The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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APRIL 8, 2008

I am so thankful for all the people who have taken the time to contact me. It is amazing the number of people who over the years have gone from being a supporter and believer in Jeffrey MacDonald's innocence to now believing he is guilty.

I am proud to share with the readers two of the most recent contacts I have had. These are wonderful people who believed in MacDonald's innocence, but still over the years maintained an open mind and was willing to delve into both sides. I am blessed by having them contact me and honored to call them my friends. I am glad that I have been able to provide information to help them find their own answers.

Hi Christina,

I finally finished the book and I want to reread a few things before we talk but I wanted to let you know that since I purchased the book from Amazon I was entitled to write a review and I just did!! Below is a copy of that review for your consideration and I have ABSOLUTELY NO Problem with your posting this on your website. I would also appreciate it if you would forward a copy of this e-mail to Bob Stevenson with my apologies for ever believing in Jeff's innocence.


March 22, 2008
A MUST READ for all Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Supporters!!!!
By J. Bell

Having been a FIRM believer and avid supporter of Jeff MacDonald for over 24 years and having done a lot of my own research that included a long meeting with Fred Bost (with Jeff's blessing) who was a co-writer of Fatal Justice, the book that "proved" Jeff's innocence. I was 99.999 certain of his innocence but was always in search of that .1 percent. Then I found Scales of Justice by Christina Masewicz. PLEASE, all of you who support Jeff READ THIS BOOK!! It is a page turner! Christina presents the facts of her years of research (she even attended the trial) straight out of the box with absolutely NO slant on guilt or innocence. She just LAYS IT ALL OUT THERE!! In reading this book she gives you proof in the form of her website containing all (And I do mean ALL) of the documents that she makes reference to in this fascinating book and encourages you to make up you own mind. After all these years I finally have the 100% proof and I can finally say, without a doubt in my mind, that I am 100% POSITIVE that Jeffrey MacDonald murdered his family!

Thank YouChristina!!!

Dear Christina:

Thank you so much for the time and effort spent designing this website. In the beginning, I was so sure that Jeffrey MacDonald was guilty. I changed my mind after reading the Fatal Vision book and remembering things Greg Mitchell had said to me. I still stand by my affidavit because it is exactly what happened. However, I now know that Jeffrey MacDonald is guilty. Having been in Viet Nam and a drug user, it may just be that Greg thought he was guilty or maybe he was guilty of something else. You have been fair, honest and above board in sharing documents that have shown me beyond any doubt that Jeffrey MacDonald did indeed murder his entire family. For years I have worried over an innocent man being wrongfully convicted. I can now be at peace with the fact that justice has been served. In my opinion, the convicted criminal is exactly where he belongs. I have spent hours going over documents on this site and comparing them with what I had been told in the past. It now makes perfect sense.

If I can help you with anything, please let me know. You have done a great job on exposing the half truths and whole lies surrounding this case.

Bryant was impressed with your knowledge of the case. Please feel free to post this e-mail.

Norma Lane


My research of the Jeffrey MacDonald case has taken me down many paths and in many different directions. But this is not about me, or why I changed my mind. This is about how three innocent people, a pregnant wife and mother and her two little girls lost their lives one night. This is about their struggle to live, their attempt to survive the murderous rampage of the one whom they all loved most, the husband and father.

Jeffrey MacDonald has used people and the system to put forth his ridiculous claims from the beginning. He has had more appeals than any criminal I have been able to find in history, and has lost every time. He tries to get people to focus on anything but the evidence that was discovered inside his home the night of the murders and placed into evidence during the trial in 1979. I have been reading briefs on this case for more years than I care to remember. It is the same old thing over and over again, newly discovered evidence. The problem with this newly discovered evidence continues to be hearsay, secondhand hearsay, gross exaggerations or out and out lies.

I have been contacted by people who never knew or met MacDonald who gave affidavits, declarations, etc. He would communicate with them and then tell them to destroy his letters so no one would ever know they had contacted by him. As he put it, it would not be a good thing for it to get out that I have been in contact with you. Now, I would say, what MacDonald has to consider, is did they destroy his letters? I can say for a fact, some did not.

I receive many e-mails with questions. I will continue to answer all e-mails, but will add some of the questions asked on Christina's Corner with my answers.


QUESTION: How could he do this to his children? What was his motive

ANSWER: This is one of the most often asked question I am asked. After many years of research, in my opinion, the motive is the most clear of all, self survival. Once the fight started and Colette and Kimberley were down, it was a totally selfish motive to kill everyone to make it look like outsiders and to cover up and protect himself. Thus, use multiple weapons to suggest multiple people.

MacDonald, by trying to make himself look like a victim, told his story of intruders before he knew what the physical evidence would show, and that was his downfall. He didn't know that the evidence would link him directly to the murders in the three different bedrooms, and not the living room, wherehe claims the attack on his person occurred. He was ignore of the fact that the FBI was capable of determining that Colette bled on the pajama top before it was torn, and while he was wearing it, and not when he placed it on top of chest. And finally, he had no idea that in 1974, Shirley Green, an FBI chemist, would figure out that the 48 non-tearing holes in his pajama top matched identically to the 21 ice pick holes in Colette's chest.


QUESTION: When did Murtagh get involved in the MacDonald case?

ANSWER: Brian Murtagh first became associated with the prosecutive efforts on behalf of the United States in the Jeffrey MacDonald case in December 1971 when he was the Assistant Staff Judge Advocate assigned to HQ-USACIDC ( Headquarters, United States Army Criminal Investigationin Washington.) He still remains the main attorney for the case.


QUESTION (1): Why was Jeff MacDonald subjected to a psychiatric and psychological examination during the trial?

ANSWER: July of 1979, the government filed a motion in limine to limit the extent to which expert testimony of psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Sadoff would be admitted on the issue of the credibility of the defendant's account of an attack on his family by intruders. The court deferred ruling at that time. Segal, wanting to make sure he would have some current psychiatric/psychological reports available in case Dr. Sadoff's testimony was limited or not admitted, he arranged to have MacDonald reexamined by psychologist, James Mack on May 25, 1979 for three hours. Still not satisfied, and trying to get in through the back door, Segal arranged for MacDonald to be examined on the eve of the trial by psychiatrist and criminologist Dr. Seymour L. Halleck. It was at that time that the court granted the prosecution's request for an order requiring the defendant to submit to a psychiatric examination by its experts. The government's experts were Dr. James Brussel and Dr. Hirsh Silverman, Ph.D.

QUESTION (2): Are you aware of the fact that Jeff's attorney was not notified of James Brussel's previous involvement in the case?

ANSWER: The fact that the defense denies that they were unaware of Dr. Brussel and Dr. Silverman prior involvement in the case does not make it true. The defense was notified of their involvement May 17,1971.


Question: I have read where you wrote that Dr. MacDonald had fingernail scratches on his chest. I know him well and he told me he never had any fingernail scratches. Why do you insist on writing lies about Dr. MacDonald?

ANSWER: I do not write lies about Jeffrey MacDonald. Anything I write can be backed up with written documentation. I am repeating what according to the transcripts took place and what was said.

On November 19, 1971 at the Philadelphia Bar Association Library,before Diane Scarangelli, Court Reporter, Colonel Jack Pruett and Peter Kearns, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation conducted an interview with Jeffrey MacDonald. Bernard Segal, attorney for MacDonald was present at the meeting.

The following exchange took place between Colonel Pruett and MacDonald -

Colonel Pruett: "The scratches then, you are saying are on the side, the left, in which direction? The left portion of the chest?"
MacDonald: "Yes, but it wasn't on the outside. It was on the inside of the nipple."

Perhaps you should remind your friend of what he said since it appears he has a selective memory.


Lately I have been reflecting on some of the things Colette wrote throughout her short life. It brings such a sadness to read her words and see the tear stained paper. Jeffrey MacDonald did do some thoughtful things, but for the most part, he was out for himself and what he could get. It was as if he had this great capacity to strike out with hateful words when he did not get his way.

Excerpts of Colette's thoughts, p. 1

Excerpts of Colette's thoughts, p. 2

One of the things Colette wrote, to me shows she was wise beyond her years. The part about how she feels is powerful and speaks volumes.

Excerpts of Colette's thoughts, p. 1

Excerpts of Colette's thoughts, p. 2



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