The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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JUNE 30, 2010

In the past few days I have received several e-mails asking about the MacDonald Family Trust and about property owned by the MacDonalds.

There is indeed a Family Trust. The trust is set up under the names of Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. MacDonald. The trust was set up after the marriage of Kathryn to MacDonald. This trust among other thing has two houses in California which is owned by Jeffrey MacDonald. Since it is a family trust with both names, should something happen to MacDonald, his wife will be the sole benefactor. This is wrong, as the money used initially to purchase additional property came from MacDonald's mother. He should be ashamed of himself that he has not followed her wishes.

I do not think that any person convicted of a triple murder should be able to own any personal property that can aide them in any way financially.

Our court system is overloaded as it is and MacDonald has used our juridical system to the point of abusing it. It is costing the taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars each time he files a new motion, most of which has already been filed and ruled on previously.

The government has footed the bill for the DNA testing. The results were not in his favor. The mystery E-5 hair that the defense and MacDonald said for years came from Colette's killer and would vindicate him was matched to none other than Jeffrey R. MacDonald.

Judge Fox stated in his order filed April 14, 1999: “Finally, MacDonald's suggestion that the Government should finance this phase of his 2255 case is not well-taken. Because this action is civil in nature, MacDonald is not entitled to prosecute it at taxpayers' expense.

Nevertheless, the court will ensure that laboratory and related test expenses are met, and ultimately will adjust allocation of the costs depending on the outcome of the case. Should the Government prevail, and should the court determine that MacDonald must bear the costs and expenses incurred as a result of this phase of the litigation, MacDonald may be required to file an affidavit detailing the amount and source of all assets subject to his direction and control which are or have been used to finance the prosecution of his litigation.”

The government is aware of this family trust and should go after MacDonald and his wife to repay it.

In a recent interview with Mrs. MacDonald, she said that her husband had gone through everything he had. She also said her life savings were gone. Now I take issue with that because, as of this morning Jeffrey MacDonald is still the owner of the two houses in California.

Below is the original corner when I presented the first information on my website about the MacDonald Family Trust.

DECEMBER 28, 2008

"How do I love thee? Let me count the money!"

There are two old sayings that one typically hears in mysteries as detectives work on a case. They are "Cherchez la femme." (Find the woman") and "Follow the money!" And never have those words been truer than now.

The definition of "government" given by George Washington is "force." A Government is but one type of force designed to protect its citizens from other forms of force. Hey, don't take my word for it. Go ahead! Look it up for yourself. Many people do not trust the government. In some cases perhaps they are right. However, not in this case. Better than eyewitness testimony was left behind at the crime scene by none other than one Jeffrey MacDonald.

Anyway, the holidays brought all kinds of things my way. Chocolates, cookies, gifts, and, information. It is amazing the records available on the Internet where other areas are listed to follow.

OK, let's get to the point of this. As many know, MacDonald sold his late mother's home located at 39 Corinthian Walk, Long Beach, California several years after she died. He was appointed as executor of the will, with his former business partner at the time as administer. That means that MacDonald calls the shots and the other guy does the "leg work." It was understood that it would be MacDonald's responsibility to assure a small "allowance" would be given to his siblings. The reason, apparently was because life was one giant rough patch for his brother and sister at that time. MacDonald's mother trusted that MacDonald would fix it so that the proper consideration would be given to the brother and sister. Now here's where I think things get a little sticky.

The house was sold for what would now be considered a modest amount of money. The house is now listed for sale at the grand sum of $829,000. The portion that would have been MacDonald's was spent very quickly. Maybe it disappeared paying attorneys, filing fees, giving his various women gifts, etc... Now that accounts for only a little bit. Anyway, who cares about that? His portion is his to do what he wishes. The questions we really DO want to put out there is: Tell us about the other two-thirds – the parts that would make a nice little sum doled out over years, would have been in keeping with his mother's intentions. She trusted MacDonald to make sure this is what would happen. Then what do you supposed happened? A "Family Trust" appears. You got it! Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. MacDonald Family Trust. Now, just who is Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. MacDonald? Well, we know who Jeffrey MacDonald is, and we know he married one, Kathryn Kurichh. Therefore, that tells us who the family trust belongs to.

Boy, does this stink! Brother and sister get not a dime to spend, invest, or fritter away. But that shiny new wife gets to be the "other half" of a trust initiated with money not at all intended for any "fifth wheels." Now, this of course, gives rise to other questions: Is this where some of the "donated" money gets funneled? Who benefits when/if MacDonald, passes on, kicks the bucket, never gets out?

There is no end to the musing that this information brings about. Who allowed the establishment of a trust that excluded the very persons who were intended to be somewhat "protected" from destitution, as feared by their own mother? Wow! I'll bet Perry is spinning in her grave!

So, if the money is in no way setup to provide a teeny little allowance for the brother and the sister, then why isn't it paying off the DNA testing, or attorneys, or something else? Why should a "Janey-come-lately" be sitting on that pile of cash, however large or small the amount may be? Is that her real job – to follow his request? Is he manipulating her so that he can have access to money for "whatever?" OR, is she manipulating him so that she can have access to cash PERIOD (regardless of whose cash)? Now this is a thorny issue.

How much money? How are the siblings protected or to benefit from their mother's desires for them? Who audits the finances? My, oh my! I think that the new Mrs. MacDonald will be the clear winner in this nonsense. MacDonald bought himself a lackey-wife. In fact, the real lackey is himself, and he still doesn't know it. How incredibly stupid can people be!?

Start asking questions, folks. This guy is in a federal prison, convicted of triple homicide. You need to be vigilant and ask questions. Flag any financial enterprises with other persons or not. Demand to know who, what, when, how, why ANY money is sitting anywhere for any convict to tap into. The only funds available should be those in the inmate's personal commissary account. Any accumulation of other money should go where it is intended to do the most good. In this case, to the offspring of the woman who died, her trust sadly misplaced. In her final two months of life, she trusted the son who would betray her, as he has betrayed everyone in his life.

Records would indicate that she even re-wrote her will so that the funds could be more easily managed on behalf of two of her three children. She did this only weeks before her death. Is it possible, she was manipulated most of all? This is like a Shakespearean tragedy.

Now we are checking the files and following a paper trail. What was done here was cheap and evil, but now we're all watching, following and tracking the money BACKWARDS. We are going to go to those same people in banks, law offices, government and the Internet and allow them to regurgitate more information about the money. Furthermore, we won't stop! We want to know WHO is the beneficiary of Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. MacDonald family trust?

MacDonald is not going to get out of prison. You know, it is amazing how there IS someone for anyone. They DO deserve each other. Is this a case of let's count now? "One for YOU, two for ME, three for ME, none for YOU.

You get the idea! Oh, what a delightful holiday season!


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