The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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FEBRUARY 26, 2012

With Judge Fox allowing court appointed attorney Sue Berry to withdraw, there is a strong possibility that the scheduled hearing for April 30th could once again be delayed. I am sure that Judge Fox is frustrated right along with the rest of us, but, like Judge Dupree, Judge Fox is covering all areas to prevent MacDonald from filing another motion to complain that he was not afforded counsel, and that his rights were violated.

I, for one am angry. Once again this case is being delayed by MacDonald which in his mind is the fault of the government for not providing him with the attorney he requested. It is apparent that MacDonald feels he has entitlement to whatever he wants.

I, for one do not believe MacDonald is as indigent as he would like people to believe he is. I also wonder why he refers to Kathryn's condo as “our home.” Based on information I have received and researched, I believe he has money stashed.

This brings up his mother's will. Dorothy's original will was first done April 3, 1978. I have the complete will, but will only show one page to confirm what I am saying.

Last page of Dorothy MacDonald's will: April 3, 1978

She made one amendment to her will October 30, 1990.

Amendment to Dorothy MacDonald's will: Oct. 30, 1990

Now, according to MacDonald's website, his mother died February 10, 1990. That of course is not true. If that were the case, Dorothy could not have added an amendment to her will. Dorothy passed away February 10, 1991.

According to public records, James (Jay) MacDonald and Dorothy MacDonald together bought an apartment in Long Beach, California  January 20, 1981 for the purpose of Jay having a place of his own.

Transfer to Dorothy and Jay Jan. 20, 1981

January 20, 1981 a certificate was issued from Pacific Home Owners' Corporation in the names of James B. MacDonald and Dorothy M. MacDonald.

Jan. 20, 1981 stock certificate in Dorothy and Jay's name

On March 6, 1987, Dorothy MacDonald removed her name from ownership, requesting that a new stock certificate be issued to her son, James B. MacDonald.

Dorothy MacDonald's release

March 17, 1987 a certificate was issued from Pacific Home Owners' Corporation in the name of James B. MacDonald.

New certificate issued to Jay March 17, 1987

Jay transferred his certificate into the MacDonald Family Trust. Steven Shea, trustee for the MacDonald Family Trust accepted the transfer.

Jay 's certificate turned over to old trust Sept 18, 1991

Jay continued to live in the apartment until he sold it and that money was also put into the family trust. Thus the first of two houses was purchased in Hemet, California. First house was purchase in April 2002, closed escrow in May 2002. The second house was purchased as a rental in December 2002, closed escrow January 2003.

MacDonald's marriage to Kathryn took place August 30, 2002, but plans for it started when he was still at Sheridan. One can believe what they want, but MacDonald was not moved without his knowledge in 2000. It was all part of the plan.

On May 3, 2003 he requested and was granted a transfer to FCI Cumberland, MD. According to the guidelines of the Bureau of Prisons, an inmate can be housed within 500 hundred miles of their home of record.

Prior to his transfer, on February 10, 2003 the MacDonald Trust was dissolved, and the new MacDonald Family Revocable Discretionary Trust was established. I have the complete trust, but will only show the first and last pages.

First page of new trust established Feb. 10, 2003

Last page of new trust established Feb. 10, 2003

While the trust shows that Jay is the sole owner of the trust, he has no say so as to what is there and can only have what the trustees who are MacDonald and Kathryn determine are his needs. Jay is seventy-years-old. Why are they holding his money as they call it as “a safety net?” Why does he have no choice as to what happens with the trust should he pass?

Onto the settlement from Joe McGinniss

In 1987 MacDonald sues Joe McGinniss. The trial ended with a hung jury and he settled for $325,000.00 rather than retry the case.

Mildred Kassab promptly filed suit against MacDonald over the settlement to prevent him from getting the money.

In January 1989 it was settled. The Attorney got $102,000. MacDonald was allowed to keep $50,000. The balance was awarded to Mildred and Dorothy.

After the settlement checks started flying out of Dorothy's account. Many $10,000.00 checks and $2,500.00 checks were written. I have contacted several of the people whose names were on the checks. No one has admitted they received them. One individual I contacted told me; “that is not true, I never received such a check.” Later they contacted me and said “I want to make it perfectly clear, no money was ever exchanged between us and I have no idea why my name would be on such a check.”

Interesting also is the fact that $37,640.00 was given to him prior to the settlement by his mother.

The question is, where did that money go? People are left to make up their own minds.


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