March 1970 Cover of Esquire magazine
Two days after the murders, the army arranged a news conference with Lieutenant Ron Harrison, the last known visitor to the MacDonald house. Harrison was close to MacDonald and described his visit to the home the weekend before the murders. He explained how MacDonald had just received the March 1970 issue of Esquire magazine, with a cover featuring a photograph of the actor Lee Marvin and the caption Evil lurks in California—Lee Marvin is afraid. Most of the magazine consisted of articles on witchcraft, cults, and violent orgies in California. MacDonald had drawn Harrison's attention to an article about an "acid queen" with long blond hair, with four followers consummating a candlelit, LSD orgy by copulating with a black swan, reminiscent of Leda and her paramour-swan from Greek mythology. The magazine also featured an article on the Sharon Tate case.

The Esquire magazine had the presence of a mixture of type A and AB bloody finger like configuration smudge at the top portion of the magazine at the letters "QU." Yet the letters "ES" were the only exposed letters of the magazine. MacDonald's fingerprints were found on the magazine and throughout the pages as well. None of MacDonald's blood B was found on the magazine

March 1970: Cover of Esquire magazine

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