This is a sample I cut from Colette's hairpiece. I took the photo of the hair sample with permission from Bob Stevenson to use it exclusively on this website.

Had Colette
's parents not kept her blond hair, MacDonald could have successfully argued that "blond wig hairs," unmatched to any item from the MacDonald household, were found at the crime scene. While this would have been "literally" true, the inference that the "blond wig hairs" established the presence of "intruders" would have been false. Gratefully MacDonald forgot about Colette's hairpiece or thought it would never turn up.

When the hairpiece was examined, it was found to be composed of a combination of human
hair and modacrylic wig fibers. It was also found that the grey modacrylic wig fibers from the hairbrush matched the grey modacrylic wig fibers found in the composition of the hairpiece. Accordingly, these grey wig fibers were consistent with having originated from Colette's hairpiece.


Sample of Colette's hairpiece

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