The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

Christina's Corner

I want to thank the many, many people who have written me about the People Magazine articles and their programs about Jeffrey MacDonald. Please know that Bob Stevenson and I thank you for your support. I will answer each and every one of you as time permits.

I remember back in 2012, right before the hearing before Judge Fox, the book A Wilderness of Error by Errol Morris was released. I believe the release date was intentional just as I believe that Nicole Egan, Senior Writer timed the articles in People Magazine and their TV show to coincide as close as possible with the hearing before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Ms. Egan likes to talk when there is no one to challenge what she is saying. When one tries to question her, she is a woman of few words. A friend of mine contacted her and after a few texts, my friend was told not to contact her again or she would block her.

However, what was accomplished was the kicker. Ms. Egan had told me Bob gave her permission to use anything on my website, which was not true, but that they did not need to use them because they had their own copies. Well, that's not true either. I am sure many of you remember when Kathryn and her husband tried to sue me on grounds that I was in possession of his stolen personal property, including his files, family pictures and was using them without his permission. I hired an attorney and soon their attorney was trying to sue me for defamation of his character. Both suits got nowhere and his attorney dropped his case when my attorney answered his complaint. Now, all of a sudden, Kathryn has miraculously found all of what she was suing me for and according to Ms. Egan, Kathryn provided her with all the pictures. Now I have Ms. Eagan's e-mail stating such. Truth of the matter is Kathryn web lifted them from my website. She never had the time to include any of the pictures of the family on their website. Remember MacDonald gave Joe McGinniss the baby albums who returned them back to the family.

I am of the opinion, that Ms. Egan, as a Senior Writer-reporter should have checked out her sources more, meaning Kathryn MacDonald to see if she were credible. That would not be hard to do with all of the public records available. Examples of public records which can be found online and are at the following links. I had no part in how this information came about on the internet, it is part of a court document. I suggest that you read all the pages, but pages 23-24 states her credibility is at issue.
This is not all the records, some have been removed after she completed her probation and or paid the fines. I do however have them all as well as the tape of her hearing for shoplifting at Rite Aid.

As to when the CID interviewed Stoeckley, People Magazine states it was in April 1971. Sorry to bust your bubble, but the CID interviewed Stoeckley in 1970 before the Article 32 hearing and several more times throughout the reinvestigation.

As to the unidentified bloody palm print found on the footboard of the master bed, CID Exhibit D-270 states red-brown stain from left edge of the master bed footboard, and Exhibit W-5 states "one partial latent palm print on the footboard." There is not a single lab document/report that describes the unidentified print as a bloody palm print.

Now according to People Magazine, MacDonald claims he has located a witness statement that no one has ever seen before. The witness was supposed to have entered the MacDonald resident at about 5:30 a.m. and noticed a sheet on Colette's remains. Well now, could that witness just be Captain Kenneth Edwards? (Chaplin) He gave a really crazy story about MacDonald sitting on a stool in the living room and talking to him, and that he was allowed by the MPs to go to master bedroom and where he saw Colette on the floor covered with a sheet. You can read all about it at:
September 4, 1984: Affidavit of FBI SA L. Dean Paarmann, retired, re: Captain Kenneth Edwards (Chaplin)

People Magazine's Senior Editor Alicia Dennis and Nicole Egan Senior Writer appear to be hung up on things that have already been litigated in court over and over again. They believe strongly that Jeffrey MacDonald was wrongly convicted. Jeffrey MacDonald cooked his own goose with his cockiness, his mouth and his attitude. He was angry, not that his family had been brutally murdered, but that the army had the audacity to suspect him. His anger was because he got caught.

MacDonald received a fair and impartial trial. Throughout the years on his many motions filed he has failed to prove any of his claims. As has been reported "John Thornton, MacDonald's expert at trial, has expressed frustration with Segal's decision to go to trial so quickly. Thornton's inability to perform detailed testing was a result of Segal's strategy, not any action of the government. There were four years between the indictment in 1975 and the beginning of the trial in 1979. While the government would not send the evidence to California at Thornton's request, something that they were not obligated to do, arrangements were made for him to examine the evidence and perform testing on anything he wanted in North Carolina. MacDonald's complaints continue to ignore strategic decisions made by his counsel and his expert."

What about when MacDonald called for help, he reported "some people" have been stabbed. Is that how you refer to your family when they have just been brutally murdered? Remember, he called the operator an asshole, why?

What about the Britt issue?  Britt's assertions have been shown to be false.

What about Helena Stoeckley's claims of being in the MacDonald house two weeks before the murders and that she had taken/stolen jewelry from Colette's jewelry box.
What about Helena Stoeckley claiming to have had done baby-sitting for the MacDonalds?
What about her claims of having sex with MacDonald? Are these the claims a credible person?

And the mention that Jeffrey MacDonald passed a polygraph - So what? What about the two he failed, both arranged by his attorney Bernie Segal? Read about the polygraph he allegedly passed at

May 17, 1986: Letter from David Raskin's re: March 18, 1986 polygraph examination of Jeffrey MacDonald and press release

Now we're back to the hair found under Kristen's fingernail.
Was the hair lost or still available?
In Paul Stombaugh's 1974 notes, it stated "D-237 Fingernails left hand Kristen." So, that indicates to me that it was still available then, and there are many other areas that indicate the hair is still available now.

For more info on the hair see:
January 14, 2005: Letter from Brian Murtagh to Timothy Junkin, Defense Counsel re: confirming agreement on issues necessary to the complication of ongoing DNA testing

The government addressed this hair in their Post-Hearing SurReply July 1, 2013 at

Read Judge Fox decision at:
July 24, 2014: Judge Fox's Order Denying Jeffrey MacDonald's Motion to Vacate Under 28 U.S.C. 2255

What about the lie MacDonald told Freddy Kassab that he recorded (I have the tape of that conversation) that he found one of the intruders and that he was killed, which was proven to be untrue by the CID. And then about the trip that cost him $2000.00 and all he ended up with was a broken hand/arm which was also proven to be a lie by the CID. Why would he do that? My guess is he wanted to stop Freddy from digging any further.

Danny Stern was the unnamed 10-year-old boy in Fatal Vision who talked with Joe McGinniss about MacDonald's threats to crush his head against the dock. Danny told McGinniss that the rage in MacDonald's eyes was something he would never forget. McGinniss first asked Marion Stern and she told him to talk to Danny.

Interesting enough, Silverglate knows Danny well, but Danny told him quite frankly, do not try to question me about anything to do MacDonald - I do not want to hear that name.

In addition to bedding Marion Stern, he did so as well with both of her daughters and the youngest was just sixteen at the time, and Jeannie Morrell, the wife of a friend in medical school. MacDonald had fly trouble. Can you think for one minute right after your family was so brutally murdered that you would be interested in having sex? One of his conquests took place during the Article 32 hearings and was very close to where the Kassabs were staying. Oh my God, they were there to support him and he was having a ball dishonoring his murdered family.

People Magazine did call people, some who are my friends, who let me know the questions she was asking. Oh please Ms. Egan, charged and indicted can be interchangeable. However, MacDonald was indicted on three counts of murder and was convicted of same.

So Ms. Egan, you think Jeffrey MacDonald is nothing like he was portrayed? I suppose you think having sex with your friend's wife and two daughters, one only sixteen, threatening his 10-year-old son is normal actions. Bob Stern was a long time friend of the MacDonald family. He helped MacDonald's mother get an attorney to represent MacDonald during the Article 32 which turned out to be the wrong Segal recommended. Nevertheless he was there helping and flying MacDonald's brother down to Fort Bragg in his private plane. I can only ask Ms. Egan, what kind of human being are you? Do you care at all about the true victims in this case, the ones who were murdered?

You victimize the family of the victims that were brutally murdered. How cruel can a person be? How one sided can it get? There has never been any closure for the family. We have been forced over and over again to relive this horrible situation.

Our family fought for justice and continues to fight to keep Jeffrey MacDonald in prison for what he did to his pregnant wife and two precious girls. Whatever you write, we will counter. You, Kathryn or no one else will ever be able to deter us from our fight to maintain justice for our sister and two nieces and when lies are presented, we will retaliate.

So, perhaps Ms. Egan, you may want to rethink your statement that
"the government hid things from the prosecution."


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