The baby book and a page written by Mildred from each of the baby girls she lost
 before she finally had Bob and Colette.


Baby book of the three lost Colette's

Mildred's dream was to have a daughter. She lost three baby girls, all named Colette.

May 23, 1939 she had a healthy son whom she named Robert. Finally she had a child and was happy, but she still dreamed of having a daughter

Four years later on May 10, 1943 she had a baby girl she once again named Colette. Now the family was complete.

Mildred said so often that once Colette reached the age of twenty-five with a family of her own, she felt she was safe. But, her world was once again destroyed
when her son-in-law, Jeffrey MacDonald, whom she had come to love as her own, murdered her beloved daughter and two granddaughters.

Mildred endured a lot of headache in her life: the lost of four children, her two grandchildren from Colette, her first husband, and a bout with cancer. Through it all she remained strong, and with her second husband, Freddy Kassab, always by her side, they won the war, and brought the murderer to justice.



Baby book
Baby book
Baby book
Baby book

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