The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

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The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.



    About Christina

    I am writing this in the hope that by discussing the origins of this website and my reasons for it, I can address any questions that first time visitors may have. It has been forty-four years since this heinous crime occurred. Lately I have been reflecting backward on where this story began for me. At the time of the murders I was a young mother and a nursing student living in California with a husband stationed overseas, ironically I lived not too far from the scene of the Tate killings.

    Back then in Nineteen-Seventy we did not have the twenty-four hour news channels with their ongoing nearly deadening reports of the kind of terrible crimes that seem to proliferate today. When the Manson murders happened it seemed that our nation was different from that day forward. But like so many American mothers and wives I reassured myself by saying that those terrible crimes happened to a group of glamorous and rich people, the sort of people who might inadvertently attract the attention of monsters.

    Colette MacDonald and her two little girls lived a life that paralleled my own, they were neither rich nor glamorous and still they had been attacked and murdered in their own home by a seemingly random choice. Now I felt unsafe, this could have been anyone of us, it could have happened to me. Every strangers face became one of looming possible harm. The army was holding a hearing to establish the possible guilt or innocence of the husband and father of the victims and I had to wonder if such a thing could ever happen in a seemingly happy domestic setting. Could the one you trusted and loved the most, the man who shared every common ritual of daily life with you suddenly turn and annihilate his own family?

    I didn't shake my curiosity about this case and when after so many years of delay and obstructionism the trial was set I managed to attend it. Two wonderful gifted prosecutors James Blackburn and Brian Murtaugh told us and convinced a jury of twelve beyond a reasonable doubt that indeed if they proved that Jeffrey MacDonald did kill his family they did not have to explain why he had killed them. It was the right verdict, but at the time I chose to doubt his guilt. It is impossible to clearly enunciate my reasons save that I am a strong proponent of the phrase beyond a reasonable doubt and possibly I preferred believing that evil wore a face more like Charles Manson's then the one of every man that Jeffrey MacDonald presented.

    At the time when I hoped that he was innocent, I hand wrote a letter to him asking if we could discuss the case. The letter has since been typed and my words altered and posted on his website. It is not even the complete letter. The letter was written years ago and does not indicate a date. Posting an altered letter on the website, cherry picking bits and pieces of any document or letter is misleading, and using my name is a clear example of the lengths they will go to. My name anywhere on their website is hysterical considering that I will stop at nothing to tell the world he is guilty of murdering his pregnant wife, Colette, and his two defenseless little girls. Most notable on the website is that none of the letters of "support" are dated. It could just be that all of the past "supporters" have learned the painful truth.

    I note there is also a photo of a young Randi Markwith who I imagine also shakes her head in puzzlement at why there are postings from three decades ago.

    North Carolina is not the show me state but I am the show me type so I began my own investigation. In this I was aided with open hearted and open handed warmth by Peter Kearns, Brian Murtagh, James Blackburn, Bill Ivory, Mike Pickering, Paul Stombaugh and many others. These quiet heroic men had already proved their case and yet they took time to speak with one young American woman on her own search for the truth.

    Never once did they condemn my doubts or treat me with anything less than respect and kindness. If you consider that, the patience and assurance with which they answered my questions you see the certainty and honesty of their case. In time for me as it had done earlier for the jury the evidence spoke for itself and I did come to understand that sometimes monsters wear the faces of friends, neighbors and plain everyday people we never think could hurt anyone.

    As time passed I came to know and love the Stevenson family, Colette's family and through their kindness and generosity to me I have come to know Colette as well. She lived twenty-six years and as it turns out I was wrong, she was not an ordinary woman at all. When Colette was only a fourteen year old girl she wrote that Jeffrey did not love her he only loved himself, she was wise and kind and understood all his failings and still tried valiantly to create a home for her girls and for him as well. She read and wrote in French for no better reason than that she found beauty in the language.

    Had she lived she probably would have become an English Professor and taught generations of young people to love the written word as she did. Had she lived she would be a grandmother today and I believe still the woman of courage and grace who could find beauty in the very ordinary things of our world. In my own family many years later we experienced a tragedy, not one of domestic violence as Colette did. Our tragedy was one of random violence; my beautiful daughter was attacked and nearly beaten to death. Unlike Colette she has lived and prospered even with her handicap, and I am grateful for this gift every day of my life, but I do not forget the one who died. In my heart and mind the courage of my beautiful daughter and the courage of the lost Colette have become intertwined. My daughter chose to do the most difficult and frightening of things, to address her attacker in court in the hope of saving other women from future harm. I have chosen to create this site to give a voice to Colette, Kimberley and Kristin. Thank you for coming here and listening to them.

    Where Christina is Located

    I am originally from South Carolina

    I currently reside in Wisconsin.

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