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January 24, 1991: Affidavit of A. Edward Oberhaus, Jr.,
re: Synthetic Fibers used in Wigs

Note: Translation of document following scanned pages

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: January 24, 1991: Affidavit of A. Edward Oberhaus, Jr., re: Synthetic Fibers used in Wigs, p. 1

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: January 24, 1991: Affidavit of A. Edward Oberhaus, Jr., re: Synthetic Fibers used in Wigs, p. 2

Note from Christina Masewicz: Translation of the above document as I read it to be









I, A Edward Oberhaus, Jr., being first duly sworn, state the following

1. I am Senior Vice President of Kaneka American Corporation, New York, New York, an American subsidiary of Kanegafuchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. of Osaka Japan, maker of Kanekalon modacrylic fiber.

2. Kanegafuchi supplies synthetic fiber used by the wig and hairpiece industry, fake fur industry, the cosmetic brush, artist brush, and household paint brush industries, curtain, drapery and carpet industries, children's nightwear, protective clothing, automotive upholstery, and the plush toy industries, and doll industry.

3. My duties include planning and carrying out the firm's international marketing functions and directing the creation and execution of its advertising, sales promotion and public relations activities.

4. I am a graduate of Norwich University in Vermont and of Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, where I received a Master's Degree in Marketing. With a background in marketing, advertising, and manufacturing. I joined Kaneka America Corporation in 1972 as Director of Marketing.

5. Prior to joining Kaneka, I was Vice President, Marketing, for the Rubicon Division of U.S. Industries, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of synthetic wigs and hair accessories throughout the United States and Europe.

6. Previously, I was Vice President, Marketing of the hairgoods from Reid Meredith, Inc., and Account Executive for _______ illegible ________________ and beauty products at Young and Rublcam Advertising Agency.

page 2

7. During the course and scope of my employment in the hairgoods (sic) and fiber industries, I have become familiar with the types of synthetic fibers that have been used in the production of wigs and hairpieces, both currently and during the period up to and including 1969-70.

8. Wigs and hairpieces during the period 1960 to date have most often been manufactured with human hair, modacrylic fibers, other fibers, or a combination of these filaments.

9. Of all the man-made fibers used by the wig and hairpiece industry, modacrylic fiber most closely resembles animal hair or human hair.

10. Wigs and hairpieces manufacturers most often use filaments in "tow" form when they manufacture their wig and hairpiece items.

11. To the best of my knowledge, in the period prior to 1970 there were three major types of modacrylic fibers used in the manufacture of wigs and hairpieces. Dynel modacrylic made by Union Carbid, Elura modacrylic made by Monsanto, and Kanekalon modacrylic made by Kanogafuchi. It is my understanding that Dynel and Elura fibers are today no longer produced. Kanekalon currently constitutes the major share of today's wig and hairpiece fiber usage.

12. In 1987 Kanogafuchi began production of its first continuous filament fiber, Kanekalon doll fiber, for use by the manufactures of doll products.



(Signed) A Edward Oberhaus, Jr.
Senior Vice President




Sworn to before me this
24th day of January 1991




(Sign) Mildred Lombardo
Notary Public



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