The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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JANUARY 3, 2010

Bob Stevenson and I would like to wish all of you a happy and successful New Year. The holidays always bring sadness because chairs remain empty at our table, and the sound of happy voices echoing from our loved ones who were taken from us in such a brutal way are not there.

This year will be the 40th anniversary of the murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen. Jeffrey MacDonald took them from us when he murdered them, but he can never take our memories of them or the love we have for them. We will never forget them, nor will we forget the tornado of violence that he unleashed on them February 17, 1970.

MacDonald will remain for generations to come as one of the most malevolent murderers of the twentieth century.

On December 15, 2009 we were notified that the Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals had granted this murderer yet another opportunity for an oral argument session in March 2010. We are confident that nothing will come about because of this session, Brian Murtagh will represent the victims, and once again the court will send the defense home empty handed.

MacDonald has tried for years to convince the public that he was wrongly convicted and that he is this clean cut man who has never done anything wrong in his whole life.

This then brings me to the question - What is his reaction to his Mrs. recent brush with the law? Or does he even know about it?

I have to chuckle, and in a sense it is sweet to see that this arrogant woman who has tried to get people fired because they dare speak out about her husband has been found guilty of shoplifting.

On Saturday, June 20, 2009 at approximately 5:34 PM, Mrs. MacDonald entered the Rite Aid store in Cumberland Maryland. She at that time purchased a number of items and proceeded to leave the store when the alarm went off. Mrs. MacDonald was approached by an employee of the store and asked to have her purse ran through the alarm again and the alarm went off once more.

Found in her purse was Loreal mascara and a jar of 40 carrot skin cream. The employee then ran these items through and again the alarm went off. Also found in her cart under her jacket was a micro digital cam corder that set the alarm off as well.

The police were called, came and issued Mrs. MacDonald a citation for shoplifting. Mrs. MacDonald told the policeman that she had bought the mascara and cream at another Rite Aid, but the employee said if she had come into the store with the items in her purse as found, they would have set off the alarm as she entered the store. Furthermore, the employee stated that there were only two jars of the cream in stock. One jar remained on the shelf and the other one was in Mrs. MacDonald's purse. She was unable to produce a receipt for the items she claims to have bought elsewhere.

At the trial, on December 17, 2009, Mrs. MacDonald was represented by Joel Katz ESQ. Mr. Katz said he had known her for more than 20 years, and that his associate was like a father to her. I had to laugh when he described her as very bright, but a bit scattered.

He was of the opinion that she had not done this. He said she had bought another more expensive camera earlier and was looking at the cameras there comparing and forgot to put it back. However, a witness who was in line behind her, told the officer that she observed Mrs. MacDonald removing items from her cart at the checkout, but that she was careful not to move her jacket which was covering the cam corder. Her attorney made the comment that if anyone saw her purse, they could understand how this could happen as it looked like an over night attaché with multiple compartments and she was checking her coupons.

The Judge found her guilty based on the evidence presented. The prosecutor recommended probation since this was her first offense. She was given unsupervised probation for six months, fined $150.00 plus the cost of the items she took in the amount of $61.43. She must also perform 20 hours of community service and she cannot appeal. She cannot enter the Rite Aid store again.

The Judge asked Mrs. MacDonald why she was shopping in Cumberland. Mr. Katz answered for her, saying in part that Mrs. MacDonald was up there working on a case with a prisoner who has a hearing scheduled in COA and that she has been making that trip twice a week for the past few years. Never once was mentioned the fact that the prisoner was her husband.

Well folks, I hope you get a laugh from this as we march forward to the next event.


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