The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

June 1, 1996: Jeffrey MacDonald's letter re: "Good Stuff"

I have redacted the name of the person the letter is written per request

(Spelling, punctuation and grammar preserved)

Jeffrey R. MacDonald, M.D.
00131-177 Unit 4A
P.O. Box 5000
Sheridan, Oregon 97378-5000

June 1, 1996

Dear ****

I have been working long days on new ("the final") FBI FOIA release. Good Stuff! More accurately, very powerful stuff, since it includes a key memo and a letter from Brian Murtagh in 1990, while running the 2nd FBI reinvestigation (the first being James Frier, pre-trial, spring of 1979). It is simply astonishing that all 3 FBI investigations into the forensics - 1974 by Stombaugh, 1979 (secret, by Frier), and now 1990 (secret, by Michael Malone) - not only help me, once we became aware of the actual findings, but also are different from each other! That is, each of the so-called "FBI experts" differ in their findings when viewing the exact same exhibits under the microscope - and all 3, in turn, are different from the 1970-71 CID 2 investigations of the same exhibits. Anyway, you'll shortly see the results of my labors and those of Fred Bost. Really good stuff!

More to the point of this letter, I was taking a break from FOIA, and rereading several documents this a.m., and something struck me that I feel you should hear. Recall Fred Bost's terrific March 31, 1996 letter to you re: major points necessary to be covered in a movie. Comments to me via **** and **** lead me to believe you, too, felt Fred's letter was informative and useful. I totally agree - but wanted to mention one forensic item - actually, a group of items - that is very telling to me in this case:

1. As you know, found within Colette's hands was a blue acrylic fiber, not matched to household garments.

2. As you likewise know, there also was a "short brown human hair" found in Colette's hand. (This was the cause of the notorious assault upon my lawyers, and kidnapping of me, to take hair samples; which report was then doctored by Janice Glisson, attempting to soften the devastating finding that the brown hair was not mine.)

3. Recall, a piece of skin was also found in Colette's hand, taken to the CID lab, looked at under the microscope by the lab technician, and then William Ivory himself went to Fort Gordon, Georgia (from Fort Bragg, NC), looked at this piece of skin, wrote notes about it, and then --- Poof! The skin was never seen again, its "loss" carefully covered up in the lab reports, and we only discovered it via FOIA in the 1980's.

4. To tie the loop, recall Helen Stoeckley specifically told of seeing Greg Mitchell assaulting Colette (this, long before we knew of the significance of the missing skin and hair, and blue acrylic fiber on Colette's hand).

5. Be aware also there was blood of two types found on Colette's hand: her type ("A"), and also "O" type blood.

6. "O" type blood was the same type as Kristen; however, "O" type is also Greg Mitchell's blood type. We have documented this with his hospital records.

So - we have one of the assailants seen assaulting Colette; she is struggling; a piece of skin is found on the fingernail; (It is "lost" after Ivory checks it out); blood matching Greg Mitchell's type is on Colette's hand; I do not have any fingernail scratches on me; and a brown hair (Greg Mitchell was brown-haired) was found in Colette's hand, unmatched to me. Finally, after the CID tried to match the brown hair to me, and it was "dissimilar" (we have the report), Stombaugh, years later at trial, testifies the mystery hair is actually "too small for comparison purposes".

As soon as the final research is completed in this recent May FOIA release, I hope to be able to provide you with one last "kicker".

What I'm saying, ****, is that this sequence of "finds" (of real forensic facts - the heart and soul of all good police work) is a very powerful anecdote. Possibly it is of use to you.

Meanwhile, be well. I am trying to look ahead to better days.



cc: EGS



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