Joe McGinniss, author of Fatal Vision
The book Fatal Vision had nothing to do with MacDonald being convicted and was written after the fact. Before the book, most of the public knew very little about the case. Fatal Vision contained much new information. Joe told me "I never supported MacDonald's innocence. I began my work knowing very few facts and had no opinion in regard to his guilt or innocence.
I have said that like a juror was obligated to do, I was willing to 'presume' his innocence, but that is very different from supporting him, or professing to believe in his innocence, which I never did."
MacDonald is right when he says he will never overcome the portrait of himself in Fatal Vision. The book is a superb true life crime story, right up there with In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, and The Onion Field by Joseph Wambaugh.
McGinniss is not the kind of man that MacDonald tries to make him out to be. He is a well respected man, a very talented writer and loved by many. When I called upon Joe and asked for his help when MacDonald applied for parole, he gave it willingly and with no questions asked.

Picture by Nancy Doherty. Permission to use obtained

Joe McGinniss, 2012

Joe McGinniss in 1979

Joe McGinniss 1979

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