The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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APRIL 13, 2010

I received an e-mail from Bob asking that I add his response regarding his encounter with Kathryn MacDonald on March 23, 2010 at the Federal Courthouse in Richmond, VA.

As I stated in Christina's Corner on March 27, 2010, I was there for the arguments presented and witnessed what occurred between Bob and Kathryn. Bob and his family have suffered so very much because of what MacDonald did. They have never had the chance to try and move on due to the constant stream of appeals that MacDonald continues to file 40 years after the fact. Freddy and Mildred never had a moment of peace after the murders and had to fight for almost 10 years to bring him to trial. As Freddy said, as long as MacDonald was in prison, he was satisfied that some measure of justice had been achieved, still he fought until his death to keep him there.

Freddy and Mildred loved both Bob, his family, Colette and her family. They were concerned for all of them, but it never dawned on them that they should be concerned for their children and grandchildren's lives.

It was heart wrenching to see Bob cry and yet reach out his hand to Kathryn; it is some-thing I will never forget in my lifetime. As we walked away, I took his arm and thought how proud I am to be considered a member of the family.


I wanted to thank you for doing what I had not…………and had intended to do, and that was to give information on my discussion with MacDonald's wife.

You fairly reported the incident so no further comment is really needed by me.

What I learned from my encounter with her was this……….I was unnecessarily harsh to her……………..her only problem other than lying often is that she married the wrong man and loves him blindly.  As a result, while she spoke with you I had time to both measure my words to her I had just uttered……………….and measure my “opponent”.

She could not be an opponent in the way that I mean……………she is too defenseless & hence, I felt it necessary to apologize to her personally as I had used a hammer on a fly.

While she has often been untruthful (like saying she had never met me – ref. The Larry King Show) when in fact she had been in the same room with me speaking to her and MacDonald for about hour on the day of his parole hearing.  She was either parsing words……….or  lying, forgetting all of the other things that have been misrepresented, particularly about the facts of the murder etc.

While I was sincere in hoping for her survival, I have not changed anything about my opinion of or feelings about “mass murderer MacDonald”.


Bob Stevenson


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