The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

August 30, 2004: Bob Stevenson's e-mail re: Newsweek article
about Jeffrey MacDonald

Permission from Bob Stevenson to use exclusively on this website

Compassionate release?.....for what? I see that as usual the murderer continues, (as sociopaths always do); to refuse to accept his guilt and acknowledge it...... and to say he is sorry and will never do it again...........

I am disturbed of course to know that there is ANY possibility that he could EVER get out of prison under ANY circumstances......let alone a concept of "compassionate release," which may be his strategy.

How can we be asked to be compassionate to an unrepentant man who had no compassion for his family as he butchered them one by one.....then carefully staged the scene to protect himself..... create a self-inflicted wound as a diversion and lie for 25 years about it.

It was easily and painstakingly shown by the prosecution that he had lied.....not here and there......but the entire story. Was not possible.......the blood evidence told all, as each of them had a different blood type.

It is no accident that things have never been the same for the murderer since Joe McGinniss wrote Fatal Vision; because in it he captured the essence of the man.....having been subjected to him for so told the truth.

Now there is a new book, by Christina Masewicz, "Scales of Justice". It shows BOTH sides of the story and at times she indicts the legal system.....but she too reaches a her book....visit her website and read actual transcripts, notes of Fred Kassab......form your own opinion.

As to his oft voiced hopes of DNA evidence.........laughable....from whom and where every house, business, anywhere......there is DNA from people that have been there at some time. in the life of the edifice.....there is probably DNA from the carpenter who built the house that they lived in there somewhere....but it does not change the fact that Jeffrey MacDonald alone ...brutally killed his family........the first two in a savage fury.....and the pitiful last murder in cold blood...of a tiny infant who held up her hands and arms to ward off the wounds of her murderous father...........her last thoughts and emotions of why is he doing this to me................UNBELIEVABLE that a man can do such a thing...........but the evidence is there..........

Have trouble accepting his guilt because you have not been given a possible motive? Check the website provided by Mrs. Masewicz.....and endorsed by the remaining family of slain Colette, Kimberley, Kristen.....(and yes; the almost full term unnamed male child in her abdomen as he stabbed and clubbed Colette to death.)

NO COMPASSIONATE RELEASE....can ever be given to such a man........unless and until he admits his crime.....and repents of it before man and God.


Robert C. Stevenson
brother of slain Colette Stevenson

This letter will be forwarded to Newsweek magazine for it's use as it whole or in part.

I want the public to know that this man is just the "original version" of the Petersons and their ilk....hoping that the facts have been hidden for so long nobody cares..........well I do.

In one very limited sense, I rejoice that he IS unrepentant as it means he WILL spend the remainder of his days in prison.............and I have depended on his insanity to keep him in jail even when the system could, "be worked" to his advantage.


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