The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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A Message from Bob Stevenson


Memo to; Christina Masewicz
Memo from; Bob Stevenson

Subjects; forthcoming hearing in Wilmington, N.C. and statements and book by Errol Morris

Dear Christina,

Well……. Here we go again……. One more chapter in a long…. (too long series) of tortured litigious exercises.

It is ironic that MacDonald feels denied justice when his murder case is probably the most litigated case in the annals of criminal justice.

Represented by powerful counsel and tried by a jury that found him guilty. I would say a jury of his peers, except that in his narcissistic arrogance he does not feel that he has any peers. Nevertheless, that jury found him guilty of the grisly murders of his pregnant wife, his oldest child and the brutal execution of his youngest child in cold blood (first degree murder). His guilt earned him three consecutive life sentences. The judge sentencing him had many, many years on the bench and he had seen and heard testimony such as MacDonald's before, and he was certainly qualified to sentence the man based on that experience, the evidence and the juries decision.

In addition there were also at least two appearances before the Supreme Court of the United States along with too many hearings with the Courts of Appeals.

There is no new evidence from what I can see…… just constitutional law struggles cloaked with the suggestion of impropriety and notions that he did not have a fair trial; which is ludicrous.

Wringing the most he can from any situation, there is also his constant quest for notoriety.

When coupled with the financial motivations of pro-bono lawyers and a muckraking writer like Errol Morris and others who prefer to ignore things which do not substantiate the position he has taken.

On the topic of Mr. Morris I understand he has characterized me as "rude"…… I thank him for his praise for what I did was to detect that he was lying to  me in the first sentences he uttered ("I am making a movie….and I do not yet have a position on MacDonald's guilt or innocence…"). One well placed phone call told me he had no movie….. had authored a book, taken a position, and it would hit the stands timed with the hearing. When I called him again I did end up hanging up on him, but only after letting him know that I felt he was a liar and had misrepresented himself to me……. That he was just one more bottom feeding person at the money trough seeking to profit off the bloodied and broken bodies of my family.

I think any of you would have hung up on a similarly unethical person in my situation.

Lets face it, he and I both know that THERE IS NO MARKET FOR A BOOK ON THE GUILT OR Innocence OF MACDONALD and he knew it before he began the project………. So I knew instantly that he had to be a wolf in sheep's clothing……… if he lied to me and stretched the truth I hesitate to think what he did to the truth in more than 500 pages…….. but I dismiss him as I dismiss MacDonald……. they deserve each other.

This case, the murders and all that has gone with it has taken a tremendous toll on my family........... my sister gone...., her children gone, and with their brutal deaths it dragged all of us down as well...... Freddy and my Mother were consumed for years awaiting his conviction and the plethora of post conviction appeals and ultimately causing their deaths through the stress and hurt of it all........ No, HE IS NOT A VICTIM..... WE WERE AND ARE...... Helena Stoeckley? Judge Dupree characterized her as "one of the most pathetic individuals he has ever seen....." ...... not exactly what is called for in a case such as this as a possible witness, though she was allowed to testify.

By Morris hanging his book on a drug addled addict Stoeckley's statements shows the world he is not much of an investigative reporter. Errol Morris is out for the money, not the truth. Begone Mr. Morris and MacDonald as well. I will miss neither of you if you leave the planet.

The Justice Department, Brian Murtagh and all of the others have been impeccable in their caring about this case for many years now and they diligently and selflessly pursue justice in his case. I applaud them and all who have proceeded them...... and you Christina for your support all these years. You have always been there when it was needed. Many have talked about you and tried to knock you down, but you stood tall and carried on. You will always be a part of this family and we love you for what you have done.

As to the court and the legal participants, I leave to them all this magnificent reference, The Lawyers Prayer of Saint Thomas More;

"Give me the grace good Lord, to set the world at naught; To set my mind fast upon thee and not to hang upon the blast of men's mouths. To be content to be solitary. Not to long for worldly company but utterly to cast off the world and rid my mind of the business thereof.  Amen."

Bob and Vivian Stevenson



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