The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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JUNE 7, 2009

I have no problem with the work the Innocent Project does, and yes, there are people who have been wrongly convicted. However, Jeffrey MacDonald is not one of them.

You can read about the Innocent Project at

According to their website, they accept cases on post-conviction appeal where DNA testing can yield conclusive proof of innocence. Just where does the MacDonald case fit in here?

DNA testing was done, the so-called mystery hair in Colette's left hand that MacDonald publicly stated many times came from her killer, was matched to him.

Now they appear to be grasping at straws by saying the DNA testing failed to match a blood-smeared hair complete with root intact found under the fingernail of Kristen MacDonald, that did not match MacDonald or any other family member, and that that is evidence of an intruder. Poppycock, that is far from the truth. If there was anybody else there that morning, it had to be the phantom orb that floated through the wall to enter and left the same the way. Every household, if tested, would present unidentified DNA.

MacDonald has never stated that he bathed the children before he put them to bed that night. He has never stated that Colette bathed the children prior to her leaving for her night class. Both girls played during the day. Kimberley attended pre-school. Those hairs could have come from many places, and it is totally irresponsible to even suggest that this represents intruders in the home on the night of the murders.

March 31, 2009: Brief of the Innocence Project as Amici Curiae in support of defendant addressed the issue that Chief Judge Fox determined what laboratory would conduct the testing. While I agree, it was Judge Fox's decision as to which laboratory would be picked, both sides submit their choice of laboratories to conduct the test. The laboratory picked was MacDonald's choice.

Now, if we go back to the March 14, 2006 Larry King Live, the current Ms. MacDonald stated "Jeff didn't pick the lab." If she is such an authority on her husband's case, how could she say that?

This is blatantly untrue based on the fact that on April 7, 1999 the defense filed with the court that, "The defendant's first choice of laboratory is the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), and his second alternative choice is the Forensic Science Service of Great Britain (FSS)".

Prior to that on April 5, 1999, the defense wrote a letter to Brian Murtagh stating their objections to the government's choice of laboratory to perform the DNA testing. Furthermore, they listed their reasons as to why Armed Forces Institute of Pathology was the best laboratory.
April 5, 1999: Defense letter to Brian Murtagh re: their choice of lab to do DNA testing

As to the Jimmy Britt issue. I like to think there is some good in all people, but with him, it is hard. I find him not only a disgrace to his family, but to his profession as well. Ask yourself the question, what kind of a man, sworn to uphold the law, would hear what he claimed to have heard and do nothing about it for so many years? Anyone can swear to anything, even convince themselves that they heard it, that does not make it the truth.

There were many avenues open for the defense to check out his claims, instead they jumped on it like flies on chit.

On the other hand, the government took the time to search for documents to support his claims or disprove them. They disproved what he alleged by providing the actual records of the people involved, still the defense wants to attack their validity.

Where does it end? How much longer must the family of the victims be forced to relive the horrible memories of what occurred? How much more taxpayers money must be wasted on a case that was long ago proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? MacDonald has had 39 years to prove his innocence, he has not, because he cannot.

And so my question to the Innocent Project, why are you involved in this case? It does not fit the criteria of what you lead the people to believe. Your organization is a nonprofit one, and you depend on donations to operate. I find it a disgrace to waste time and money on a man that was convicted on the brutal murders of his family. That makes him a triple convicted murderer. Barry Scheck, you have never publicly stated that you believe he is innocent. When asked the question, you have always skirted the issue. I invited you to address the issue with me.


I continue to receive many e-mails asking why Colette stayed with MacDonald if she knew he was cheating on her. Some even say that since she stayed, she is to blame for what occurred. Those who believe that must have a screw loose.

One must remember that back then, domestic problems were not publicly discussed. What happened to Colette, Kimberley and Kristen was not their fault. Plain and simple, they cannot be blamed because she stayed.

At one time or another everyone has known a psychopath. They lie, they tell bizarre stories of what they have done or what has happened to them. These are the type that can emotionally drain you, but they will not kill you. An encounter with this type of a psychopath leaves you only disillusioned and doubting your judgment if you are lucky. I call them the garden variety.

A psychopath can be friendly, superficially charming, they tend to make a good first impression on people they meet and often strike observers as remarkably normal. However, they are self-centered, dishonest and undependable. They have never developed the normal controls that allow them to feel sadness, sorrow, or even admit they are wrong. It is like, they forever remain in early childhood. They want what they want, when they want it and no one or anything can stop them. They are glib, and convincing. They have no conscience. They lie with the guileless smile of a child, the clear eyes of the innocent, and among their many deficits is deceitfulness and sexual promiscuity.

There are certain rules of human interaction, that when broken, will and more often than not lead to tragedy. The era we live in doesn't change that. More... sometimes we can only understand the people who break these rules with the clear vision that comes with hindsight.

Colette was not moody, growing up, she was unfailingly happy, bubbly and outgoing, and friendly. She had many friends. Her dream was to be married, have a family, and live happily ever after.

MacDonald was moody, refused to take the blame for anything, always pretended to be something he was not. He had/has a controlling personality. He is not an honest person, and he does not know the meaning of empathy. He has no concern for the feelings of others, and still today has no sense of guilt for what he did. He has lied from start, appeared on national TV with his pretense tears, but those tears were not for his family, they were for himself. Anyone who believes Jeffrey Robert MacDonald needs a refresher course in abnormal psychology.

MacDonald has the mind-set that he has been wronged, he is the victim. His life has been taken away, he lost his license to practice medicine. He has disparagement for all who were involved in the investigation and trial. He expresses that they didn't know what they were doing, they destroyed evidence, they withheld evidence, he was convicted on circumstantial evidence, etc. He believes he deserves special privileges or rights. He has never lost his arrogance, and continues to spew, he is confident he will be vindicated. He hangs on to his grudge and hatred towards many, including Bill Ivory, and Brian Murtagh, the way a bulldog holds on to a bone.

Murder, by its own definition involves trickery and lies. Murderers, mostly seek to hide behind real or imaginary smoke screens, attempting to convince others of their innocence. Some still say no motive was proven, and agree that he was convicted on circumstantial evidence. These murders were pure evil, the motive was self-survival. The MacDonald murders is the kind of case that brings the toughest investigators to their knees, and I can promise you, every state in the county has a rule that circumstantial is just as important as direct evidence. He was not found guilty on circumstantial evidence alone, he was caught on forensic evidence as well. MacDonald left his calling card, and along with his lies, he caught himself.

He has a dangerous mind. I believe he had rage and resentment hidden beneath a facade that exploded in ways we might never imagine that night. The kind of hatred he has can smolder for a very long time, and if he could erupt into such a rage that he could murder his pregnant wife and two little girls in such way a brutal way, he could most assuredly do it again. The sadistic psychopath is compelled to hurt other people; cruelty is an integral part of emotional behavior.

Confident in his own mind that he was/is smarter than the stupid investigators and prosecutors who put him behind bars, MacDonald continues to operate on many fronts. He has played the system as a violinist would play a fine old fiddle by filing multiple redundant motions.

There are still those who still seem destined to commit the kind of crimes that continue to make the headlines. Reading the newspaper or listening to the news can be very depressing. There is hardly a day that passes without word of innocent people being murdered. More and more are the murders of the spouse and children. Many of the cases seem almost impossible to solve, and others involved human aberration that shock me. Sadly, the way humans respond to their needs, desires, wants, and compulsions have not changed over the years, and until society realizes that, we must fight to keep convicted murderers in prison, I fear the worst is yet to come.

Some say they are no such thing as perfect murder. However, I disagree. There are thousands that have been committed over the years. If a victim isn't found when they vanish and no body is ever found, or if one is found and not identified, the killer is free and clear to continue. In the MacDonald murders, the victims were found quickly and identified. The not-too-bright killer did his best to complicate the crime scene by setting up red herrings. He left all kinds of what he thought would be false clues, but he was completely oblivious to the real clues/evidence that remained. Most murderers are caught because they leave infinitesimal pieces of themselves at the crime scene, unaware of the forensic science and the technical skills of investigator to gather it. MacDonald's pathetic attempt at staging the crime scene was a blatant mistake.

It is like the new breed of murderers have read of the cases in the past, how the murders were committed, the evidence and have come to the conclusion that they can get away with anything or get very little prison time.

Think back over the years and remember the MacDonald's murders and see the similarities that are still happening today, writing on the walls and the claims of intruders.

In most domestic murder case, it is evident that long before relationships escalated to a point where murder was committed, there were lies. These are people, both men and women, who pretend to be someone they are not. They make commitments, agreements, assurances, pledges, vows, and promises to get what they want. They abuse the love and trust of those who believe in them, this often leads to violent deaths for the victims. In retrospect, it is easy to see now that all his joviality and energy were nullified by his cruelty to Colette.

At the 1979 trial in Raleigh North Carolina Federal courtroom, the judge, the jury and spectators actually slipped for a time into the consciousness of the murdered victims. Through the evidence presented, we saw what they saw and heard; we all saw where and how they died. There was no way, of course, that we could actually feel their terror and pain. I did not understand it at that time, it would take years for me to thoroughly understand, but this was as close as I ever came to gazing through the eyes of murdered victims. To say this was disturbing and unsettling doesn't even begin to describe what I felt.

Even though their murders happened almost four decades ago, it still haunts me. Chances are today Kimberley and Kristen would be mothers. Colette would be a dotting grandmother. I cannot forget them and the lives they never got to live because the husband and father turned their own home into their execution chamber. That is why I continue to fight to keep their memory alive and their killer in prison for the rest of his life. It is comforting to know that the sentence he received from the court is only a small part of his punishment, the true reckoning is yet to come.

I am still astonished that a man who had so many options for a successful future should choose the path he did. There were so many other choices. Damn your soul to hell, Jeffrey MacDonald.


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