The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

December 20, 2008: A message to me from Bob Stevenson


Thank you for your continued efforts to see MacDonald unmasked.

It would appear that Judge Fox recognizes him for what he is and is as frustrated as we are about this over litigated case.

If I am correct, there has never been a murder case which has had so many trips to the Supreme Court of the United many appeals for no reason other than an attempt of a blatantly guilty murderer wanting to walk away from justice and his conviction.

It would seem that Judge Fox has seen through the constant stream of appeals by opportunistic attorneys hoping to find their place in infamy.

The profit motive for them is always there and they all hope for the notoriety that will enrich them.

The Jimmy Britt, "confession" would seem to be another of those attempts.........and now we find out that he was not even part of the detail that transported Helena Stoeckley between locations.........and we are to believe his "remembrances"?

If he was a Catholic, I would bet that his self seeking lies have earned him a few more centuries of "purgatory" as I remember the teachings I received at Seton Hall High School.

And more attorney has signed on to continue the parade of buffoons and to sell his soul for MacDonald.

I guess that is to be expected and I should not be surprised.....the human condition has never changed and greed and lust for power are eternal.

I hope that one day, MacDonald's eternal punishment shall begin when his "life" ceases. Only then will we be able to rest without looking over our shoulder for the beast that never rests. He is the devil incarnate as far as I am concerned.

A psychic once told me about his future......the man had no knowledge of who I was or family or case knowledge........but he was from the Philadelphia Society of Psychics.

An unconscious medium, he went into a trance and spoke in a strange language........later an old Portuguese man translated for him and told him what had been transpiring.

It appears that his "spirit guide" had a message for me about MadDonald...........he told me that I would never fully comprehend, since I was not part of their group......but that MacDonald would never again be allowed "issue", (a child) in this lifetime, and that he would be compelled to live many lifetimes of pain to atone for his sins......and further, that the knowledge that he had exterminated his male child when he exterminated his family would be like a serpent that would eat at his entrails from inside him and never allow him to rest and in the end would destroy him.......

May the prophecy I received from this man be fulfilled.

I have some new things for you to use as you see fit.

It is the check stub book for Mildred Stevenson Interiors.......or maybe later.............but forgetting the sentimental aspect of it, there is interesting information in it about what she DID send to the struggling family............

Then there is the love letter from Mildred to Freddy. It is very intense and will certainly show you that their marriage was not a casual relationship................he gave up millions and started over for love, for as I am sure you know; his mother cut him off financially and took away the business he had built over the years as a developer........and he left with only the clothes on his back and his Cadillac, which they took to Europe by ship for their use on the Continent wherever they went on their honeymoon.............I think they did it in grand style. I remember seeing them off with Pep and going to their stateroom before their departure.

Mildred on the other hand has, in her letter; which evidently Freddy treasured as he kept it in his desk always and I removed it from shows clearly that anyone who thought Mildred was an empty uncaring woman who married either for convenience or money is more than far from the truth..........

It showed even me a different side of my mother that I, child or son, would not normally will see what I mean when you get it.

Finally, my computer sits atop my room desk, (you remember seeing when you were last here) that was originally in my mother's Stoney Brook years, and if she wrote anything over those years during her pursuit of MacDonald.....used for all of her personal correspondence, then later in Jamesway, in Jamesway she was living in a senior housing her children to see everyday.....(at that time Freddy was V.P. of Marketing in his business segment where he sold internationally, in bulk quantities eggs in various forms.......and yet doing work as the pursuer of MacDonald as he worked his way around publicly in various ways through the media, etc., and later it went to N.J.; thence to be destined to be moved to what was to be their last home, in Rockledge, Florida. In it I found one of her old personal pieces of paper in a smaller size she used to "send quickies" for whatever is badly neglected and smudged around from colliding with the junk I keep in the desk.

I was thinking about you and what you do and said I would rather it go to you rather than for me to hold it because I could not deal with it.....can't throw it out......but it sure is not Mildred.......she would however, laugh at me having kept it.............

The thought struck me to send it to you........and then a better idea....send it to you and will her desk to you.....use it in any way you want.......put it on e-bay for use in the fund for my sisters scholarship you created.....or pass it to anyone of your choosing for whatever you is a nothing as far as value....but "original condition complete with the unimproved imperfections from the uses it has taken on with me......but it has a is part of the family. The bottom line is are part of the family, so like a mere symbol; such as giving the tin man a clock to use as a heart...... we want this simple symbol to come to you to welcome you to the family officially.

Thank you again for keeping the site alive as in a way it keeps all of them alive and in the hearts of the many who seem to have cared over the years.

As to your request to join you on the website to answer questions, I am happy to do.


Bob Stevenson


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