The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site


August 10, 2016


Bob, Pep and I wish to thank all the people who give each year to the scholarship fund in memory of Colette, Kimberly and Kristen. Some of these people have been giving since the beginning faithfully each year and deserve special thanks in helping to keep the memory of the victims alive by helping a student to continue their education and to help make their dreams come true. Because of the generosity of these people, we gave another scholarship this year and Colette, Kimberley and Kristen's plaque that hangs in the school will get yet another star which makes us very happy.

A question to MacDonald's wife - Where's the money? What gives? There is the matter of $92,500.00 that appears to have disappeared. There was a sales commission, and the rest was issued in the form of a check.

Jay was never notified of the sale of the property. But there are ways to find out what property sold and for how much. Normally property sales are published in the newspaper along with the name of the person who bought the property. It is referred to as property title change.

Perhaps this came at a time when it was needed most, MacDonald needed an attorney, he got one. Her condo was in foreclosure for the second time and she was able come up with the money to prevent a fast sale. She was also being sued by the condo
's home owners association for more than one year of back dues. And, yes, she recently paid them.

Jay now lives in a government subsidized low income apartment. After a hospitalization last year, he was advised by his doctors that he was not safe to live in his home alone and social services found his current apartment for him that provides help with his ADLs as needed. He is confined to a wheelchair, able to transfer from the bed to chair, transfer in the bathroom, but is unable to ambulate. He is without transportation. And when he wants/needs to go to appointments or out, he has to take the bus or call a special transportation for an appointment for the day he needs transportation. This transportation is not free and the only source of income he has is his social security.

It appears that neither Mr. nor Mrs. Jeffrey MacDonald care anything about Jay or his condition. He was recently hospitalized again and is currently in a nursing home to receive care to his lower extremities. Yet these same two people claim to have Jay's best interest in maintaining the family trust belonging to Jay. Why is MacDonald's wife not making sure Jay's needs are met and that he is responding to treatment so he will hopefully be able to return home?

A trust was set by Dorothy MacDonald for her children. She specifically told MacDonald what she wanted done. Steven Shea was in charge of the trust. After MacDonald married, he and his wife requested Steven Shea resign as head trustee and they made a new trust with both of them as trustees. They have turned deaf ears to Jay's cries for help.

Jay brought a co-op in Long Beach, California. His mother's name was on the title as co-owner. Later on, prior to her death, Dorothy released her interest in the co-op to Jay. He continued living there for a while longer and then sold the co-op apartment. During that time, what I will call a friend by the given name of Sumpter left Jay $15,000.00 in their will. On receiving this money Jay directly put this money into the trust thinking it would be safe. Then he sold his apartment and brought his first house, putting the balance in the trust as well. Later he brought a second house to rent out and have an income to pay the home owners and insurance for both houses.

Nobody answers Jay's letters and apparently are not concerned with his health or his needs. He has no idea how much he has in the trust. However, these trustees refuse to give Jay any kind of an accounting. This is just plain mean and selfish. It is my opinion that they are just waiting for Jay to die so they can take it all for themselves.

What Jay needs is good attorney and I am working hard with the assistance of others to try and find a pro bono attorney to help him before it is too late. He has a will that states clearly what he wants to occur when he passes, I fear MacDonald and his wife will override his wishes and direct what assets he has to their pockets. We know that MacDonald has throughout the years on various occasions requested loans from Jay. I have letters to support that fact. One of the many questions is, were those loans repaid?

On another note - I feel MacDonald's goose is cooked. Furthermore it is cooked by his wife. MacDonald was always the one calling the shots. Now his wife is the one doing it. And what a mess she has done of it. Not following the rules of the court, signing his name to documents after she was told, that a person with Power of Attorney cannot sign court documents. Just another example of her hubris. It's like she thumbs her nose at rules and does as she wishes. Well, ole mac has no protection for false statements he makes and if he ever applies for parole again, while he may feel bullet proof in the short run, he will be held to account.

If he is ever to apply for parole again with hopes or getting out, where will he go to live? A release plan would normally include a suitable residence and a verified offer of employment. A parole advisor is necessary only if the Commission or the United States Probation Officer specifically says that one should be obtained. There are exceptions. For example, a definite job is sometimes neither necessary nor possible. The Commission always considers the individual's situation and may waive this or any other standard requirement if it sees fit to do so. On the other hand, special requirements may be added and must be met before release. The question then is, could such requirements be met? If someone was to visit his wife's home, what would they find?  In this home lives 7 cats and 11 rabbits. The rabbits are not caged, let to run free in the kitchen area separated from the rest of the house with only a child's safety gate. Their elimination is done on the floor. The kitchen floor has been removed and is left with plain ply board which is far from being in the best condition. The cats have the run of the house, there are spray marks from them on the walls. There's also mold. That in itself can also be dangerous to their neighbors who share a common wall. Mold can cause serious allergies to some and more severe reactions to others. It is very important to have mole remediation if one has mold in their home.  There is no other way to describe the environment than the odor is awful.

The cats are let out to run the grounds. There is a fish pond there and several of the fish have mysteriously disappeared and found dead out of the pond with one or more of her cats nearby.
The thought does come to mind, since of ole mac was critical of Colette's housekeeping, what would be his reaction if he could see inside of that home?

Could this be considered as a stable home with a significant other? Then perhaps her character could be scrutinized. There is little doubt that she has a drinking problem with a history of DUI's, and has an arrest record of other things as well.

The course of this case has taken many turns, from the beginning of getting a civilian lawyer for MacDonald, the mistake of calling the wrong Segal. Would it have had any different ending if the right Segal had been called? My own personal opinion is no. MacDonald told a story and he told it before he knew what the evidence was. That was his mistake, and he has been spouting off ever since. Crying poverty at various times, one only needs to read the records to see that even before the Article 32, the army bent over backwards to make sure every right that he was entitled to was met. MacDonald got to go to Philadelphia to visit his attorney while he was under house arrest, and guess who paid for it?  The army provided him travel orders authorizing payment of his expenses to Philadelphia to visit his attorney, Bernard Segal.

The Government filed their Page-Proof Response Brief of the United States on August 3, 2016  to
June 6, 2016: Jeffrey MacDonald's Page-Proof Opening Brief

We now await to see what their response is. In the meantime People Magazine is attempting to gather information for a possible story on MacDonald. If they do the story, we pray they will be fair about what they write.

We take comfort in the fact and our belief that
"justice, you get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law." We are confident that the courts will make sure MacDonald serves his time.

On one last note, I cannot help but feel sorry for Dorothy MacDonald. What was her sin? She was a mother just like many of us. She doted on MacDonald, in her eyes he was the one she truly believed in. Of course she continued to support him as long as she was alive, but when she became bedridden and could no longer visit him or do things for him, it hurt her deeply. In reading many of the things she wrote, I do believe that she knew or came to terms with the fact he did kill Colette, the baby she was pregnant with and the two girls. I can remember a conversation she had where she stated
"I can do no more for Jeff" The reply was "You're his mother, you will always love him and encourage him." Dorothy's reply was, "That's not enough, it was never enough for Jeff, he wants more"

We thank all the sincere people for their continued support.

Bob and Pep Stevenson
Christina Masewicz



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