The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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Bob is happy to answer any questions you have regarding the murders of his sister
Colette, and her children.

MAY 15, 2009

Aloha Christina...I would like to have this forwarded to Mr. Bob Stevenson if possible.

Mr. Stevenson, although we have never met, I feel as though I have known you for many years now. I was one of several Army CID Agents assigned to the re-investigation team in the early seventies and I worked with Bill Ivory and the late Peter Kearns and others.

I cannot begin to tell you how I feel about your loss...Colette and the kids. I can only try and imagine how you, your mother and father have suffered. I have followed the case over the years and have been in touch with Christina and I visit her website frequently. After reading your recent letter to Christina (20 Dec 2008), I felt compelled to contact you and express my sorrow. I apologize for not doing so sooner.

Should you and your family ever come to Hawaii, it would be an honor and privilege to meet with you.

Mike Pickering


Good to hear from you..........thanks for remembering and working on the case. I will call you if you give me the time difference so I know when to call.

I salute you and all of the other professionals who put MacDonald behind bars.............and many of you had your lives adversely affected from the time expended etc.

Thanks to all of the CID agents who worked on the case.


Bob Stevenson


Hi - I have always known MacDonald was guilty of this horrendous, unspeakable act of murder.

I don't need a reply, I just would like to ask you to pass on to Bob Stevenson how truly sorry I am for his loss. I have just finished reading your book Scales of Justice. I plan to sell it on E-bay and donate all proceeds to the scholarship fund.



Dear Jill,

Your expression of support IS important and I thank you for your kind words. Maybe someday soon I will need all of you to write to the parole board as the beast always has motions for dismissals and new trials going now that he cannot try for an appeal.................without a confession.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Mr. Stevenson,

My name is Kim. I sent a couple of e-mails to Christina regarding Jeff MacDonald. I've been obsessed with this case since I was 10 years old. I am now 35 and of course, things are a lot clearer now as to what really happened that night.

I just wanted to let you know that there hasn't been 1 day go by since I learned about the murders that I haven't thought about Colette, Kim and Kristen. It irks me that they didn't have laws back then so that he could also be convicted of the murder of your unborn nephew.

I am disgusted at the concept of his "new" wife advocating for him. The irony of it.....had he not committed those brutal murders, he would have never been in prison and they never would have met. She speaks of them in the update letters as if she knew them and I find that unsettling and quite "ballsy".....please pardon the expression. It just nauseates me to think of the hell those 4 went through that night.

I have questions for you but I would like you to e-mail me back and let me know if it's OK to ask. I mean no disrespect to you or your family, but I just wanted to let you know that there are more sad and angry people than you know. I also wanted to say that I am so sorry for some of the things you've been e-mailed. It seems ignorance is still in abundance. You just shouldn't have to deal with those people, but you know the truth and anyone who thoroughly studied the case knows the truth & the rest of them need to shut up until they find something intelligent to say.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Kim,

Please feel free to ask me questions through Christina's website.

Don't worry about the abusive types who sometimes come my way................I choose to answer them because I want people to see the kind of people that are attracted to his cause.............seldom literate, never knowledgeable, and their lack of sensitivity merely reflects back on him and further discredits him and his "representative" wife, who is as much a liar as he is.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Bob,

My name is Teresa and I wrote to you once, briefly, to express my condolences, but I have a question I would like to ask you.

Jeff always insisted it was Kristen who wet the bed that night even after it was proven to be Kimberley, why?

Is it totally possible that Jeff and Colette fought over Kim wetting the bed and he went to punish her and Colette struck him, causing the awful chain of events?

Thanks for taking time to answer my last small note, take care.

Teresa have spotted one of the more important things to analyze about him and the murders...........

You have posed the million dollar question....................a liar only tells an important lie when he is hiding something.........doesn't he?.................

Since it is proven that it is Kim's urine, what do YOU think caused him to lie about it? List the reasons.....

Could it be that Freddy was right and he was caught molesting his oldest daughter?

Try to think of another reason..............given his psychosexual makeup, as determined by even his own psychiatrist he is one strange man sexually..............

I believe he is a child molester who came unglued when my sister returned from class and caught him and that he knew that he and his reputation would be destroyed forever, and that was the reason for the catastrophic explosion of rage...........a psychotic rage.........a selfish protective rage meant to save himself....look at how even today he protests his innocence stupidly when he might have a chance to go free if he confesses and shows loves and protects Jeff..............even at the cost of his freedom......................his sickness knows no bounds.

You tell me another reason and I will think about it.

I have been told that a letter has been received by Christina by a person who once supported his claims of innocence..............he is said to have rewarded her with a letter containing his normal is that?


Bob Stevenson


Dear Christina and/or Bob,

I have really enjoyed this website. You have done a great job at getting information out that the media it seems to me fails to produce.

I am interested in one of the doctors being questioned about the injuries sustained by the murderer. I can't find it now, I should have made a note where I found it in the documents provided. It was a doctor testifying that the injuries sustained by MacDonald were a treatment used with tuberculosis patients in the 1940's and MacDonald would have known about it. The Dr. being questioned also stated that he, himself could perform this procedure, which would collapse his own lung without even looking into the mirror. I am curious to either of your opinions as to why this was not touched on more. Christina, with your nursing history maybe you could shed more light on it for me.

Not having been in more than a handful of court rooms, I am unsure as to why it was never brought out in trial or by Freddy. Maybe it is not as important as I found it interesting.

Thanks you. And may I say to Bob and his family the admiration I have for you to be able to keep battling this man who still after all these years, finds his reputation more important than any kind of decency.




That's just the point we all depend on..............his narcissistic nature will not allow him to repent even if it costs him the rest of his life in prison.......not too rational is it...............but it does the job.

The self inflicted wound was addressed and was a minor injury a skilled surgeon could easily inflict on himself..........given the position he was in after slaughtering his family and killing his youngest child in cold blood just to "finish the job"...............

I will leave it to Christina to tell you more about the wound..............she is more expert than I in that area and knows the details better than I do at this moment.

Thanks for keeping the faith.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina


Dr. Russell Fisher is the one who testified at the Article 32 about air being inserted into the lung for the treatment of tuberculosis in the 40's. You can find his testimony at the link below, there are several other testimonies in this volume, so you will need to scroll down to find Dr. Fisher.

Volume 16

Do I believe MacDonald caused his pneumothorax? Yes, I most certainly do. MacDonald had all the needed surgical instruments to produce his partial pneumothorax, including topical anesthetic to numb area, and he was a doctor.

I base my belief on MacDonald's medical report. Being the athlete he claimed he was, I would have thought his blood pressure would have been much lower. However, all his vital signs were within normal. limits. He exhibited no sign/symptoms of SOB. (shortness of breath) A normal healthy individual who has not experienced shortness of breath before will become very agitated and scared, sometimes resulting in a full blown panic attack.

As to why this was not addressed further or later - he was not being tried for what he could have done to himself, he was being tried for the brutal murders of his pregnant wife and two little girls. The evidence support the fact that he did kill them. The point was presented in several testimonies at the 1979 trial that it was possible he could have inflicted the pneumothorax upon himself.


Hi Cristina and Bob,

It is heartwarming to see the many lovely messages people have sent in expressing their sympathy to Bob and his family for their tragic loss of Colette, Kimberley, Kristen and Colette's unborn son in addition to support for MacDonald's sentence.

Bob, I came across a quote Mayor Bloomberg said at the recent 911 anniversary that I thought might bring you and your family some comfort: "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; BUT - Love leaves a memory no one can steal".

I did not have the honor to know your sister or her children, but I feel she and the children would be very touched at the outpouring of love and care so many of us have.

Take care,


Thanks, Derise.................

We need the continued support of people like you for at this very moment non other than the infamous Barry Scheck, best know for his defense of another murderer "OJ" has joined the "Innocence Project" (ironic for a man who defends the patently guilty.....but then, he hasn't had a good case in a while and I guess he is going back to an old case to try to buff up his image and drum up some business) and there are continual motions to try to get MacDonald out of prison.

Christina and I need your support..............keep your eye on what happens and when the time is right make your opinion known in the right place.

Bob Stevenson


This is for both Christina and Bob Stevenson.

I have followed this case ever since I saw Fatal Vision when I was a kid in the early 80's.

There is a part of me that really wants to believe that Jeffrey MacDonald is innocent. The crime makes absolutely no sense, and it would be much easier to believe that the murders were committed by a group of drug-crazed hippies than by an intelligent, handsome, successful, and apparently loving husband and father.

But when I look at all of the evidence, including the physical evidence and MacDonald's statements, I can't help but to know that he is guilty.

My question for both Bob and Christina is this: What one single piece of evidence do you think is most persuasive of MacDonald's guilt?


As to what single piece of evidence is most incriminating....................I will let Christina opine on that...........I stay away from the forensics of the case as the details of the murder are not healthy to remember unless I have to..................for example, I have never looked at the autopsy pictures; nor will I.

Lets just use logic............. since the web of lies and half truths he spun could NOT have happened the way he said based on the physical evidence, Freddy realized that there were only two possibilities.............either he did it.....or he knew who did it and was covering for someone.............

Jeffrey MacDonald never covered for anyone other than himself..............he is a sociopathic liar whose narcissism did him in..............

Believing that he is smarter than everyone else he thought he could bullshit everyone into the ground the way he did all his life.

He was NOT a kind and loving husband.........he was a domineering self centered man and my mother was deeply disturbed seeing how my sister lived when she visited them and the way he ordered Colette around etc.

No, he is a classic prick husband................except when he wants or needs something.

His current paramour will find that out one day. They deserve one another.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina


Physical evidence and forensic evidence are very powerful, especially when it does not coincide with what the suspect has told. MacDonald apparently loves to hear his own voice as he continues to tell the same old worn-out story.

It is hard to single out just one, but for me, it was the pajama top. It told many different stories of what actually occurred. MacDonald said he never had a struggle with Colette, yet the forensic evidence showed his pajama top had Colette's blood on it prior to it being torn.

The pajama top pocket was torn from the top and found at the feet of Colette on the corner flipped-up portion of a throw rug. It was stained in six areas with Type A blood, Colette's blood type. Forensic evidence showed that the pajama top was soaked in blood over the area where the pocket had been, the blood on the pocket had not soaked through onto the top before it was torn off.

MacDonald said when he came to, and went into the master bed, he found Colette on the floor. At this point, he still had the pajama top on his person. How then did the fibers get under her body? He said he never got on the master bed or went near the headboard. How then did fibers get onto the bed, and by the headboard when the word "PIG" was written?

His pajama top had forty-eight cylindrical punctures and two knife cuts. This indicated that the pajama top was stationary when the punctures were inflicted. Seventeen of the punctures were located in the back of the top. He had no injuries whatsoever in his back.

He stated he was not wearing his pajama top when he entered the bedrooms of Kimberley and Kristen. However, pajama top fibers were found on both of their beds. AB blood type, Kimberley's blood type was also found on his pajama top.

MacDonald claims that the damage to his pajama top occurred in the living room where he was attacked. No fibers/yarns/threads were found in that area to substantiate his story.


I wish to take a few moments to share some thoughts I've been having recently, and I hope you won't mind. First let me say, I discovered your site a few years ago and haven't even gone through all the documents you
have provided. There's simply so much and I really appreciate everything you've gone through to provide it to us! Also, I recently purchased your book, and am once again blown away by the breadth and depth you go into. Again, all my thanks.

Regarding this case, I became familiar with it at a very young age, when Fatal Vision aired on TV (I was only a child, but I still remember the nightmares it gave me). I recently re-read Joe McGinniss's wonderful book and realize how he has truly captured the essence of MacDonald.

In reading all the evidence provided on your website and in Mr. McGinniss's book, several things have struck me and I feel the need to share them with you.

Firstly, I think one of the most captivating things about this case is the fact that despite all the evidence, there are people out there who truly and deeply believe in his innocence. Why? Because he was a doctor Because he went to an Ivy League School. Because everyone admired him, looked up to him, trusted him. Because he was handsome. Because he was bright. Because he bought his children a pony in the Christmas of 1969, mere months before he extinguished them and their mother from the earth.

Taken together, these things do not mean anything; they are simply words, holding no more credence than the musings of a storyteller.

The fact is, and I firmly, truly believe this with every fiber of my being: you never truly know what someone is or isn't capable of doing. He was a doctor. So? Did that somehow possess him an otherworldly power that made him incapable of anger, psychosis or any other psychological disorder? He went to an Ivy League School. Well, then, anyone who's anyone will tell you that if you've attended an Ivy League School you can't possibly be anything but perfectly stable. He was handsome (in some people's opinion. Not in mine). I took a political science class in college and one of the things I'll never forget is that the more attractive someone is, the more liable they are to be trusted, admired, and liked. As a culture, we are so obsessed with outward attributes that it is upon those we place our judgments. In thinking about this, would he have such a large cult following if he'd been a truck driver, or a mechanic, or a construction worker? What if he was just average looking? What if he'd gone to a community college but dropped out because he couldn't handle the coursework? An average Joe, a college drop out who worked on cars and couldn't afford to buy his kids a pony. Would he be able to amass so much support? I don't think so. He'd be chucked aside, discarded and ignored. No one would care. The media wouldn't listen or care, because it is always the 'extraordinary' that grabs attention. This is why, no matter what anyone says, no matter how the media attempts to slant the truth, I will never for a second consider his innocence.

Another thought I've had, is the fact that Freddy and Mildred, his biggest outspoken supporters believed his guilt after reading the facts. Freddy and Mildred, who knew him, who spent Christmases with him, who was around him, who remained close with Colette. Of anyone on the planet, surely if they could find any way to believe him, they would have. The fact that they saw through the lies and were able to acknowledge him for the monster he was speaks volumes. I can only imagine the hardships they endured and my thoughts are with them, even if I never knew them. My thoughts are also with Colette's brother, Bob Stevenson and I've noticed he's been kind enough to answer questions on your website.

I don't have any questions for him, and you can pass along this letter for him to read if you like, but I would like him to know that when I think of this tragedy, it is not with the wrong done to a guilty, narcissistic, pathological, sociopath liar. No, my thoughts are always with Colette, her unborn baby, Kimberley, and Kristen. The true victims, that so often get snowed under and ignored. It is a disgrace and a disservice to their memory to forget them in light of 'military incompetence' 'circumstantial evidence' and countless other excuses. I never knew them, but I often think of them and the kind of life they must have led. Especially poor Colette. She deserved so much better. She needn't have put up with his lying, philandering, intimidating, neglectful ways. It's so easy, in our modern culture, to look back and think, 'Why didn't she leave him? Why did she put up with it?' But I know things were so, so different then. Couples didn't divorce. Women were limited in so many societal ways. And even discarding all that, she loved him.

Despite her situation, I think she was trying to better herself, by taking college courses and attempting to gain some sort of autonomy. Again, this is all speculation as I never knew her. But from what I have read, she was intelligent, soft-spoken, generous and extremely kind. She loved her babies. She was strong for them.

What happened that night? It haunts me, but we'll never know. What I feel pretty sure about, is that for the first, and unfortunately last, time she stood up to him verbally and physically. She'd had enough and wasn't going to take it. The outcome of that night shows why she hadn't stood up to him before then. And the children, it's so hard for me to think about.

I should close this now, seeing as I've written pretty much a novel. Thanks again for everything, Christina, and please tell Mr. Stevenson I wish him a life of peace, happiness, and above all, love.



Hi, Rachel................

Oh, you are so right...........the images sold by his supporters fool many......................

...........and, these were NOT the MacDonald murders as is often said...........they were the Stevenson murders.............

A MacDonald murder would be reading in the newspaper that he had "dissed" the wrong person in prison and died there............I certainly would not mourn his loss...........but sadly, he is too much the coward to do that........he is kissing ass everywhere he can to curry favor and stay alive...........all he was capable of was not even self defense.............just butchering a pregnant woman and little children...........his so called green beret training was not his identity.............his association with that group of brave men dishonors their good name.

Why didn't my sister leave?

At an early age we were taught that, "people like us do not get divorced" was considered dishonor within the family..............but my mother died feeling that the last desperate call my sister made saying she wanted to come home was meant to tell her she was leaving him.....................and my mother never forgave herself till the day she died.

My sister knew he was a liar and a cheat...........she just endured it too long.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Bob and Christina:

I just wanted to compliment both of you on the fine work you have done to keep this monster behind bars. I hope he stays there forever. My heart also goes out to Colette in particular who had to live with him for all of those years before the worst happened. I can't imagine how awful her life was with him.

My question though relates to MacDonald's 1980 appeal. In last week's question group you mentioned how you felt when MacDonald was convicted. I'm wondering how you and Fred reacted when Jeff won his 1980 appeal on those sketchy speedy trial grounds and actually got out on bail.

More importantly I'm curious as to how you reacted when the Supreme Court sent him back to prison in 1982 for the last time. It must have been wonderful. Do you finally believe then that the monster was gone forever, i.e. in prison for good or did you fear he would win on another appeal ground?

Best regards


Question one - stunned disbelief

Question two - elation

Question three................NEVER believe he will stop trying to get out...............he is active at this very moment as usual.............that is why Christina and I keep on shoveling the shit against the tide they create along with the string of opportunistic ambulance chasers who each seek fame and fortune and then give up one after another.

The usual result is with constant appeals some day it ends up on the desk of someone who does not care.

Brian Murtagh will track this bastard forever.............he is a steadfast hero of yesterday and today and tomorrow as far as we are concerned........NO appeal will ever go unanswered.


Bob Stevenson


Christina: I had a lovely phone call from Bob Stevenson last week to express his concern about MacDonald's wife's call to my office about my e-mailed questions to her. Bob and I spoke for about 1/2 hour and I was honored and enjoyed it very much. He was most appreciative of my "taking one for the team." I told him the lady utterly wasted her time and it told me much about these two personally, largely confirming all you have said on your site, in your book, and Joe McGinniss's characterization of MacDonald.

Thanks always for your response and passing my contact information to Bob. Our talk was more than adequate compensation for MacDonald's attack. Keep up the good work.

With kind regards,

p.s. MacDonald's crime is all the more offensive as his acts cast a shadow on the U.S. Army in which I served (and loved) 20 years as a reserve soldier and retired as a Command Sergeant Major (California Army National Guard).

My thanks again for your outspoken courage and willingness to contact the adversary.

Our heartfelt thanks again.

Bob Stevenson


Mr. Stevenson:

I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you have been receiving such ignorant and cruel e-mails from MacDonald supporters. Where do they get off treating you that way? They did not have a family member murdered by that monster. If they had I doubt they would be preaching about forgiveness. Or maybe they would. As PT Barnum once said "There's a sucker born every minute."

Abusive men are con artists. Get a clue! That is why they call them "con"victs folks. I am just astonished that he is still fooling people from behind bars with his preposterous lies. All abusers blame their victims and MacDonald has done just that by focusing solely on the supposed "injustice" done to him. No wonder so many abused women I work with feel they cannot leave because they are convinced wrongly that they are to blame for the abuse. They are brainwashed by their abusers.

Please consider sharing Colette's story with other abused women. You might do some public speaking at a shelter or domestic violence program. From all accounts Colette was a kind and caring woman. I think she would like that idea and it might just prevent another tragedy from happening.

To all those writing to Mr. Stevenson: Let it never be forgotten that we are NOT just asking questions about a "case" here. We are talking about people who were once living, breathing human beings who were loved and cherished by the Stevenson family and many others. We should show them the respect they deserve.



Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
Mother Jones

Dear Lynn,

Thank you for your letter and your suggestion.

I do motivational speaking of sorts trying to help bereaved people get past their grief etc.

Now you have opened up a new area for me to include in my planned speaking career in the future. I do not charge fees...........just grateful for opportunities to speak out for others.............and if any of you know where a good forum for this is, feel free to contact me.


Bob Stevenson


Have you or Mr. Stevenson ever had any contact with any juror from the 1979 trial?

Has any juror as far as you know, ever expressed any doubt about the correctness of the unanimous verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt on all three counts?


NO, Joe..............

Never heard from a juror and never had feedback that anyone recanted their decision.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina


I have spoken with several of grand jurors and the 1979 jurors. None expressed any doubt about the way they voted.

Several of jurors from the 1979 trial have been interviewed for newspaper articles as well as appearing on various TV shows done on the case. All said the same thing, they believed Jeffrey MacDonald was guilty based on the evidence that was present.


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