The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

Christina's Corner

January 12, 2017

As many of you know, I've been an archivist of info, every scintilla of info on this case including but not limited to legal and personal, pro and con of everything I could get my hands on.

I have been able to make available to the public many things and I am proud that I was the first one to have a website that contained the actual records and transcripts of the case. I was the first to report to the public MacDonald got married again. I contacted my friend Nancy Cooper who at that time worked for People Magazine about the marriage. I also contacted Riverside, California and discovered that a marriage license had been applied for and received, but, the couple requested that the information remain private with no release of information.

I was the first to present to the public that my opinion was that since MacDonald was now remarried; he would request to be moved within 500 miles of his home which all prisoners are entitled to. MacDonald has always followed a pattern, and it is easy most of the time to figure out his next move which I stated his next move was to apply for parole. And true enough that is exactly what occurred.

I wish to state my observations on People Magazine Investigates disingenuous production on "The Accused". I was angry and still am of him being referred to as the accused. Technically, since MacDonald has been granted a hearing before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals January 26, 2017 which Bob and I will attend, he is now the Appellant, therefore he would not be referred to as "the convicted".

This reportage is filled with so many mistakes and falsehoods that it amazes even the most naive observer. Its not even a good reality TV show. This pathetic attempt insults ones intelligence and is degrading to the true victims of this horrible crime. For your information and for the sake of accuracy, permit me to list a few of the most glaring of errors as claimed by People Magazine Investigates.

First and foremost, I noted the obvious lack of a wedding ring on Ms. MacDonald's finger.

Next, she is not and has never been a longtime friend of the family. Dorothy "Perry" MacDonald was a kind and gentle woman, now deceased, and never knew her at all. As to MacDonald's brother, together with her husband, they have done everything they could to literally destroy him. It is true that she did become close with one of his cousins who accompanied her along with Rick Thoesen during the hearing in September of 2012. That was the first time that Mr. Thoesen appeared in the public arena in support of Ms. MacDonald and her husband, since he and his wife Judy testified at the Article 32 hearing. I find it strange that Jerry Potter and Fred Bost never mentioned the Thoesens in their so-call truthful book Fatal Justice claiming to represent the case as it happened and all the information they discovered that had been withheld from the defense. Trust me they put everything in that book except the true facts of the case.

Now on this show, Ms. MacDonald stated that her father introduced her to MacDonald. This is the third "story" she has told of how they met. Keep in mind he is 17 years her senior.

Rick Thoesen, appeared to be a nice guy when I met him, and briefly exchanged a few words. However, he is wrong when said that Colonel Rock vindicated MacDonald. This was not a trial nor was it his job; his only job was to listen to evidence that was presented by both sides and determine if the evidence was sufficient to warrant a court-martial.

This was not about the case. It is the belief of the senior writer Nicole Egan, that MacDonald was wrongfully convicted. How dare she use her position at People Magazine to do such a program and worse why would People Magazine allow her to do so? Ms. Egan clearly stated that she became interested in the case when she was in college. Mentioned books she read as her career moved upward and then when she came to People Magazine in 2005, she started following it closely to see if she could bring about a story.

Ms. Egan reported her observations of MacDonald were nothing like the press had portrayed him. Well, I say he was exactly like the press represented him and worse. At the grand jury hearing he was rude, at the 1979 trial he was so arrogant and looked like he wanted to punch Jim Blackburn during questioning. I know first-hand, I sat in that courtroom and his body language was scary.

In the show there was the mention of a syringe shown to be on the floor where did that come from? That is not true. Syringes were found in the hall closet along with enough medication and medical supplies to stock a small clinic.

For years MacDonald reported that the hair found in Colette's left hand came from her murderer. Well folks, the DNA results found one hair in her right hand to be her own, and the hair in her left hand, DNA testing results established that the hair came from Jeffrey MacDonald and not an intruder.

MacDonald appeared on the Dick Cavett show in December 1970. He was not in California as you reported, he was living and working in New York. His brother, Jay drove him to the appearance.

It was not William "Bill" Ivory that was dogged for indictment of MacDonald; Peter Kearns was the CID Agent responsible for that and worked with Freddy Kassab to bring it about.

I am proud to say the late Joe McGinniss was my friend and I loved him as such. Fatal Vision is not a lie. Joe like many others came to see and believe that MacDonald was guilty. Don't forget, Joe spent a lot of time with him before and during the trial.

MacDonald made those tapes for Joe McGinniss violating prison rules and he is lucky he never got caught.

The "win" in the lawsuit so long paraded by MacDonald was a "settlement" offered by McGinniss' insurance company. The court did not grant the settlement and MacDonald's attorney urged him to accept it because the attorney believed that to press on would most likely not be in his favor. Mildred Kassab and Dorothy MacDonald each got money. The Kassabs never touched it. It was still in the bank when they both passed. It is my belief that every penny Dorothy got was filtered back to MacDonald, and I base that on her own checking account records which I have. Checks were flying out $5,000.00 to $10,000 at a time.

Interestingly Ms. Egan did call Bob Stevenson to ask him questions but never invited his participation in the televised TV show. Was that an intentional slight or perhaps MacDonald's wife was the director/producer?

I contacted Ms. Egan before and after the show and I feel I was met with a cold reception. I asked Ms. Egan how she came about the family pictures. First she stated Bob Stevenson gave her permission to use anything on my website and that is not true. Then she stated we already had the pictures and didn't need to use yours. And then the kicker, that Kathryn MacDonald gave her the pictures. Here we go with Kathryn lifting again.

John Stuart Bruce, Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina was contacted.
The MacDonald camp just doesn't get it that what People Magazine puts out is not going to be read or watched by the Judges. The show was one-sided because the Government can't litigate a pending case in the media. MacDonald's only remedy lies in the courts, where the Government gets to respond.

I can only say to Ms. Egan, you are keeping wonderful company in friendship with Ms. MacDonald. Your beliefs of untruths, speaks volumes of how much you know about the case. I challenge you to a verbal exchange of the true facts of the case and I will provide the documentation anytime, anyplace.

I am sure you don't know that MacDonald just a short time after the murders made the statement "I have a sense of relief that they are gone" referring to Colette, Kimberley, Kristen and the baby she was pregnant with. MacDonald's own mother told her friend that she found that bizarre.

Freddy and Mildred both died grieving over the loss of Colette and the girls. Bob Stevenson's life has never been the same. Bob promised Freddy, he would take over and continue to fight to keep MacDonald in prison. What a life MacDonald's siblings has had because of this, Judy now deceased, Jay not physically well. What heartache he caused his mother, who never wavered in her support of him. And who can forget the party announcing his engagement to Randi. That night he sent a limousine to pick up his mother and Jay. The reaction of his mother that night speaks volumes of how she felt about the engagement. She took not one bite of food and just stared off into space without talking the resting of the evening.

We, who advocate for the true victims of this case, Colette, Kimberley, Kristen and the baby boy Colette was pregnant must continue to fight for justice. We hope and pray that those of you who believe that Jeffry MacDonald is guilty to let People Magazine how you feel about their Show, "The Accused"

Our Family has been victimized by the murderer, and he continues to cause us to relieve the nightmare over and over again.

Bob Stevenson and I thank you for your support.



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