The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

February 14, 1983: Prince Beasley's Statement re: Interview of
Detective Andy Brock re: Helena Stoeckley's death

Note: Translation of the document following the scanned pages

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: February 14, 1983: Prince Beasley's Statement re: Interview of Detective Andy Brock re: Helena Stoeckley's death, p. 1

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: February 14, 1983: Prince Beasley's Statement re: Interview of Detective Andy Brock re: Helena Stoeckley's death, p. 2

Note from Christina Masewicz: Translation of the above document as I read it to be.
I have typed the document using capital and small letters for easier reading.
(Spelling, punctuation and grammar preserved)

Senneca South Carolina
February 14, 1983

"In reference to the death of Helena Stoeckley, I went to the South Carolina Senneca Police Department, and talked with Mr Andy Brock, whom was the investigator of the incident. I was supprised to find that two investigators had been there ahead of me. Mr Brock identified them as Mr Mahonney and Mr Shedlack. He said that he had taken Mr Mahoney to the death scene and that he had made a sketch of the scene.

"He futher stated that Mr. Shedlack had been to the Pelzer prison dept and talked with Ernest Davis. Also Mr Brock was very upset becose he had learned from some one in the police dept that one of them had made the statement that he had botched the investigation. At first meeting with me he was very indifferent towards me, and after talking with him for some time he stated that this was the reason.

"I asked Mr. Brock had he done a good search of the premises where the death occured. He stated that he had gathered evidence that he thought would be needed and had prepared it to be sent to the S.L.ED. lab for checking. He stated that he found some clothing with hair and other matter that he was going to have tested. But that when he learned by telephone from the pathologist that Helena died from natural causes he saw no reason to send it.

"He had taken pictures with his camera and showed them to me. I saw many discolored spots on the body, but he explained that they were only from body deteraration. On one on her leg a splotch of what looked like blood was found. It was in the crease of her thigh where it joins the body. I asked him about this and he stated that it had been determined that it was from vomit that came from her stomach.

"When I saw none on the chest and stomach I asked him why if she did vomit while she was laying down, why was none on the chest and stomach? He did not have an explanation for this. He stated that he found two fifths of Vodka one not opened and one with a small portion gone. Which he showed to me.

"These were not finger printed either. He futher stated that an F.B.I. agent by the name of Butch Madden from Raleigh N.C. had called and asked some questions about the case. Also that an agent by the name of Frank Mills from Greenville N.C. had been asking questions about the case. He did not state what they asked him. He futher stated that it was unusual that they had not received an autopsy report. That in most cases it only took from five to ten days to get one back. But that it had been a month and still they had not received it. However he did state that the patholigest did phone and tell them that it was death from natural causes. And that as far as he was concerned the case was closed. Checking one of the pictures I noticed that Helena head was in a drawn back position. Mr Brock stated that this was natural"

page 2

"I requested to see a copy of Mr Brocks investigation and his summary. He stated that since it was apparent the death was natural causes he did not really have much of a report. However he declined to show it to me. And I did not make an issue of the subject. He did state to me that he found keys Helena apartment inside the apartment. He stated that the door was equiped with a dead bolt latch, and that you had to lock the door from the inside and out side with a key.

"But he futher stated that there was a push button on the side of the lock that could push and that would also cause the door to lock. Thus makeing it possible for some one to lock the door and leave by the same door with out using a key. However to enter the door you could not with out a key and also if the door was locked it would have to be opened with a key to leave. Thus if some one wanted to lock the door by pushing the button on the side of the lock.

"They could through the keys back in and pull the door shut and it lock. This making every thing look normal.

"Signed - Prince E Beasley"



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