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MAY 15, 2011

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald occurred sometime late evening February 16 into the early morning of February 17, 1970. The victims were home, in their bed where they should have been safe. Colette never thought that night would be her last night on this earth. She was happily anticipating the birth of her third child, fear of her husband, Jeffrey MacDonald hurting her or the children was not on her mind. One can only imagine the terror in her and the children when they realized who it was that was hurting them.

It took almost ten years to bring their killer to justice. There were no winners; both families lost something that could never be replaced. I ask myself the question, was justice really served? To a point I suppose, but justice would have been if it never happened. Nevertheless, the family is thankful for the fact that Colette, Kimberley and Kristen's killer was tried and convicted and sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

It has been more than four decades since this horrible crime occurred and during that time the family of the victims has fought constantly to keep this monster in prison where he belongs. Multiple motions have been filed, most more than once with little change except the name of the attorney trying his hand at trying to get a triple convicted murderer free.  Each time this happens the family relives the nightmare all over again. They too are serving a sentence waiting for his next move.

And they don't stop. The defense over the years has done many things that in the eyes of normal people are not ethical. According to the late Prince Beasley, Fred Bost threatened him when he gave an interview to a Fayetteville Newspaper stating he had changed his mind and thought MacDonald was guilty. That threat is evidenced by the news article.

Sometime later Bost would betray a promise and go after Pat Mitchell, Greg's wife which was not right. She had nothing to do with the case.

After MacDonald married Kathryn, she took to doing his bidding for him. She may well have acting skills, but the skills have not served her well in the media. Her histrionic behavior is pitiful. Sort of like her husband, her voice is whiney, sounding like she is on the verge of tears, but the tears never come. Several people have felt the wrath of her anger when they would e-mail the defense and dare to ask questions, she would retaliate by calling their work trying to get them fired.

After all these years MacDonald and his defense team with his wife, Kathryn leading the pack still want the public to believe that Greg Mitchell and Helena Stoeckley was involved in the murders. Both Stoeckley and Mitchell are dead. Prior to their deaths they never had a moment's peace.

Many people have been accused of being involved in the murders. Extensive investigations were done on each and every one of them and nothing was found whatsoever to link them to this crime. Still, not only these individuals, but their families have had to live their lives with these accusations by MacDonald.

Greg Mitchell was a troubled young man, no doubt. He was in the army, had been in Viet Nam and most likely had experienced things that none of us could ever fathom. He was on drugs and had an alcohol problem. That in itself does not make him a murderer. He was thoroughly investigated and no evidence was found that would link him to the murders. He voluntarily took a polygraph examination when he was requested to. He passed it. He voluntarily gave statements to the CID and FBI. Mitchell's fingerprints were not found at the crime scene. None of his DNA was found there. Nothing was found at the crime scene that would link him to the crime whatsoever.

Recently I receive an e-mail from a family member of Greg Mitchell. With a follow-up phone call I was appalled at what I found out. To give a little history on Greg Mitchell, he was one of four children, a sister, Sandra was the oldest, then Dennis, then Gregory and Margie.

Dennis is the lone survivor with health issues of his own. Nevertheless he is recovering and his daughter is ever so grateful that he was able to walk her down the aisle for her wedding.

Sandra was diagnosed with cancer, and not long after that she passed away. Prior to Sandra's death, Kathryn MacDonald contacted the family wanting permission to exhume Greg's remains for purpose of collecting DNA. That poor woman died not only suffering her illness, but being harassed by Kathryn. Does Kathryn really believe that sending a honey baked ham is going to ease the pain she created by contacting them in the first place?

The daughter of Dennis intervened, contacting the MacDonald website with her utter disdain only to receive an e-mail from Kathryn claiming her husband's innocence.

Kathryn has no right to contact families of people who been cleared of involvement in the murder of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen. They too have been forced to live their lives with wrongful accusations of their family member; their loved one is not left alone even after death.

With the changing of the times, and the advent of the mass media capability of the Internet and its capabilities to provide worldwide viewing of the true facts of this case to potentially millions of heretofore uninformed persons, I have been able to show the public the true facts of the MacDonald case, and in so doing have been able to destroy the often one-sided interpretations of the evidence as is frequently presented by Jeffrey MacDonald himself, or those who represent his interests. I will not stop; I will continue to provide the facts of this case.

Colette, Kimberley and Kristen died because of Jeffrey MacDonald. They died because of his rage, his lack of self-control, his lack of self-discipline and his own selfishness, leaving the family to live with the pain and heartbreak of the absence of our loved ones every day.

And so I say to MacDonald and his wife, leave the Mitchell family alone. DO NOT contact them again; they want nothing to do with you. Greg Mitchell had nothing to do with the murders. Bob Stevenson and I will legally fight you and do everything we can to see that the Mitchell family is left alone.

Kathryn once sent me an e-mail inferring normal people don't waste their time posting on message boards. Guess she has changed her mind as she now flaps her jaws on the Internet about her husband being innocent. Strange thing about that is she doesn't appear to be the slightest bit familiar with the evidence.

Because of a post I recently read on the Internet posted by Ms. MacDonald, I feel the need to address some of the issues she claims and correct them.

(1) As to her claim that US Marshal Jimmy Britt witnessed Prosecutor Jim Blackburn threaten a key witness named Helena Stoeckley.

There is nothing to backup that claim whatsoever other than the affidavit Mr. Britt gave many years after the facts. Mr. Britt has since passed away and that ended the chance of any opportunity for the government to question him in a courtroom setting which is their right.

(2) Ms. MacDonald claims she spent hours talking to Mr. Blackburn. One could gather from her statements that he admitted wrong doings to her.

Ms. MacDonald did speak to Blackburn in approximately 2006. It came about when she was in North Carolina in the office of Wade Smith. Smith called Blackburn at the urging of Ms. MacDonald and asked Blackburn to come to his office because Ms. MacDonald was there and wanted to meet him. Blackburn obliged Smith's request and went to his office to meet her. There was no hours of conversation and he never admitted any wrong-doing. There was none to admit.

(3) Ms. MacDonald claims that none of the three prosecutors, that being Jim Blackburn, Brian Murtagh or George Anderson submitted anything that would contradict what Mr. Britt alleged.

First off, Blackburn has nothing to do with case as it stands now. In due process of time if/when the need arises, Blackburn will have no problem addressing the issue.

I would like to ask Ms. MacDonald if she has forgotten that Britt also stated that he and Geraldine Butts Holden (now deceased) picked Helena Stoeckley up from the Greenville County Jail and drove her to the court house in Raleigh, North Carolina and during that time she confessed to him?

Well now, the true fact is that Stoeckley was not in the Greenville County jail, she was in Pickens County jail.

She was never in the custody of Jimmy Britt and Geraldine Butts Holden until after she arrived in Raleigh, North Carolina.

DUSM Vernoy Kennedy signed for Stoeckley at Pickens County jail. Kennedy and a female guard then drove Stoeckley to the vicinity of Charlotte North Carolina where they met DUSM Dennis Meehan and his wife, Janice where they assumed custody of Stoeckley and drove her to the Wake County jail where she was incarcerated until the following day when she testified.

I would also like to refresh Ms. MacDonald's memory that it was George Holden, John Bruce and Brian Murtagh who with the help of the FBI located this information and brought it forth to the attention of the court. While the court denied the government's request to modify the November 4, 2008 order to include recitation and consideration of the government's new evidence, it still remains a part of the records in this case and can and will be used at a later time. And more important is the fact that the defense no longer addresses that part of Britt's affidavit.

(4) Ms. MacDonald claims she is sure Helena Stoeckley would have been charged with the murders if she had told the truth on the stand or told that she had been threatened by the prosecutor.

I believe Helena did testify truthfully on the stand. She said she could not/did not remember where she was. And furthermore, I do not believe that Jim Blackburn threatened her. There is no evidence to support that except the affidavit of a dead man that has been shown by the records that he lied about transporting Stoeckley from South Carolina to North Carolina.

(5) Ms. MacDonald claims the defense had six witnesses ready to swear Helena confessed her involvement (three of whom were law enforcement officials) had they been allowed to testify.

All six of those witnesses testified, five of them testified twice. Judge Dupree decided they could not testify to certain things that Helena told them. One of those witnesses testified at the Article 32 and a polygraph determined he was not truthful.

What the defense did was to try to get Helena's various admissions admitted through the back door so-to-speak via testimony of third parties to whom she had made various conflicting statements over the years. Judge Dupree ruled that under the Federal Rules of Evidence, such exceptions to the hearsay rule are not admissible unless corroborating circumstances clearly indicate the trustworthiness of the statement. Far from being corroborated, Helena's conflicting admissions and denials of involvement were, in the court's view, about as untrustworthy as they could get. Consequently, Helena's out-of-court statements were ruled inadmissible.

(6) Ms. MacDonald claims that Helena pleaded with the prosecution for immunity, saying she would state who was with her/committed the murders in exchange, but she was denied that request.

Please! Helena never asked for immunity to any prosecution member or the court. Had she wanted to, she had the opportunity to request it when she was on the stand.

(7) Ms. MacDonald claims Helena Stoeckley never denied being at the crime scene during the murders.

In all due respect, it is my opinion that Ms. MacDonald desperately needs to familiarize herself with the facts of the case.

Helena Stoeckley confessed and recanted several times. She could not keep her story straight. Her stories did not match what MacDonald said. Helena said she had sex with MacDonald, that she had broken into the MacDonald home a few weeks prior to the murders and stole a bracelet. NO such report was ever filed and MacDonald never said anything about a robbery. She said the word "PIG" was written horizontally on the headboard of a bed, when in fact it was written vertically. I could go on and on, but why bother. The fact of the matter is that all of Helena's statements were inconsistent with MacDonald's account of what occurred, inconsistent with each other, inconsistent with physical evidence found at the crime scene, and were obtained by people who were less that ethical in the manner they obtained them.

Short, sweet and to the point - Helena Stoeckley was a pathetic figure who was suffering from drug-induced mental distortion and could be of no help to either side in this case.

(8) Ms. MacDonald claims there was ample physical evidence of Helena Stoeckley's presence in the apartment.

Perhaps Ms. MacDonald would be so kind as to enlighten us and the honorable court just what that evidence was.

(9) Ms. MacDonald claims that there was a 22 inch blond wig fiber found at the crime scene.

The fiber was a saran fiber used to manufacture doll hair.

The defense scenario alleged that at some point during the crimes, Helena admitted to wearing a blond wig at times. If actual unidentified human "wig" fibers, which did not originate from the MacDonald household, were found in the hairbrushes, this would tend to corroborate Helena's presence and would be "exculpatory" to the government's case.

But Jeffrey MacDonald forgot about the blond fall that Colette owned and worn frequently and was still available for analysis. When the fall was examined, it was found to be composed of a combination of human hair and modacrylic wig fibers. It was also found that the grey modacrylic wig fibers from the hairbrush matched the grey modacrylic wig fibers found in the composition of the fall. Accordingly, these grey wig fibers were consistent with having originated from Colette's fall.

Therefore, while "true" wig fibers were found at the crime scene, the source of these modacrylic wig fibers could be accounted for, they came from Colette's fall.

(10) Ms. MacDonald claims that the murderers were Helena's boyfriend, Greg  Mitchell, and 2 other males who remain unidentified.

I have to shake my head in total amazement. Is Ms. MacDonald now saying Helena had no part in the murders? Has she forgotten how many motions have been filed alleging that Allen Mazerrolle was one of the murderers? What about Bruce Fowler, Don Harris, Dwight Smith, (also Known as Zig Zag and Smitty)? Is she now admitting that the defense wasted the court's time with those allegations? And let us not forget Cathy Perry, who Jeffrey MacDonald talked about in several interviews he had on national TV. And now Ms. MacDonald has the nerve to say that the murderers were Greg Mitchell and two unidentified males.

(11) Ms. MacDonald claims Greg Mitchell admitted he murdered the MacDonald family to his boss and his pastor.

Greg never admitted any such thing to his boss.

Greg never admitted any such thing to his minister or any other minister. I know all about the "minister" Ms. MacDonald is trying to allude to. He was not a minister and did not become minister until 1977, long after the murders took place.

Ms. MacDonald, your husband murdered his wife Colette. He murdered Kimberley, Kristen and the unborn son Colette was pregnant with. Those children were his own flesh and blood.  There is no evidence to support otherwise.

Have you forgotten Ms. MacDonald that for years your husband told anyone who would listen that the unidentified hair found in Colette's hand came from her killer? Have you forgotten that hair was sourced to none other than him?

Now the defense has moved on to other hairs/fibers/threads found that remain unidentified, no longer mentioning the hair found in Colette's hand that MacDonald said came from her killer and that would exonerate him.

They now want the public and court to believe that an unidentified hair found under the bloody fingernail of Kristen is evidence of intruders in the MacDonald house.

The MacDonald family did not live in a sterile environment. They visited other people, and people visited them. Unidentified hairs/fibers/threads are found everywhere and on our person.

According to the Transfer of Locard, upon which all hair and fiber work is based, an individual is constantly exchanging hairs and/or fibers with his environment so that the hairs and fibers found on an individual at any one time are reflective of his latest environment.

Your husband from his own mouth without even being aware of it has told us many things that occurred that fateful night.

Ms. MacDonald, like her husband, wants all the evidence as a whole looked at. What happens when that occurs and the same conclusions are arrived at?

It is my opinion that Ms. MacDonald has a selective memory. While she and her husband want all of the evidence reviewed as a whole, she continues to only address issues of their choosing. Why don't you, Ms. MacDonald, start doing that very thing?

There are many questions I would like to ask you. One being, if you felt the need to send a honey baked ham to the Mitchell family, what did you provide to the Britt and Stoeckley families?

Jeffrey MacDonald has managed to cajole you into believing his lies. I can't help but feel sadness and sympathy for you. So many lives have been destroyed because of your husband's actions. I can only hope and pray yours does not become one as well.



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