Brian Murtagh joined the Army in 1971, fresh out of Georgetown University College of Law and was commissioned as a captain in JAG. He was the government's co-counsel in U.S. vs. Jeffrey MacDonald in 1979. A small built man with glasses and dark hair. Woody Allen-style sans the humor. He is polite, respectful, extremely smart, and powerful when he speaks. Anyone talking with Murtagh about this case can clearly hear the intensity and the obvious emotion in his
 voice. A quiet man, he rarely appeared before the press, and never made a spectacle of
himself; he stayed in the background. One might say he is plain spoken, but with a
determination to bring MacDonald to justice for the horrible murders of his family.

He worked with Victor Woerheide in 1974-1975, who was the Chief Department of Justice Prosecutor in the Grand Jury Investigation. In 1975, after the grand jury indictment against MacDonald he resigned his commission and joined the Department of Justice where he pursued the case vigorously and wanted to bring MacDonald to trial. Murtagh's expertise was he knew more about the case than anyone alive, and that included Jeffrey MacDonald. Every piece of
 evidence, every hair and fiber he could quote. There were more than seven hundred pieces of evidence introduced at the 1979 trial and each piece of this evidence had three different numbers assigned to it and he knew them all.

Brian Murtagh

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