The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site


September 22, 20015

We now wait for the Government's Response to MacDonald's Informal Opening Brief (18 U.S.C. [36]) filed on September 14, 2015. In my opinion, the terminology used in the brief lacks the skills that an attorney or skilled paralegal should possess.

It is said that an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client. MacDonald is certainly that and furthermore, he will dig a deeper hole for himself because he can't resist lying.

Why any man or woman would get involved with a convicted triple murderer is a mystery. Especially one who refuses to take responsibility for what they have done and shows no remorse. Clearly they must be psychotic or slips in and out of reality.
Prior to bonding with MacDonald she was successful in her drama school for children and young adults. Now she is on the way to becoming homeless, and most likely would make a good contestant on Hoarding, Buried Alive. What is so sad and tragic is that she has put her life in free fall for a poor excuse of a man who murdered his pregnant wife and children.

Sometime back she was able to get her condo out of foreclosure by entering into a modification program that is offered for people facing foreclosure. Trouble is, interest rates are high, and refiling of another foreclosure in court all adds up. Being behind on homeowner's fees in addition only adds to her problems and the cost owed can easily become greater than the value of the property.

When she appeared in court recently on consuming alcohol in the passenger's side of her car (among other things) her reason why the bottle was opened was, It was a large bottle of wine and due to her medical problems she is unable to open it at home and so the person at the store where she bought the wine opened it for her.
Oh please tell me that the stores in the state of Maryland do not sell open containers of alcohol.

Upon entering the courtroom, it was clear that her attorney and the prosecutor had already come to an agreement. This, I call a travesty of justice. When the judge stated the amount of the fine, she requested that it be as little as possible since she was the sole supporter of her husband.
I had to chuckle. I was under the impression that her husband was confined in a federal prison. Therefore, being housed, fed and cared for by the tax payers.

Remembering back to the Rite Aid situation. MacDonald was livid when he found out about it. Strange as it might seem, he accused the wrong person of providing Jay with the information about it. Jay sent him the court documents asking him if he knew about it.
Hey MacDonald, if you want to blame someone for it, blame me. I am the one responsible for providing Jay with all the updating of what
's going on. You certainly don't provide him with anything, not even his own money.

While Jay does have his social security, Medicare, and his veterans benefits from being in the service, he has reached a point due to health issues where he needs some assistance with his ADLs. He is in a wheel chair. He no longer lives in his home that is now up for sale. I called the broker to inquire as to the price and person who signed the sales agreement. Guess who? His other house is rented, when I inquired as to the owner and how to contact them, I was told that the rent checks were mailed to one Kathryn MacDonald each month.
's attitude to Jay is, you get everything you can from other sources, be it churches, food banks, or any organizations offering help and then he will make the decision as to whether or not Jay can have some of his own money. He has reduced his own brother to being a pauper while swearing that he is only abiding by his promise to his mother to follow her wishes. You know what - I don't believe that. Shame on you. Why are you depriving your brother of things that would make his life a little more enjoyable for the sake of keeping control of his money. I know from the family trust where it goes when he dies. And don't come up with the bs about burying him. He has a plot already and has his grave marker paid for with only the need for the date added of his passing. On his marker is "Loving Godfather of Kimberley MacDonald". Says a lot about the man, doesn't it?

Now, MacDonald admitted that incident at Rite Aid did occur by saying "I'm now going to give you a short version about the 'Rite Aid' fiasco - and I call it that, because that's exactly what it was. I don't know what you have been told or what the police report says (as they obviously would not paint themselves in a bad light)....Kathy went to Rite Aid near the prison for YEARS- mainly for her RX
's - the pharmacist knew her on sight....She was such a good customer that she earned $150 in 'gift cards' and went there to spend them after a visit. She needed a camera (about $40) for the theatre, and spent a long time there, trying to match coupons with things on sale, etc......she did not steal ANYTHING, she SPENT almost $150 in the store (she still had a gift card left over) and she BOUGHT a camera (the one you are hearing about was a 'comparison' she had in her cart in plain sight.) Kathy was not hiding it in her coat (this was June!) the clerk saw it from 3 feet away behind the counter and asked her if it was the one she had just bought and she no and handed it to her! The 'expensive face cream' was hand cream worth about $5 that Kathy already had, but, apparently the sensor was not 'deactivated' at the time of her purchase. (Clearly, their 'theft' device was not working correctly.) Kathy was never arrested - the two cops kept threatening to do so if she didn't 'admit' to stealing, but she suggested they'd have to do so, because she would not admit to something she did not do. (sound familiar!) They gave her a citation - she went to court, plead not guilty and was given 'probation before judgment', no community service time, no reimbursement for the alleged stolen items, nothing. It's ALL a big nothing. And yes, of course, she told me all about it, as soon as it happened, and I encouraged her to get a lawyer and fight the whole thing, it was so outrageous. She was not convicted of anything, has no criminal record, nothing related to this issue or any other.

Do your homework and you will find that what you are saying is not true. She took the Alford plea. According to, "An Alford plea is when a defendant enters a plea of guilty without making an admission of guilt." She paid restitution and she was placed on probation. It is clear that MacDonald has his head buried in sand when it comes to his wife.

MacDonald continues; "Just to be clear, she has a clear driving record, has never been convicted of DUI or DWI, our home was not
'given' to Kathy by anyone, she does not have two heads and does not turn into a werewolf at midnight. Is that clear enough?"
Sorry MacDonald, she does has a DUI and current license suspended for failure to comply.

MacDonald also referred to the lawsuit against the doctor she sued because he harassed her with inappropriate sexual innuendoes. He claimed she "settled the lawsuit rather than endure a trial, she was paid a settlement and the doctor retired."
While she did get a settlement, the doctor did not retire.

On July 15, 2010, MacDonald said "Kathy is the one person who has given everything she has, and more, to shine the light on the truth about this false conviction against me. Kathy is the one person who has somehow kept going in this literally unbelievable effort. And, importantly to free me as 'actually innocent', the only way I ever want to leave prison."
The question then comes to mind, why did you apply for parole?

Continuing on with "She has spent everything she ever saved or inherited when her parents died. She has twice mortgaged our home, [when did it become our home?] has chronic health problems that she must deal with while trying to earn a living, and now she is in tremendous debt...ALL TO HELP ME COME HOME....The concept of someone doing what is best for the person they love FIRST, and what is best for the big picture (my vindication)..... "

Bob Stevenson and I take issue with when MacDonald referring to Kathy stated;

I say you are wrong. The Prosecutors who prosecuted you spoke kindly and showed tremendous respect for Colette, Kimberley and Kristen They became their voice to fight for justice for what you had done to them. The CID agents who never lost sight of what they were fighting for, justice for the victims. Freddy and Mildred  who never waived in their quest for justice for their beloved daughter and grandchildren. And now Bob and Pep Stevenson and I continue the fight for the family you took away from us. Think for one moment what they went through. Their pain, being scared, the fear and the fear they were feeling was not their perception of what fear might be, it was their reality of what fear was. And the husband and father had no kind words and showed no respect. He couldn
't even keep his zipper up, he had to polish his knob while under house arrest. Words from his own mouth to Dr. Sadoff, I have a sense of relief they are gone. What kind of a man says this? What kind of a woman could love a man who could say such a thing after such a brutal death to his family

I would say MacDonald, remember when you referred to Colette as not a good housekeeper shortly after her murder which was very disrespectful and a most unkind remark to make, boy, would you be in for the biggest surprised of your life if you only knew what you would find in what you refer to as
"our home."

Always enjoy visiting Maryland, nothing better than having fun with good friends. The seafood is out of this world. Recently spent sometime in Oregon and loved the beautiful countryside. More to come later.



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