The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

June 24, 2004: E-mail from Peter Kearns (CID retired)
re: Mildred Kassab

Permission to use exclusively on this website

Peter sent me this e-mail because I asked him what Mildred's feelings were about MacDonald. The reason I asked Peter about this is because Jeff MacDonald always says that the Kassabs turned on him when he left New York to move to California and if he had stayed there everything would have been OK. That does not appear to be true as evidenced by the following e-mail I received. Below is in reference to a meeting with the CID in their home when Mildred heard about MacDonald's sexual encounters while he was under house arrest in the BOQ. This was before MacDonald left New York for California. Mildred was not happy and seems she wanted to take matters in her own hands. She was a beautiful lady, very smart, loving and had always been happy until MacDonald destroyed their lives by killing her beloved daughter Colette, and grandchildren, Kimberley and Kristen. This poor woman lost three daughters before she finally had one to live. She raised her up and her own wishes were for her to be happy. She lost her first husband. Then she lost Colette and her beautiful grandchildren murdered by their son-in-law whom they had come to love as well. That is a lot for one woman to endure.

Christina -- In about May or early June 1971 Col Jack Pruett told me in a phone call (he was in DC and I was in Fayetteville as the CID Operations Officer on the MacDonald re-investigation) that he wanted me to come to Washington to brief some Pentagon people on the current status of the case; that we would then try and visit the Kassabs in their home in Stoney Brook, Long Island NY. He said when I got to Washington he would further brief me on the reason for our visit to the Kassabs. As you know, we had 2 previous personal meetings with the Kassabs, the first was a somewhat brief meeting at their home wherein MacDonald confronted us when he found out we were on Long Island and the second was another brief meeting at JFK Airport wherein we attempted to set the "record straight" as to the content and direction of the CID reinvestigation of the murders. Anyway Pruett told me that after the aforementioned meetings and our continued contact with the Kassabs (wherein we set forth certain details of our reinvestigation) they wanted us to visit their home again for a more detailed briefing on our activities. Pruett told me that in the ensuing meeting with the Kassabs he would concern himself with Freddy and Freddy's questions regarding the activities of our reinvestigation and I was to brief Mildred of the reinvestigation (to include the info we developed that Jeffrey MacDonald had engaged in acts of sexual intercourse with a women in his BOQ during the Article 32 Hearing – a time when the Kassabs were visiting Ft Bragg for the Hearing and staying in a Visitor's Quarters within shouting distance of MacDonald's bedroom). I was to first listen to Mildred's questions after my briefing and then advise her of MacDonald's activities in the BOQ (which I had confirmed thru interviews of the woman's girlfriend and interview of the woman in her home). When Mildred heard the details of MacDonald's activities with the woman on Ft Bragg she asked several pointed questions of MacDonald's relationship with the woman. Once satisfied that I was being truthful and that we (CID) had positively confirmed the matter thru an interview with the woman, Mildred looked at me and said "well, I knew this day would come and I have prepared for it. When I was shown proof that MacDonald was the murderer of my daughter and my grandchildren (we had made her privy to much more of the evidence, real and circumstantial, thru briefings we had with Freddy) I intended to initiate a plan of retribution". She explained that she was researching how to obtain 2 "attack" dogs; that when trained she would travel to California with the dogs--locate MacDonald and set the dogs free to "rip him apart". This entire conversation took place on her patio next to the swimming pool which her grandchildren and Colette never got to see or use. Anyway you may have some questions about our visit but that is the gist of Mildred's anger at that time. Pruett left that afternoon and I remained overnight at the Kassabs where I slept in Colette's bed and was allowed to go through her belongs and clothing in the room. I said a prayer that night and made Colette a promise that justice would be served. I slept very well in her bed that night. See you kiddo. Peter



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