The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

February 25, 1996: Letter from Jeffrey R. MacDonald, M.D.
(via UPS) to Rhonda Rigbsy re: Paul Stombaugh

(Spelling, punctuation and grammar preserved)

cc: H.A.Silverglate, Esq. (facsimile)

Jerry Potter (facsimile)

Fred Bost (U.S. Mail)

Paul Johnson, Esq. (U.S. Mail)




Rhonda, I've been thinking through your pending visit. We have reams of data on Paul Stombaugh. We have him on several types of tape (lying obviously). Both the tapes and the lies are repeated. I cannot get that mountain of data to you on such short notice as this trip to Greenville has created. However, the book has excellent data on Paul Stombaugh.

In a sentence, Paul Stombaugh made a post-retirement career out of lecturing all across the country. The subject of his lectures is the MacDonald case. His m.o. was to enlarge upon his testimony at trial, thereby telling a more inaccurate version each time. He loves to talk.

I do have, however, one fairly direct memo (attached) that might assist you considerably in your interview. The memo is self-explanatory, but I guarantee you the truth of what is contained therein. The correctness of my assessment of the pajama top false experiment has been corroborated several times by world class experts much smarter than Stombaugh.

A few pointers:

Get him talking. He is not an accurate person.

Recall that he had his handwritten notes (illegally) in his basement years after the trial. These were obtained for us by my attorney, Tony Bisceglie.

Accept from him any copies of documents that he will provide you. You never know when he might give us something we haven't seen. Handwritten documents are more important, but if he offers you copies of typed (formal) documents, take them.

Please get me copies of anything he gives you ASAP.

The quickest way is via Harvey Silverglate, or Lucia, but you can also do it via Fred Bost or directly to me.(The latter is the least secure.)

Try to find out if Stombaugh received the exhibits from Brian Murtagh himself for Paul Stombaugh's investigation in 1974-75 (Grand Jury).

Try to find out if he was aware that Janet Glisson tried the pajama top experiment years before he (Stombaugh) did and she failed, because of the directionality of the thrusts through the pajama top as documented by Stombaugh himelf under the microscope. The point is, Glisson could not do it because of Stombaugh's findings, then Stombaugh could do it only by doing his own findings. My question is: "Was he aware of Glisson's prior work"?

When did Stombaugh become aware of black wool fibers on the murder weapon and Colette's mouth, that he failed to testify to in 1979?

When, if ever, did Stombaugh become aware of bloody hairs from the hands of Colette, Kimberly and Kristen, to which he failed to testify, under oath, in 1979?

When did Paul Stombaugh become aware that the government's typed lab reports deleted any findings on 22" long saran fibers, yet included 3" long synthetic dark fibers?

(Note: The point being, they published the inconsequential fibers, but suppressed the exculpatory fibers.)

Just for interest, Rhonda, the apple never falls far from the tree. By that I mean it might interest you to know something best kept to yourself. We have found a book involving CIA Operations in which it turns out that a terrible mistake made by Stombaugh's son (also named Paul, I believe) caused the execution death of a CIA Operative in Moscow during the Cold War. While Paul Sr. was lying about the MacDonald case, his son was getting CIA agents killed in Russia. I view that information in the same nasty bucket of slop wherein resides the disbarrment of so many MacDonald prosecutors.

Happy hunting, have a safe trip and please keep me posted.






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