be a white bed sheet. It appeared that the bed had been ripped up to obtain the sheet, which someone had then placed over Colette's body. There was no way of identifying the body by looking at it.

"At no time was my presence in the MacDonald home ever challenged in any way and that, one of my clearest memories of the events of that night is that I was not the only person to walk into the MacDonald apartment unchallenged and without being asked to produce identification."

Edwards and MacDonald were friends, surely he could recognize his friend. If he was telling the truth, who was the person he claimed to have consoled in the living room that morning? So according to Edwards MacDonald must have had a twin or clone. It would also seem that there was mystery sheet that appeared and then just disappeared.

In a previous signed statement that Edwards had given to FBI Special agent Dean Paarmann, he stated that he had heard a thump, described as something similar to a chair or table being overturned, but believed the noise came from the Kalin apartment which was directly next to him.
Interestingly, it was Edwards' statement about seeing a white sheet covering Colette's remains that led Raymond Shedlick's (Private Investigation hired by the defense)contention that that is how the bloody imprints got on the sheet.



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