The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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Bob is happy to answer any questions you have regarding the murders of his sister
Colette, and her children.

JUNE 7, 2009

Dear Christina / Bob

As I look at the calendar I realize tomorrow Bob is your birthday. Thank you for being willing to share Colette with us. I know I would have liked her and Kimberley and Kristin very much! Thank you for sharing all the family photos. They are so beautiful. I wish you and your family all the best!


Dear Linda,

How really nice of or why would you remember my birthday?

It is nice to be thought of positively by anyone.......and to be remembered is heart warming.

Thank you sincerely for your kind remembrance.

It is like having extended family.


Bob Stevenson


Mr. Stevenson,
I agree with every single word you just said. I have read the book regarding the brutal murder of your sister Colette and your 2 beautiful nieces Kim and Kris. I have always believed that Jeff son-of-a-murdering-bitch MacDonald was guilty of killing his wife and children.

A good friend of mine has a crime blog, Bonnie's Blog of Crime. We were commenting on a murder one day (this guy also murdered his wife) and I stated, "Yeah, and I guess Jeff MacDonald is innocent too". To my surprise my friend said, "Shauncey, I've read the book about the MacDonald's too, and I think Jeff is innocent". I asked my friend to tell me why she felt Jeff was innocent. Then, in case I missed something, I went back and read the book again from front to back. (just finished on 5/28/09)

This is a common sense case. There is NO possible way that the "struggle" described by Jeff could have taken place in the living room. "Fending off blows" with his pajama top wrapped around his wrists? Not turning lights on but seeing air bubbling out of the childrens' chests. The list of bullshit goes on and on.

3 things convinced me Jeff was guilty. 1) the condition of the bodies of Colette and the children. 2) the interview of what happened coming from the mouth of Jeff. 3) No witnesses.

I love Colette and her children like they are my family.


Dear Shauncey
Thank you for your expression of support for the conviction and continued incarceration of Jeff MacDonald

We need people like you to look at the facts and know him.....and what he day we will ask all of you to write a letter to someone for a particular purpose if one of his legal stratagems threatens to free him.

At this very moment, Barry, "I can get you off" is doing his best with the "Innocence Project"...........
He helped O.J. and I guess he wants to help again.....or has his star not shone brightly for a while....does he pimp himself off again for money?

I guess so.

Please, all of you who believe in his guilt.....continue following his case.....we may need your words and hearts one day.


Bob Stevenson


A lot of people think it's to personal to expose the crime scene photo's. I'm so thankful that some has for the simple reason people need to get as angry at the offender as they tend to get at the system that has to take care of them! We have been feeding and providing for Jeffery Mc. for way to many years. now. He is guilty & he should have been executed.


Dear Birdie,

Thanks......I agree that he should not be feeding off us taxpayers...........

Let his tax exempt defense slush fund cover his expenses in prison..............there are some jurisdiction in the country that are starting to make prisoners pay for a portion of their jail expenses..........but by all means, do not let the state kill him yet.............

Life in prison forever is not to be taken lightly...............death by the state is relatively quick and then there is no continuing punishment..............

He will never confess and show he can never get out as long as the hard working Justice Department with Brian Murtagh following his every move exists.

I delight in his day to day "living death" being spent in a relatively small cell.............losing popularity day by day with all of you learning and knowing the truth because of Christina's hard continuing work. She is one of the most important reasons why he is still there.............MacDonald will never muster a successful letter writing campaign as long as she and all of you are ready to support Colette and her children against this lying waste of a human? being.


Bob Stevenson


Christina: Kindly pass this message to Bob:

Bob: I was humbled and honored to receive your phone call awhile back and I very much enjoyed our conversation. Thank you for taking the time to call me. I was the gentleman and forensic CPA that Ms. MacDonald tried to complain to my superiors when I wrote her an email asking her to answer some honest questions. She didn't realize I was one of the owners of the firm...i.e. no one to complain to!

Bob thanks again. I await the decision of the Appellate Court with the hope that the inmate will continue to enjoy many more years of incarceration.

With kind thoughts,


Thanks, Jerry,

You are a good man and a kind intelligent person.

I too enjoyed speaking with you and sharing a few moments.

It is people like you that make me know that it is worthwhile communicating with the public.

Your support and good thoughts are welcomed by me.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Christina,
I guess I never told you how wonderful I think this site is, my heart aches when I look at the pictures of Colette, Kim and Kristen, keep up the awesome work. I have a few things for Bob if you would be so kind as to pass on :)

Bob, thank you so much for taking the time to answer all the questions people ask of you. I feel bad when I read you are being harassed by that assholes defense team or whatever they call themselves. Jeffery MacDonald is NOT normal, any man who sends his semen in a letter is a nut case. I thank you for personally responding to my letters,

I will NEVER forget your beautiful family.

I send you hugs across the miles.


Dear Theresa,

Thank you for your warm personal greetings.

There are times in life when the thoughts of people like you are more important than ever.......and now is one of them for me.

Thanks again.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina


Thank you for your kind words regarding my website. I refuse to stand idly by, and not speak for the victims. This is about what happened to them and the public is entitled to know the truth.

Every time I receive an e-mail that someone else has seen the true and believes he is guilty is victory, not for me, but for Colette, Kimberley and Kristen.


Dear Mr. Stevenson:

I am glad you are open to the idea of doing some public speaking to abused women. It is very kind and generous of you to do so. So many abused women live in denial that their abuser would ever be capable of killing them or their children. That was certainly the case with me even though my abuser had threatened to kill me for months prior to his murder attempt

Tragically this denial is often only discarded when it is to late. By sharing Colette's story I believe that you might be able to break threw that and possibly prevent a tragedy. Her story (and Kim and Kristy's) is a powerful one. I would be very happy to make some suggestions to you of things you might choose to include in your talks. For instance you could distribute a copy of a comprehensive safety plan I have made. You might also want to include a list of risks factors for domestic homicide prepared by the US Department of Justice. I would be happy to provide these things to you along with other suggestions.

Please feel free to contact me via my e-mail address or by phone. I have found that sharing my story with other abused women has helped me a lot in the healing process as well as helping others. It is my fervent wish and prayer that sharing your story will do the same for you.

God Bless you.



Dear Lynn,

I would love it if you or anyone out there could let organizations know that I am willing to speak out against domestic violence..........and I want all of your suggestions as well.

Please send any thought through and Christina will get them to me. Then, after I have digested it I will call you to see what I can do for any organization you may want to point me to...........and feel free to have the organizations contact me as well.


Bob Stevenson


Please be assured, Christina and Mr. Stevenson, that I will always be ready to assist in persuading a parole board that MacDonald needs to remain incarcerated. I am retiring next month, but you can always reach me at (removed by me). I have the fondest memories of the Kassabs and even now, would do anything I could on their behalf.


Thank you Sara.

I am, by sending this message back to Christina; both thanking you for being available to us; and asking her to think about where and to whom we should have any of you who are willing to write a letter do so.

If not now, soon we will need all of you. If no where else, "The Innocence Project" strikes me as a good place to begin...........we should all Google them and send them a "message".

Thank you for your continuing good will.


Bob Stevenson


Aloha Christina...Bob called me last week and we had a most interesting conversation.

It was an honor to have had the opportunity to speak to him after all these years.

Thanks again for passing on my message to Bob.

Hope this finds you healthy, wealthy and wise.

Take care.

As I told Bob, if you ever find yourself coming this way, please let me know. It would be an honor to meet with you. I'll give you the $5.00 tour and lunch is on me!!




Good to hear from you again...........

My wife and I have traveled very little.......and Hawaii is one of the places she dreams of me taking her before we get too old to enjoy it.

I do plan to do it one day and will definitely be in touch with you if we can get there.

Thanks again for caring for all these years.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina

Thank you friend, and rest assured I will be there one day soon. I have many happy memories of time spent in Hawaii, and am looking forward to making more.

Good to hear that your presentation to JAG about the MacDonald case was successful.


How anyone could believe this scumbag is innocent is beyond me.

I am a psychiatric nurse with over 20 years experience. I work in a state prison hospital and see so many of these types who kill those closest to them. Nothing matters to them except getting what they want. Any one in their life is there for use only, therefore disposable.

He is so obviously band of hippies would walk by and leave alive a grown man and bludgeon an innocent woman and children. Get real.

Sorry bout your loss Bob and thank God for Freddie!


Dear Maria,

Thank you for your "testimony" about your experience with men like MacDonald...........

It is curious that for the most part it is men, not women who commit this type of crime...........testosterone must be a "dangerous drug" if so..............I don't think women raise there little boys to be murderers could they?

Women seem to be the better part of the species known curiously as, "man".... or even "mankind".

Maybe we need "female kind" instead.......there would be fewer wars, more nurturing and less killing I think.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Christina,

Please give my condolences to Bob and Pep Stevenson for the loss of their son, Greg. Let them know that my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Thanks very much.


Dear Tammy,

Thank you.............we could both use some prayers these days.........

Where in this life do we get reasons for hope when everything seems to be closing in?

From the kindness of you.

Thanks again for caring and taking the time to write.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Christina,

Many thanks for keeping us informed on the latest developments. Your work, as always, is exceptional.

What a terrible tragedy for both the Kassab and Stevenson families on the loss of Greg Stevenson. I've sent an e-mail to them thru your website. I wish I could do more.

If you get a chance to tell them, I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

Bob and Pep Stevenson,

My heart goes out to you and your family in the loss of your son Greg.

I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything else I can do, please don't hesitate to ask.

Much love,


Hi, Derise,

Good to hear from you again.

Thanks again for caring and taking the time to write about the loss of our son. It means a lot to my family to know so many people care.

If you would do something for me and my wife, let your thoughts be known to the "Innocence Project".

I am asking Christina to find out for us the most effective way to contact them and I would love to begin a letter writing or e-mail writing campaign against their participation in trying to free a guilty man.


Bob Stevenson


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