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March 21, 2014

In December when I wrote the last Corner about the wrong I feel MacDonald and his wife Kathryn are doing to MacDonald's brother, Jay,  I ruffled some feathers which resulted in my receiving some very rude e-mails. This of course does not deter me from speaking out or continuing my research to produce evidence of what is fraud and in plain English is stealing what does not belong to you or was meant for you.

The following is what a family member shared with me: "Due to circumstances beyond control since 1970, the course of life's events has been infused with many circumstances that were not foreseen in the preparation for the future.

"In the aftermath of the events that took place in the early 70's, middle 70's, and the trial in 1979, which time there was a change in residency from the east coast to the west coast, I came upon these notes which to me expressed a sense of true feeling, something that seemed to be missing in our family for some years.

During, or after the trial that my brother was a defendant in 1979, Mom composed the following."

The following is just as Dorothy MacDonald wrote it.

"1979  How I Feel"

"Tired, but determined. I found solace in (an) article from the newspaper about a grandfather who always told the story of the two frogs to his children. In essence, the story stated that two frogs fell into a bucket of cream and so they started paddling madly. One frog gave up and drowned, but the second frog kept paddling, and lo and behold, the cream turned to butter and the frog was saved. Part of the rhyme of the grandaddy's story was, don't mutter an utter, keep churning the butter, and that's a good credo for our family who have had to deal with extraordinary burdens.

"Jeff's daddy had another phrase that he used, 'Keep your chin up' and this family has always tried to deal with hardships of any kind with a stoic attitude. We grieve privately, and try not to inflict our inner sorrows or anxieties on other people.

"Jeffrey is a living demonstration of this. He has always carried huge burdens well and worked as a young man. During his marriage, while training for medicine, and in recent years, works with tremendous energy to be the best doctor of emergency medicine that he can be, meantime, establishing ball-teams (baseball, football and basketball, writing medical books, and being a friend to all - never turning a deaf ear to a request for help.

"How do I feel about the Kassabs, Mildred and Freddy?"

"Mixed - I understand their confusion and sorrow - WE ALL SUSTAINED A LOSS - only their feelings are obviously overlaid with hatred. The strain of the last nine years (at the time of this writing) has been a tremendous ordeal for all concerned - but I think the major difference of the families, is ATTITUDE.

"Mr. Kassab has demonstrated his interest in being a central figure in this tragedy that is to say; his constant insistence is talking with anyone in the new media.

"I think his last statement to the press should be duly noted. He was upset when asked to leave the courtroom because he would be  testifying later in the trial and his statement to the press was that if he was excluded, then Dr. MacDonald should also be excluded from the courtroom. I do indeed find that a startling statement.

"Meantime, while Jeff has much cause to be bitter - think of his personal loss - Loss of his family; loss of his privacy, loss of his income. He has through guts and fortitude, and a genuine interest in life, and an understanding of human conditions - maintained his courtesy, kindness, concern, and direct help to other, always others - He uses his strengths to make each day better in some way for another human being.

"You ask me how I feel?"

"I feel that in one way as a parent, I failed to prepare my children for the harder facts of life: Cruelty, indifference and prejudice.

"I am, however, proud to state that my children have strength of character, ability to cope with the absurdities of life and courage to face loss and adversity. My children have also sustained and maintained their humor, although for some years there hasn't been much to laugh at.

"I am convinced (that) when this is over, and, some order of life is restored after these chaotic years - our family will regain the tranquility and privacy it deserves. The loss of our loved ones will instead of being an open wound, constantly exasperated, become a bearable healed scar - So we'll keep churning the butter."


Dorothy MacDonald was a mother of three children; I cannot help but ask myself the question, did she favor one of those children more than the other? From all I have been able to find out from people who knew the MacDonalds and family members, Jay was his father's favorite. In reading Dorothy's will and other things she wrote, Jeff was her favorite. Here I would like to point out some of the reasons I have come to that conclusion.  However, please do not misunderstand what I am saying, Dorothy provided for all her children, but Jeff was the beneficiary of more than Jay and Judy. When you read all the amendments of the will, many things become clear.

I do not agree with Dorothy's statement that "I am, however, proud to state that my children have strength of character, ability to cope with the absurdities of life and courage to face loss and adversity. My children have also sustained and maintained their humor, although for some years there hasn't been much to laugh at."

Jeffrey MacDonald lost all his character, if he ever had any when he murdered his pregnant wife and two innocent little girls. Poor Judy's life was anything but pleasant. I am so very glad that before her death, she was able to see through her brother's evil ways and come to see that no one other than he murdered his family. She was able to quit smoking and drinking, but by my then it too late. Judy came to California to live out her years and spend them with her other brother Jay. They were all each had other than Judy's children and grandchildren. Finally they were able to spend quality times together and share their feelings with each other.

Jay does not use the name Jay any more, he calls himself Jim. It has been a long hard road for him, but he stands tall and leads a productive life and yes, he goes to church every Sunday. His schizophrenia is well controlled with medication. He also has a lot of friends, true friends that know the true meaning of what friendship is.

In Dorothy's will she established five trust. Judy's two children were to receive $10,000 each. MacDonald, Judy and Jay were to each receive 33 1/3% of the balance of the estate.

Dorothy had a safe deposit box at San Pedro Bank. It was located on the corner of Pacific Coast Hwy. and Anaheim Road. Dorothy had a key and strange as it be, Barbara Gallagher, MacDonald's secretary at St Mary's Hospital had an alternate key. Many things of interest were found there and among them were papers/records of MacDonald.

According to records which I have, on February 16, 1988 Dorothy wrote to Dr. Steven Shea instructions re the executorship of her will. These instructions were witnessed and listed where all her papers were, bank accounts numbers and about real estate. One of her wishes was that her home was to be sold and that the house was not to be inhabited by Jay or Judy as a permanent home. She stated that
"A recent appraisal put the house at $285,000."

The balance owed on the home at that time was roughly $15,000 paid automatically through one of her bank accounts at the amount of $173.00 a month.

Her source of income was from

1- New York State Teachers Retirement, Albany, New York.

2- Social security

3- Monthly payment from a house sold at 80 Swan Lake Drive, Patchogue, New York in the amount of $520.09 paid each month on the first until January 1993.

The next amendment to her will was done October 30, 1990. Here she added "I herby grant to Jeffrey MacDonald, the absolute right to purchase any real property in my estate at the time of my demise, if he chooses to do so, by paying to the remaining beneficiary(s) thereof an amount equal to 33 1/2% of the fair market value thereof." (I think it should be 33 1/3%, but left it as 33 1/2% as is in the document)

I find this somewhat strange that she would make that type of provision only to one child and not to the other two children. It would appear that she didn't want Jay or Judy to be allowed to have the same options. WHY?

Many parents have given more financial help to one child than the others, but normally it is because that child needs it more. Based on what I have found and have in my possession, that is not the case here. While Judy was a school teacher and earned good money, Jay worked , but due to his mental diagnoses did not have the capacity to earn what MacDonald and Judy did.

The following information was not prepared by me. Documents copyright in 1991 by the person who prepared them. I was given permission to use them on this website. It is but a drop in the bucket as to what I have been able to find. I use to share a lot more things, but since some people seem to have a sense of entitlement to take things from my website and use it as their own. I have stopped sharing many things.



The following are the check numbers and dates written to Ted Gunderson, a Private Investigator who was hired by the defense to work on the case.
Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is a list of check numbers and the dates written to Donna Bruce. (Donna Bruce Koch)
 was a law student who MacDonald corresponded with in 1979 after he was convicted and he was at Terminal Island Federal Correctional Institution. He met her while she was visiting another
inmate housed there.
 Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Barbara Gallagher. Gallagher had been
 MacDonald's secretary when he worked at St. Mary's Hospital.
Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Sheila Shea. Sheila is the wife of
Dr. Steven Shea. Check was written from the account of Dorothy MacDonald.


The following is the check number and the date written to Dr. Steven Shea. Steven was a friend of
 MacDonald and fellow doctor. He was also appointed by Dorothy MacDonald as Trustee of her will.
Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Tony Bisceglia. Bisceglia was an attorney who worked on MacDonald's case for a short time.
Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Dennis Eisman. Eisman assisted Segal at the Article 32 hearing and continued working on the case for awhile.
Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Fred Bost. Bost was one of the authors of
Fatal Justice. Why would Dorothy be giving Fred Bost any money whatsoever? This seems very strange to me and could be construed as a conflict of interest since he was writing a book about her son's case.
Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Zona Nay. There was a young woman who became involved with MacDonald when he was in prison and who visited him for quite a while. Zona would stay with the Sheas at times when she would visit MacDonald. A female by the name of Zona contacted me some years back. She provided me some things regarding her time with MacDonald.
I asked her if she had ever received such a check from Dorothy MacDonald and she denied it. She did however admit that MacDonald had bought her gifts.
Check was written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Carolyn Saunders.
Check written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


The following is the check number and the date written to Russ Saunders.
Check written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.


All of the above checks were cashed by the person it written to or deposited into their bank account.

Among many other checks written to MacDonald, I found one check written to Colette in the amount of $320.00 and one check to Kimberley in the amount of $15.00.

From 1966 to 1985 MacDonald received a total of $35,530

Judy received a total of $26,657.01

Jay received a total $5,314

Now, as to 1987 -1991 totals

MacDonald received a total of $48,249.02

Judy received a total of 41,582.01

Jay received a total of $25,453.95

These totals can be verified by the checks written by Dorothy MacDonald from her account.

What I find interesting is the fact that Dorothy kept writing checks from her account to people who were involved in the defense case for Jeffrey MacDonald.

Dorothy wrote two checks to Ted Gunderson for a total $2,500.00.

On April 22, 1989 Dorothy wrote 4 checks. Each check was for $10,000.00 for a total of $40,000.00.

On April 25, 1989 Dorothy wrote 5 checks. 3 of the checks were for $10,000.00 each and 2 of the checks were for $2,500.00 each which totals to $35,000.00.

As you can see from one of the sheets above, the total spent during that period was $227,322.08

Take that along with what was donated to MacDonald's defense, I'd say MacDonald was doing well in the financial area?

Dorothy wishes for her children and grandchildren were very clear in what she wanted each of them to have. She kept meticulous records of everything. Which brings me to the question of why MacDonald and his wife refuse to discuss with Jay anything about his trust. Jay is entitled to get money from his trust to enhance his life and for things he needs. Instead, MacDonald and Kathryn want to keep everything a secret. Jay is entitled to have a will and leave things to people/organizations he wants to other than his family.

I also ask myself the question, Did MacDonald get this sense of entitlement to have everything for himself because his mother gave him so much more and he knew it?

Those who knew Dorothy will you tell you quite clearly that Dorothy thought MacDonald was the smartest of her children and that she relied heavily on his advice. I believe that is true since she moved to California to be near him. Those same people will tell you that MacDonald was ashamed of Jay and Judy and wanted as little as possible to do with them.

I also know Dorothy was not a wealthy woman, so where did the money come from that afforded her to be able to write $227,322.08 in checks. $227,322.00 was a lot of money back then. We can speculate that approximately $90,000.00 was awarded to her from the out of court settlement Joe McGinniss' insurance company offered MacDonald and he accepted.
Somewhere other money came to be available to her and I can't help but believe MacDonald squirreled money away that Dorothy knew about and had access to.

I have said for a long time that MacDonald's mouth is his worse enemy. He still continues to say things and even writing them that come back to bite him in the ass. One of the most important things I have been able to find and get a copy of is a letter MacDonald wrote to Jay. This is a very important document, since MacDonald, in his own handwriting told Jay, "You have 80 to 90 K in the trust." The question to MacDonald and his wife, where is that money and why is Jay not benefiting from it with the things he needs?

So, as Dorothy said, "I will continue to churn the butter."



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