The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother, Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald
and Bob Stevenson's response

From the files of Freddy Kassab labeled as Perry MacDonald's notes

Note: Translation of Dorothy MacDonald's notes following the scanned pages


The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 1

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 2

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 3

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 4

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 5

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 6

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 7

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 8

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: Undated notes of Jeffrey MacDonald's mother,Dorothy (Perry) MacDonald, p. 9

Note from Christina Masewicz: At times it appears as if words are missing
and the notes are redundant.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar preserved

Translation of Perry MacDonald's notes
above as I read them to be.

First words to Jeff -

If I had to lose 2 grandchildren why could it not have been the other two? (Bobby's children)

Her advice to Jeff - fornicate with all the women you can - I balled my way around the world

Lie. I did not scream when told - I said I felt like screaming - so Freddie escorted me out.
p. 26

Jeff's react of shock to M's statement about how Mildred would tear out the eyes of the woman - in the reaction of shock to such a violent statement by a woman
Lie Dudley Warner attended but not his wife.
Lie. Juror asked her who was in hospital room when told of tragedy & She says a doctor & someone else another doctor maybe . There were CID and FBI & the priest.

Grand Jury pps 23, 24, 25
Knives - She identified none of them - & not even the icepick - but says it looks like the type they would have had!!

icepick shown photo by W

page 2

Mildred & Freddie told me that it was a good thing C was marrying J when they did - because there so broke they couldn't afford 3 years of college anyway (while paying about 500 -600 rent for family apt in N.Y. in 1963

First words to Jeff after tragedy - "Why wasn't it the other two who got killed" referring to Bobby Stevenson's children whom she stated she "couldn't stand." Then she advised Jeff to get out & fornicate with every girl he could and she said she "balled her way around the world" after Steve's death (her husband)

Where did the family (Jeff Colette & Kim during summer vacation from Princeton May through till late Sept.) - & where did they live vacations -Xmas & Easter at the MacDonalds house, - Where was Colette housed when Jeff was in army - MacDonald's house, this time next to our home in a small house

Mildred said I screamed when told of the death/ I did not - I said "I feel like screaming" & I did pound on a wall once.

Jeff never said "nigger" - he is not

page 3

with that kind of prejudices & in fact detests it in others.

Jeff's reaction of shock to M's statement re: Mildred pulling the girls eyes out and would seem natural to a person who (illegible) violence not (illegible) it

* The people who "came down" were all MacDonald's friends - not one person showed all week to support Kassabs. Mildred finally ordered Robert (son) & his wife down for funeral services at the Chapel - & then criticized them for not dressing appropriately.

* Mildred says subject of how the tragedy happened never came up again - not true - Freddie kept questioning Jeff over and over

She also did not go to funeral home to see people until 915 when parlor was closed

Mildred couldn't "be bothered" by all those other people visiting - not really anyone she knew anyway, really but her general attitude was one of disdain. She even refused to drink from thick cups around - offered and has general's china

* Dudley's wife was not there She was home in Cal with their child.

* She lies when she said she

page 4

wanted to take the bodies home

She lies!! She wanted them buried in N.C. & it was Jeff & I who were shocked & begged her to reconsider - then she said she didn't want them in the county cemetery where my husband was buried it was not a good enough cemetery never bought flowers for the funeral home from her - because she never sent any

She criticizes Jeff for not visiting her when in the hospital with cancer - Jeff did not know she had CA at that time.

She stated to me that she didn't feel it necessary to visit her sister Doo - doo when she was in the hospital because she felt Doo - doo was "old & useless" anyway & M felt she'd rather stay home & not be bothered "other people's troubles."

Who gave Article 32 to Kassabs?

Jeff did - does that mean he was trying to hide anything?

Who gave slides to the Kassabs - Jeff does that show non-caring?

How about the letters (cards) from Colette to the Sterns et al saying Colette never felt so "safe" as on Fort Bragg base.

As far as locking her doors - she probably would if alone - but not if Jeff was home

page 5

Re: Mildred Kassab Colette revealed how free wheeling her summers had been, but was hurt by the lack of concern by her mother

Colette spent summers at Fire Island that is true - but parents were not there supervising - & Fire I. can get pretty open (where was parental concern?)

On death of her husband (suicide) she was sent by her family on world tour & then spent 6 months at a hotel (I believe Hotel Pierie, Family felt she would pick up rich husband - she did - but Freddie didn't work for months & his mother cut him out of will when he married Mildred - so they lived off proceeds of husbands insurance for the next yrs.

Helen took care of the children not Mildred. Where was the parental concern?

Why is deceased husband's grave not marked with his name - no marker? No flowers?

Jeff & Colette did get $2000 from Helena (Helena Madison - aunt) for a car but so did the Kassabs who were broke & Helen split sale of parental home (Colette's grandma & grandpa) 4 way, only saving $2000 for a car for herself & giving the last $2000, to Doo - doo (sister) so she could live with her.

She (M) testified she always loaned C. money & put it back in bank. Helen was the one who sent Colette extra spending money when things got tight & didn't ask for it back like Mildred did (if she indeed really gave them money)

page 6

Lies: She says she wanted them to take the bodies home -

p. 34-35 She stated she wanted them buried in N.C. - get it over and done with" It was Jeff & I who prevailed upon her to bring them home to (illegiblee) Then she stated she didn't want them buried in cemetery where my husband was buried - it wasn't the kind of cemetery she liked - so we agreed to bury them in her family plot - where her husband's grave remains unmarked.

Who gave Kassab - Article 2 - Jeff - does that mean he was trying to hide anything?

How about the cards received by the Sterns @ Xmas stating that Colette is happy & feels safer in Fort Bragg than ever before

Locked doors - Mildred states C would have locked them - True if she was alone, but not necessarily true if Jeff was home which he was that night.

Lies - She stated after Jeff's story at the hospital it was never discussed again ever.

Freddie asked questions over & over again

p.27 Jeff never used the term "Nigger"

page 7

Question by juror who was in room when you walked walked in 1st time to see Jeff

M says "no people" - not true the priest was there & so were either CID or FBI men plus the doctor

Ask Jeff about M's statement that Colette flew home with Kimmie to stay at Kassabs for several weeks - & that she came home "very often"

If Colette & her mother were so close how come Colette told me that she & Jeff prepared a will in the event of their concomitant death the care of the children was to be with me.? Colette said she felt I was a warmer person & she didn't

page 8

want children brought up in household where "children were not permitted to use the living" - & their art work not put on display because it would ruin the "decor" of the house.

Most important - Jeff began to feel he never had a moment's peace because Freddie called all the time badgering him with questions - badgering badgering - he felt he was somehow not measuring up to the demands of Freddie & M. were making & he wasn't free to grieve & reformulate his life - he felt a little rudderless - his Dad had died - family house was sold
Sister lived in Schenectady - brother in N.J. - Mother taking care of maternal grandmother & working - where was he to go what to do - & how could he as a lone individual find these killers?

My God, the pressure these people put on him for drug (?), time, etc. they want him to stay in Stoneybrook

page 9

teach @ the new medical school set up practice there and tend to their needs.

They were angry that he chose to leave the painful memories of life & go where people were natural & alive -not ghoulish like the Kassabs who closed themselves up in world of hate.

By the way Helen Madison told me after the marriage that the family wanted Jeff to marry Colette cause he was the only boy she really loved so Helen would purposefully leave them alone in her house(the grandparent's original house) & hoped they would "fool around" - so they would have to get married

Jeff does not know this & I wish you please not to tell him.

June 6, 2005: Bob Stevenson's reply to Perry MacDonald's undated notes
Permission to use exclusively on this website from the author, Bob Stevenson
No one else has permission of Bob Stevenson to use his words appearing below

I am deeply distressed to read the supposed words of Mrs. MacDonald, as I had thought more of her as a common sense person than that. The reason I did not want to address any of them was because I would have to vilify the dead............which is a classless act and unnecessary unless her erroneous and harmful statements which are probably libel or slander, whichever applies to print........but she is dead now and cannot be sued. At any rate, I sadly had to answer her and advise others of her fraudulent claims.

My responses to her false accusations and statements as vituperative as they were are intended to go on the website..............the reason I did not want to address any of them I never explained to you until now.

It appears that she is as big a liar as her son and also an assassin of the spirit in making false statements......... As a result all I can say is that it is obvious that "the apple falls not far from the tree" and that she is a transparent liar or a grossly ignorant woman blinded by envy, or a desperate woman hoping to save her son.

I would like to think it was pure stupidity, but clearly some is colored with jealousy and a need to discredit others......the normal and now I see hereditary trait of the MacDonald Family.
I just do not know where to begin with her bullshit.

First, Mildred and Freddy were never broke or in need for a day in their lives.......or how could they have left me a paid for house (worth significant figures in money) and a bank account, Real Estate Trusts, stocks etc.

So much for that bullshit....she dishonored herself in her need to cover her envy because my mother and father could buy and sell the MacDonalds financially in Patchogue from a net worth standpoint.
She was a School Nurse....he worked at Brookhaven Labs.

My father owned his own restaurant and did.....very well.....I had the speedboat, the hot rod, the nice clothes....not them.
Eventually they pooled the family money to buy Jeff's father a boat late in his life....

Also, if you read my mother's testimony you will see that she made significant loans to Colette and Jeff through a "floating fund" as it was called, and if they could pay some back she let them so they could keep their pride....but she never wanted the money back.........

Oh...there is the Freddy never worked bit! And my mother was supposedly trolling for a rich man when she married Freddy.

Once again she is a liar, or stupid and unknowledgeable; or vacuously disingenuous in smearing what she did not know about.......

Freddy had a building business in which they put up tract homes, financed by "Kassab Family" money....but he never worried about in whose name anything was.....he was a kind and trusting man...and after all this was his mother...

His mother was not a nice lady however, and she did NOT want him to marry my mother and I was told she even tried to pay off his former wife so she would not give him a divorce so he could not marry my mother..........

He decided to leave the corporation....the business...with just his Cadillac and the clothes on his back because he loved Mildred that much; and she, knowing this married him knowing he came with only money; so that should handle her notion that my mother was a gold digger...

But then, envy was still there....the Kassabs opened a high priced clothier store in Patchogue and it made a lot of money for a while, and when it did not they closed it and he ended up a wholesaler of mass quantity of eggs to industry internationally because of his multilingual abilities and was Vice President of Sales for Quality Egg Company in New Jersey.......Maybe the envy came from the fact that her husband was such a passive man and Freddy ended up the dynamo who pinned and beat her son...neither a weak nor a financially needy man.........she lied again!

Then there is the piece about why is my father's marker so plain?

Because when that cemetery was just opened is when the plots were bought and they only allowed the unseen marker, flush to the ground, with a simple bronze pull up earn later or just a simple plaque.....but she didn't know about that so just use it to smear the Kassab's as usual.

Oh, yeah....and I had "to be summoned to my sister's funeral?".....THE WORST ABOMINATION OF A LIE I CAN CONCIEVE OF!! May she spin in her grave for that one......nor was I chewed out for my dress....As I recall I was in a suit. No, there were not a lot of Stevenson's there....there were only a few....but all those of relevance were there I assure you.............MORE CHARACTER we know where Jeff learned his stock in trade!

And no, Aunt Helen and the family did NOT want my sister getting pregnant....they wanted her to finish college first and the reason my sister was sent to live with Helen then was my Mother had gone to California and my sister was left to live with me and my wife, Vivian; but of course we were very young, and after careful thought my mother and Helen decided that Colette could be better supervised and PROTECTED from Jeff's sexuality by having her stay with an OLDER person who would be more likely to exercise control than I.

As to my parents being willing to or preferring to bury the broken and tortured little bodies at Fort Bragg; they would not hear of that or allow that if it cost them their last penny..........and if they did not want their bodies in the MacDonald cemetery plots it was solely because they lacked the quality and solitude of our family plot in their eyes….AND THEY WERE STEVENSON'S not MacDonald's............any more than this is the Jeffrey MacDonald murder case............HE WAS NOT MURDERED........THEY WERE, AND BY THEIR VISCOUS AND CRUELLY INSANE FATHER. AS A RESULT THIS IS THE COLETTE, KIMBERLEY AND KRISTEN MURDER CASE.................I WISH EVERYONE WOULD GET THAT STRAIGHT.

SHE IS NOT A MACDONALD; please....that is why that name is banned from my family burial plots.

I thought Jeff had disgraced the good name of our family enough.....but evidently Perry wants a piece of the action from wherever she is....too much error for an otherwise intelligent woman unless her attempts to save her son had made her want to say whatever suited the Jeff still does till this day evidently; based on his continued denial of his absolute guilt.

Re the envy bit;

That is probably mother when married to my father Cowles, drove around in a new Sea Foam green Oldsmobile convertible with all the options wearing a Somali leopard mother did enjoy the finer things in life and had many of them in her house, her wardrobe; and her pursuit of life.

The myth of financial need in our family was father was in a cash business......and there was a safe.....oh well, the stature of limitations has passed and they are all dead; but no one was ever broke in my family.

Helen may have been one of the most generous people I ever knew, and if she gave each of her sisters money after the sale of the Blue Point house it was because they WERE ENTITLED TO IT............the house had belonged to my Grandmother Catherine Madison and when she died and left the house Helen stayed there as "Deerie" had a business and her own place..........but when she sold the house she felt it was only right to give part of the proceeds to her other sisters.....especially since she planned to live with one or the other of them on and off for the rest of her life.

Leave our finances alone and find something more creative to lie about, how the world would be better off with a triple murderer back on the streets without repenting of his crime or atoning for it in any THAT'S creative!

I do not think it is worth more of my valuable time to rebut either the lies or slander of a woman who was obviously angry....eager to strike out at anyone or anything and who did not use the truth. I reject her as I reject her son..........assassins of the heart and of the truth.

Jeffrey MacDonald does not deserve to live, and if HE WERE MURDERED IT WOULD BE THE JEFFREY MACDONALD MURDER CASE...........and that would be just fine with me then.


Bob Stevenson - Colette Stevenson's brother.


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