The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

February 5, 2017: Christina's Corner

Directly below is the word of Kathy Kurichh MacDonald

Kathy Kurichh MacDonald
  Please know that Jeff never got paid for any interview he has given and didn't give any initially; the Dick Cavett Show appearance was arranged by his father-in-law Fred Kassab, who urged Jeff to blast the Army for its incompetence. Did you know Fred K. first filed suit against the 3 lead Army investigators after the 1970 Article 32 hearing? Are you aware of why he filed suit and what happened? Also, did you know the Kassabs were planning to release a book that would compete with "Fatal VIsion" and an arrangement was therefore made to compensate them if they didn't write their own book? It's appalling that anyone, much less many many people have made and continue to make money off of Jeff and this whole tragedy. It's easy to think of him as he's been painted out; it's hard to care enough about the truth to look at things that make one uncomfortable (like wrongful conviction).

Above is what was posted on the Free Jeffrey MacDonald page on Facebook. This page does not allow anyone to post unless you believe MacDonald is innocent and has been wrongfully convicted. It is maintained by J. P. Myers, what I have to say about Mr. Myers best remains unsaid at this time.

I distinctly remember sometime back a poster saying if they had a website site, only people who believed he was guilty would be allowed to post.

I believe that to have a successful website, people who believe both ways should be allowed to voice their opinions respectfully. There is a whole new generation now who doesn't even know the name Jeffrey MacDonald. If both sides are not discussed, then we are failing to put forth the truth of what occurred almost forty-seven years ago.

I feel that I must address Ms. MacDonald's claims. Bernard Segal was a media hound, the more publicity he could get, the better he liked it. This in part is why MacDonald appeared on the Cavett Show. However, Congressman Alan Lowenstein made arrangements for MacDonald to appear on the show. MacDonald was all in favor of this and he was all in favor of the publicity that went with it.  On December 15, 1970, he appeared on The Dick Cavett Show. Jay MacDonald (his brother) drove him there for his appearance. He was arrogant, with a smirk on his face. He insulted the Army, accusing the investigators of lying, covering up evidence, bungling the investigation, and making him the scapegoat for their errors. How does a man who just lost his pregnant wife and two little girls in such a brutal murder show no signs and symptoms of sadness and depression about his loss? But true to form, not one word of how much he missed his family, not one word asking for help to locate the intruders he claimed committed these murders. He appears to enjoy the laughs and applause he got.

Freddy and Mildred were watching and were flabbergasted by his flippant attitude. Both had been strong supporters of MacDonald, while also wanting to find who was responsible for the murders. In the beginning, Freddy constantly voiced his opinion about what happened. He was outraged that the Army would consider MacDonald a suspect. But soon both Freddy and Mildred would come to learn that the one they had to come to love as if he was their son was the very person who had committed the horrible murders.

Years later in an interview, Cavett would state MacDonald's Affect was all wrong.

The only thing Freddy ever engineered during that period of time for MacDonald was with Look Magazine.The Magazine was very anxious to do a large article on MacDonald and the case. What they wanted to do was put two investigating reporters on the case and do an in-depth investigation. When Freddy called MacDonald in his BOQ about this, he was very excited and said Boy, that's terrific, and then he dropped the bombshell. MacDonald asked if finances had ever come up in this conversation? Freddy was appalled, he never even thought of finances. His only thought was to find the people who killed Colette and the children and all MacDonald was interested in was making financial arrangements to see how much money he would get from the interview. That's the greedy MacDonald.

Freddy never filed suit against the 3 lead Army investigators after the 1970 Article 32 hearing. Michael Malley wrote a letter December 6, 1970 to General Tolson requesting investigations of Franz Grebner, Bill Ivory and Bob Shaw. He also requested investigations of Captain Clifford Somers and William deF Thompson. There was also the Malley - Kassab Complaint, but it was not a lawsuit filed.

What are you saying? Freddy was going to write a book to compete with Joe McGinniss' Fatal Vision? I do believe you have lost all your common sense. While it is true Freddy did inquire about writing a book, that thought was put aside when McGinniss contacted the Kassabs. Later during the time Fatal Justice was being written, Ted Gunderson wanted to write a book about MacDonald and the case. MacDonald told Gunderson no, he would not give him permission.

Are you for real? The Kassabs being paid off not to write a book. You are in serious need of help. That is a not true. Mildred Kassab was paid the sum of $1.00 by check from McGinniss to use her words, journals, thoughts, etc in Fatal Vision.

Let's talk about who made money off this tragedy, it was your husband who is a triple convicted murderer. Money is so important to him that he cut off his nose to spite his face. Had he not been so greedy and sued McGinniss, he would have ended up with more than McGinniss' insurance company OFFERED him and which he ACCEPTED.

You are correct; it's easy to think of him as he's been painted out; simply because that is who and what he is. Yes, it is easy to care enough about the truth to counter lies when they are told. And no, your husband was not wrongly convicted. He is and has always been his own worst enemy. He is responsible for his being in prison. If any of the many motions filed had any merit, perhaps he might have made some headway. But think, in all those motions he has never been able to prove any of the accusations.

Since you appear to have so much free time on your hands, might I suggest you read The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout PhD a true story.  Also, read Without Conscience The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, by Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. You might just be surprised about what Hare has to say about your husband. Don't bother to complain to the publisher, you would never be able to get the book off the market, just like you tried so many times to get people fired from their jobs.

When you write falsehoods like you wrote above, people will not take it standing still. Be prepared to support what you voice and if you don't have anything other than what your husband has told you, then it would behoove you to keep your mouth shut.

You want to challenge anything I've said, you know where to find me. Take a look around, I'm right here.


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