The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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Bob is happy to answer any questions you have regarding the murders of his sister
Colette, and her children.

MARCH 21, 2009

Did the MP's, CID, or anyone else put three men and one woman in the living room to see how much room was taken up by them and struggling man? Just a thought. I couldn't remember anything said before, but maybe Mr. Kassab did when he went to the murder scene to see for himself what MacDonald had done to Colette, their unborn son, Kimberly and Kristen.

I do think that all that was done to Colette and Kimberly was done in a rage, and that is not an excuse, but Kristen. He had time to think about stabbing her to death.


Dear Connie,

You, "nailed it" could he do what he did to Kristen............. if he were sane.......but he was not and he is not sane now any more than he was was done out of selfishness of a narcissistic man who only cared for himself.

Personally, I believe he is still a dangerous man who could kill again for the same reason of rage and not caring for anyone but himself and his pleasure and his future.

As Colette said in her diary I sent to Christina.........."Jeff only loves Jeff". THAT is why he did it......
HOW he did it is described best by the count of the many blows that he rained down on her as she screamed out her final sounds.

In terms of the mock staging of the incidents, I personally do not know ALL that the CID did...but I do know that Freddy repeatedly tried to recreate many aspects of the crime like the tipping of a table etc. and it was all done again for the CID as he told them of his theories..............and then THEY went to town and I am sure they did everything they could think of to recreate the crime.

That is how they showed how the penetration of the ice pick and knife created the holes in the folded pajama top he laid over his victims.............they delved into each and every aspect of the blood evidence, bloody footprints, and each item of physical evidence including the weapons which were found to have come from the house itself..........his tools of execution of his family.............and NO evidence of any intruder in the house was ever found...........

Freddy spent days analyzing and making diagrams etc. I sent his hand drawn diagrams and the itemization of his questions and theories in his own handwriting to Christina, and they are posted on the website if you want to see him unwind the mystery in front of your eyes.

Thank you for your interest and kindness of expression to me.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina

The CID did a reenactment of the crime scene the way MacDonald described it occurred. The reenactment was filmed and made into a video which the CID continues to use to teach new agents. They used fellow CID agents to act as the intruders and one on the sofa as MacDonald. It was totally impossible for things to have occurred as MacDonald said they did.



How can you be so sure that MacDonald is guilty. Both sides told a story, and this time, the prosecutor side wins. Have you ever read the Mendez brother case, the Simpson case. If a guilty person can be judged innocent, an innocent person can be wrongly convicted.

............the facts do not them and come back with an intelligent question next time, or do not bother to come back...........


Bob Stevenson


Why do you hate MacDonald so much. Whether he is guilty or not, shouldn't one be happy for him that he has since re-married and lives a happier life.

If he is guilty, he has paid for his crime. Don't you think there is a place in any normal person's heart, a place called "forgiveness". In the case of Dr. MacDonald, he was convicted based on a lot of ambiguous circumstantial evidence and he deserves a lot of the benefit of doubt.

Oh..............where should I begin with a "person" like you...............he has NOT paid for his crime.......he is serving three consecutive life sentences IN ORDER TO PAY FOR HIS CRIME..............and if you have not noticed, he has not yet served his time.

A 'life" sentence is 17 years roughly in our criminal justice system..............I calculate that he has not yet served his time.



An act like his that destroyed not only my sister, her children; and my parents lives in the end SCREAMS for a lack of forgiveness................HE HAS NOT REPENTED NOR SAID HE IS SORRY IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT why would any sane person like me remotely consider forgiveness of a malignant growth like macdonald?

Psychologists and others have told me that there are some things that NEED NOT BE FORGIVEN.......for they are beyond the pale or reason...........and given his behavior, his lack of repentance and his demeanor, I do not expect my need for forgiveness to be "challenged" in this lifetime.

I suggest that you examine your own mind and see how you would react under similar circumstances.....

You make a mockery out of yourself..........but I doubt that you see that, which is why I choose to answer show the people of intellect and sensitivity out there what people like you are like........what the macdonald lovers think.........

Why in God's name should I be "happy" that he has married..........and I DO NOT WISH HIM A HAPPIER LIFE.......

You may think it "small" of me.......but I wish him a vastly unhappier behind bars where he belongs as he can never atone for the wrong he has done in his life...........and he has never done anything with his life since his incarceration..........he is a cancerous growth on the face of the earth.

I wish you a month of confinement with him to see who and what he really is..............maybe then you will develop some reality my friend.....and I use that term loosely.

He was not convicted on "ambiguous circumstantial evidence".

His conviction was hard won based on physical evidence and you should also look at his does not hold water...........what he said is not possible...........and the evidence proved it........and a solid jury from Raleigh heard more than you have and decided that HE WAS GUILTY BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT..............and a seasoned judge who has heard it all threw the book at him..........who are you to doubt?

You have no information, no power to reason or question.............but it is easy apparently for you to condemn me for my lack of forgiveness.............I suggest that you examine your own is in trouble I fear.

If this is the power of your humanity you belong in a cell beside him.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina
When I first read the above comment, there was something about it that I knew I had read before. The phrase, "If he is guilty, he has paid for his crime."

As I usually do, I just put it aside. When I went to sleep that night, I woke suddenly as if someone was calling me. As I sat up, the phrase was so clear in my mind, and I knew where I had read it.

Dudly Warner, one MacDonald's friend had used a similar phrase in a letter he wrote in support for MacDonald being parole. In that letter, Warner wrote, "that for those who believe that 'Jeff' is guilty," he feels that he has paid the price because he has lost his family, a promising career, and the majority of his adult life.

Murtagh's response to that was direct and to the point, "The flaw in this argument - and he gets it from MacDonald - is that the murders of Colette, Kimberly [sic] only have significance in relation to 'Jeff's' loss.

"It is appropriate that he should continue to lose his promising medical career, because the jury found that he committed these vile crimes to protect that medical career.

"Lastly, he has not paid the price, certainly not in Bob Stevenson's view, which ought to count for more than Warner's, because he has not served two thirds of his sentence."

Therefore, who ever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself for making a statement like that. Furthermore, Dudly, if you are one who wrote that, you should be doubly ashamed. Colette was your friend too, don't you have any compassion for what the true victims in this case suffered?



Dear Bob,

I have followed this case for + 20 years and when Fatal Vision first aired here in Europe I remember I could not sleep for months. The bloody face of Gary Cole, who played MacDonald in a very impressive way, caught the cowardice mime of MacDonald in the mirror as he stumbled through the apartment in the beginning of the movie, haunted me. Ever since I have followed the case, and since the arise of the internet, I got to learn even more.

I just wanted to express, as a father of 2 girls and a son, my deepest respect to you and your family.

What I cannot fathom with: Why does a man, who's own flesh and blood, his beloved wife, who where so brutally murdered, whines about what he has suffered?

Franz Joseph Grebner once said: Either he is lying, or else he is the biggest Pussy in the world.

Like Phil........and others I did my share on the various forums by telling all MacDonald advocates what the real facts in this case are. When all his latest motions were denied, we feel our work has been done. And you know, there is a reason why Jeffrey MacDonald keeps on appealing, keeps on filling new motions, and keeps on telling the world about this egregious miscarriage of justice. The simple fact is, that he is guilty as Mickey Mouse lives in Disneyland. The only respect he could earn after his convictions is that when he dies there are still people around that believe him innocent and that is what a narcissistic person needs in order to keep the legacy alive. That is also the reason why MacDonald lived fast in the years past the murders and prior to his conviction: because he knew that a conviction was imminent, so what did he had to loose?

Judge Fox put the final nail in his coffin, when he, filled with cynicism, denied all his motions for a new trial and made clear to the world that they have had it with MacDonald.

What must be done now, is to keep the memories for Colette, Kim and Kris, and for all who suffered, alive, and that the public has extensive access to the truth in this case.

I wish you and your beloved ones good health.

Best wishes,



Bless you and your sentiments made me remember something I had forgotten.......Gary Cole WAS masterful in his appearance and behavior in his portrayal of the cowardly madonald.

I remember the dread and anticipation I had when it was to be aired on NBC...........I had known of the project for many months..........and feared I would not be able to watch it.......but knowing that I could turn away at any moment if I could not face it..........

Instead, I was fascinated by how much he looked like macdonald and how he had captured his movements and was truly eerie.

Karl Malden as Freddy and Eva Marie Saint as my mother were also good characterizations. It captured the "Movie of the Year" award for television in it's portrayal of the story of the murders and his capture.

I appreciate your confrontation of his supporters and count you as a friend for doing so..........but they ARE a viscous and dangerous lot so I do not encourage you to further provoke them...........they have made attempts to file complaints........lawsuits....and called employers of people who differed with them.

Let the losers waste their lives together and thank you for caring for my family.

You are a kind and good person.

Thanks again.........


Bob Stevenson


Hello Christina, this e-mail is for Bob Stevenson. Thanks for sending it for me!

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

First off, as most others have expressed in their letters, I would like to offer my sympathies for the loss of Colette, Kim, Kristen, your unborn nephew, as well as your mother and step-father. I live in Lumberton which is only 45 minutes away from Fayetteville. I first became familiar with the case when I was about 12 years old. My mother, who had followed the case from the beginning, asked us if we minded taking a ride up to Ft. Bragg with her. At first we were unsure as to why she would want to go to Ft. Bragg since we never had been there before. On the way up there she gave us the bare details about what had happened to Colette, Kim, and Kristen. I remember when we pulled up to the house and parked in front of it. I couldn't imagine something so brutal and heinous happening there. But I guess nobody thinks that things like this would ever happen to them. I tried to imagine Colette and the girls playing in the yard, which was helped by the eerie pink tricycles that were in the front yard of the apartment. After that afternoon I came home and picked up my mothers worn out copy of "Fatal Vision" and read it from cover to cover.

I know in my heart that he is guilty. I truly believe that he is getting the just punishment for his actions. I agree whole heartedly with you that he will never admit to the grave injustice that he has done. He truly has to be a sociopath to have killed his entire family in cold blood, and then live a happy carefree life in California as if he had only hit a fly with a fly swatter. I hope that he truly one day can stand before his maker and be judged as he sees fit.

Something that I thought you'd like to know and maybe will find a bit interesting. My sister Erin is 23 years old now. When she was born my mother (as stated before has followed the case from the beginning) wanted to name her after Kim. She had always said that she felt that it would right the injustice of Kim's life being taken away from her to have a little girl named in her honor that had the chances that she never got.

However, unbeknownst to her of how Colette spelled it, she too spelled it K-i-m-b-e-r-l-e-y. Figuring that she had misspelled it, my mother looked into changing it, however when she found out that it would cost $200.00 to change it, she decided to leave it as is. It wasn't until a few years ago when we discovered Christina's site and viewed her birth certificate that she noticed that she had spelled it the exact same way. It was a meant, but unknown coincidence.

I know that you are a busy man and I want to once again say I am truly sorry that your sister, nieces, and nephew were stolen from you. I hope that everything else is well with your life, and wish your family nothing but the best.



Dear Amanda,

Your lengthy and interesting letter are comforting to read.

The name part of your story also is comforting..............It is hard for me to fathom the impact that this incident has had on so many people......even to the extent of using one of their names.

Your sentiments are gratefully received and I thank you for your remembrance and honoring of my sister and her children.

People like you help to heal the wounds I feel from the past and the continuing torture of the relentless efforts of macdonald to cleanse his image using a wife and any legal ( excuse the expression) whore he can to try to get free without admitting the truth.


Bob Stevenson


Dear Mr. Stevenson / Christina,

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family especially during this most difficult time. I wanted to e-mail you on the 17th but unfortunately was not able to do so. Every year on the anniversary I think about your lovely sister, and her beautiful children.

If it's not too much to ask, I do have a question or two and some thoughts. Did JM ever abuse your sister? I wonder... I read those chilling words in Colette's own handwriting that, "Jeff does not love me, Jeff loves Jeff." When I read that it made me feel so sad. Did she ever write other things in the journals regarding Jeff, and if so, would you be willing to share some of them?

Thank you so much for your time. God bless you and your family.


Dear Linda,

Thank you for your letter.............

I cannot really answer as to his abuse, except in the sense that I do not know of him hitting her.............but his continual philandering WAS known to her....and that was abuse...........his spending of time away on trips that were necessary WERE abusive in that his schedule as a doctor when he worked in that capacity did not have him at home enough I believe..............his refusal to accept that she should not have another child as it threatened her very life according to physicians WAS abusive as well as yes, he was abusive, but to my knowledge not in the 'striking" sense...........except, how much more abusive can a man be than to slay his family in cold blood.

YES.....JEFFRY MACDONALD WAS AND IS AN ABUSIVE whom I shall never forgive for he destroyed my family as he did his own.....extending even into his immediate family in my opinion.

There was many things written in her diary, which is where the quotation you mention came from.

I leave the unrepeated to eternity as I do not wish to display her sentiments unless they say in latin.........".....Res Ipsa Loquitor".......the thing speaks for itself.............


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina

In my opinion, the answer is yes. There are many kinds of abuse, and under each type of abuse is sub-heading that fall in that particular category.

Colette, in my opinion, suffered from economic abuse to a point. She most definitely suffered from brow-beating, intimidation, isolation, neglect, and threats. Did MacDonald use physical abuse? That is something we will never know for sure, but we know he slapped her once in the presence of others.

As to Colette's diaries/writings - Bob sent them to me. Many things she wrote are very sad, and they show beyond any doubt that MacDonald was abusive in the things he did and said to her. She knew he was "chasing around" with other women, but as she also wrote, "my babies are the most important thing in my life, and I have to stay strong for them."

A few of her writing I have put up, but I respect Bob's wish not to put any up without his permission.



Dear Christina,

That was a very nice gesture displaying cheerful photographs of the girls on this solemn anniversary. It does my heart good to see them as they were. You can only hope their murderer will also view the pictures, while dreading the memory of his horribly vicious attacks upon his lovely family.

I am also heartened to see the rats leaving a sinking ship, as MacDonald's "Pro Bono" advocates find they cannot derive any more profit by resurrecting their mysterious 'Hippies' after DNA evidence cleared his vaunted "Suspects". Perhaps his current wife will abandon her efforts as the media's attention wanes, and her pert little face will not be seen on a regular basis in defense of her husband.

My compliments to you and Mr. Stevenson, and all the others who work so diligently to keep the memory
of MacDonald's victims in our minds, and in our hearts.


Dear David,

Thanks for your supportive letter. is hard to imagine what illness drives his wife in her efforts...........maybe it is HER 15 minutes of fame........and maybe she is just a more devoted groupie attracted to murderers as many are who either write to or create relationships with men that they cannot consummate........

Either way.........they deserve one another.

As far as I am concerned, she is just another form of assassin based on her actions and attempts to harm those who do not agree with her agenda based on statements of her actions I have received from others.


Bob Stevenson


I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful site.

I read Fatal Vision in the late 80's and it has bothered me very much.

Please Tell Bob how very sorry I am for his loss, they were beautiful, and little Kim, with her auburn hair, My own child has red hair.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.



Thank you for remembering my sister and her children..........your message of comfort IS meaningful to me after all of these years...........why so many of you care after so long is one of God's mysteries.


Bob Stevenson


Keep up the good work on this website. I look forward to your updates and learning more.

This question is for Bob: I read something about the "real" reason the murderer moved to CA. I always thought that he was trying to distance himself from NY and your families. Was there something else going on?

It's good to know that as long as the murderer breathes someone will be protecting Colette and her children from his lies. My husband and I remember Colette and her family with a small donation a couple times a year to the Scholarship fund. What a great alternative to the murderers "fund". I still can't believe it received Tax Exempt Status. Some time ago I put a reference to the scholarship fund on some website the "Defense fund" could be verified at. I figured it would at least be an alternative to donating to the murderer. Among many things that bother me about his supporters is the lack of compassion for the murders of your sister and her children. I used to try and participate in some chat sessions. Some of his "supporters" are scary in their thinking. and Christina keep up the good work. God Bless

Dear Alice,

I agree with your assessment that he was trying to distance himself from the crime and our family as Freddy was breathing down his neck all of the time...relentlessly...........and in California he was free to forge the dream live he wanted when he killed his family.

Personally, I do not know of "something else" going on....but he always created "something else" wherever he went.

On the professional side, he became a significant medical person in a hospital there Saint Mary's Hospital, creating a superior form of triage I think, which for a time may have even been known as 'MacDonald Medicine" if my mind does not err.

No one ever said he was stupid.............he was a gifted man.......but he through it all away when his rage allowed him to exterminate his family without conscience or remorse..........and then lie about it all of his life..........were he to confess and repent of his actions who knows.....he might walk the streets again.

I like it better this not repent........... and spend the rest of his useless life rotting in a federal is harder than merely executing him........death is is hard.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPEATED DONATIONS to the scholarship fund. We ARE grateful to you and others like you who keep their memory alive and make their deaths less a tragedy by funding life.


Bob Stevenson


Christina...this note is for Bob Stevenson...if you can forward it I would be most grateful.

Mr. Stevenson,

I have followed this case for many years, and would first like to offer you my most heartfelt sympathy. I will never forget the beauty and spirit of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen.

And on a very personal note, I ask for your forgiveness. Forgiveness for ever believing that MacDonald might be innocent. When I first began reading about this case so many years ago, I simply could not believe that a man with everything in the world, and even more to gain in front of him, would do such a thing to his family. But, over the years, and thanks to this website and others, I have come to realize the truth about what happened that terrible night so long ago.

I feel that denying the reality of what happened to Colette, Kimberley and Kristen does a enormous disservice to their memory, and if possible, compounds the grievous wrong done to them by MacDonald.

And so, I extend to you my deepest regret for having once joined in the chorus, though in my case silent, of those who believed that MacDonald was a man wronged. He is exactly where he should be.

Wishing you and your family peace and serenity, and no more sorrows.


Dear Abby,

May I be the first to ask you to remove any bad feelings you have about yourself for having believed he was innocent..............

Many have felt that way before they heard the evidence or saw it.

Even a person close to me once asked me...."Bob....are you really certain that he did it."

THAT man should have known better.....and he did offend was easy for people to find it hard to believe that he did those terrible things..............after all, even my family did not WANT to believe it at first..............and then the terrible and awesome truth became apparent to Freddy.............piece by piece as he unraveled what COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.............and then worked to find out what did happen.

The rest is history.........the hardworking U.S. Army CID investigators found out evidentially what did happen and then proved to a jury what did happen.....and he was convicted.

Never feel badly by being deceived by a deceiver................that is what they do.

I admire you and thank you for your letter.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina

I agree 100% with Bob. Never feel bad that you felt there was a chance he was innocent. I too believed he was innocent at one time. Even as I sat in the courtroom during the trial, saw and heard the evidence, my mind could not come to terms how anyone could do that to his family.

It would take me years to research, gather the documents, read and reread them, visiting the crime scene, to meet and talk with those who worked the case and knew firsthand what was found that fateful morning to finally have it clear in my mind that Jeffrey MacDonald murdered his family.

I consider you and me two of the lucky ones who had an open mind and willing to search for the truth.




You'll enjoy this one, but you've probably heard it before: I posed a number of questions in an email to the inmate's website about the inaccuracies in the update letter (such as, she says the 4th Circuit granted the successive 2255 motion...nope they only granted the PFA). I also posed questions of why they continued to stand their case on the head of a pin (Helena Stoeckley) when every court that has ever seen this case considers her unreliable.

Well...the strip mall queen call my office here in _____ the other day and complained to one of my partners (I am partner in a national CPA firm and most of my work is forensic accounting) that I was sending emails about the case on Company time (I do my "MacDonald" time early in the morning). So...rather than answer my questions, she tries to get me in some sort of trouble with my employer (pretty tough to do when I'm one of the owners). But she made no attempt to contact me or take a shot at answering my questions.

Thought you'd get a laugh about that.

p.s. Oh yes, she told my partner she was married to a wrongfully convicted man...right!!



I was made privy to the original letter you sent to Christina and I enjoyed your use of the phrase "strip mall queen" in regard to his notorious wife.

I had, during his parole hearing, used a similar phrase directly to her referring to her as a "strip mall drama queen" because she is a drama teacher supposedly to young children.

Based on her judgement........I would not put a child of mine in her hands and subject to her warped mind for a minute..............and thanks too for pointing out so astutely that they did not WIN a judgment against our friend Joe who wrote the so accurate condemnation of MacDonald, "Fatal Vision".

I found his book to be filled with accuracy and chilling.

Yours was an enjoyable story to read..........and others should be aware of the risk of doing battle with either of the MacDonalds.............he is lethal and she is treacherous.

Thanks for your support and challenging them on their own site.

Unfortunately, as you said; she never will answer and your question will never see the light of day there.

THANK YOU..........for taking on the "MacDonald Machine" takes courage to do so as they are a viscous lying group and they strike out at anyone or any thing that gets in the way of their crusade to free the murderer despite his guilt.

Your points are well made and I thank you for doing what I cannot. It would be inappropriate for me to attack them there.......and they would not use anything I wrote to them anyhow as it WOULD be damaging to their positions and lies..........

As a matter of fact, you may know that Jimmy Britt, despite his lying statements, was shown by the government to not even have been with the contingent who transported her (Stoeckley) from one location to the other so obviously....if he lied about that how can anything he said be taken at face value.

For whatever reason he and others perjured themselves to help a convicted murderer. We will never know why..the lawyers, we understand........a nationally known case for them to USE to their advantage to further their careers and make money on the broken and bloodied bodies of a pregnant woman and her little children.

I thank you and admire your courage in taking them on.

Kathryn IS a piece of work...........I have been told that she once tracked me down at a new job within 48 hours of me being there and asked probing questions..........while she did not give her name, from the reportage I got it had to be her in logic.........what she hoped to accomplish I have no interest in knowing.

We are satisfied that he has been convicted and that he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison as for him to admit his guilt.........say he was sorry.....and would never do it again is NOT within his "character"....(and I use the word loosely).

He is a sociopathic man who acted out in a psychotic manner brutally slaying all that were his..."loved ones"..........and he, and unfortunately; his family have reaped the whirlwind. I am told he still will not have any compassion for his brother and sister who are in need at this what can anyone expect of him.....except his "bride", who I expect will also be discarded when he has used her up and she is of no value to he has done with other females who have come to his aid over the years.

Their experiences with him ARE documented in Christina's website.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina
I am not surprised. She will do anything to keep the truth from being known.

After I started my website, I received a letter from an attorney telling me I was in possession of Jeffrey MacDonald's personal property, and I was using it without his permission. He also informed me that I needed to remove the things he listed and return them to him immediately. I told the attorney he was crazy and didn't know what he was talking about.

Now mind you, he filed a federal lawsuit against me for what he termed as defamation of his character, nothing to do with his accusations that I was in possession of MacDonald's personal property. My attorney filed an answer, and we waited. A short time later, the attorney sent a letter to my attorney stating he was withdrawing his suit, since he was too busy to continue with it.

Kathryn continued to contact various people/companies accusing me of using copyrighted material on my website. It got her nowhere since I could prove I was not.

There are many other things that they continue to try to do even now to stop me, but they cannot.



Hi Bob and Christina,


I wanted to say that I am so impressed with your website. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you. I also have question for Bob.

Dear Mr. Stevenson:

It is an honor to be writing to you. I have so many questions, but I will try to narrow them down to just a few.

1. How and when did you find out about the murders? I know Freddy and Mildred got a call at 5:00 A.M. from Womack Hospital, but I was curious about how you found out.

2. How often did you see Colette and her family? Did you live nearby?

3. And finally, did you see any signs that MacDonald was indeed a sociopath (in retrospect of course). In one of the letters I read you said that "I HAD seen his narcissistic self centered mocking behavior several times"...just wondering what exactly you saw from MacDonald.

I just wanted to say that I think about Colette, Kimberley, and Kristen all the time. I admire you and everything you have done on their behalf.



Dear Kelly

Your question as to how did I find out brings to mind what is a really unusual truth about my finding out about the case on "day one" and how I found out about his conviction on the day it was announced.

On the day in question, I was on my way out of the house to go to a job interview.............a large console radio that had come from my Aunt (D. Eve Freeman) was wife and I were talking and she was wishing me good luck on my intrusive report was heard by us both on the radio station that happened to be on at that moment..........." there has been a report that there has been a murder on the base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina of the family of a certain Captain MacDonald".............

We looked at each other in stunned mind raced ahead to consider the statistical probability of it being any 'other" MacDonald wife, Vivian; you think it could be them?...........I could not be otherwise..........."

We later had a call from Freddy telling us what he knew and we quickly acquired plane tickets so we could immediately fly out to meet him at the hospital at Bragg where Jeff, his mother etc. were.

The end?...........I was again leaving the house.........the same radio was on.........and we both, at the same time heard,..........."and the jury has come back and the verdict has been announced that Jeffrey MacDonald has been convicted of the murders of all three of his family..........

We cried and sobbed together in had been so long in coming........and it did NOT seem in any way inevitable.......the government had conducted a "white gloves case".....his numerous affairs and indiscretions and other things never mentioned during the trial...........and yet he had been found GUILTY.

I had to leave for work..............and as I opened the door.............a brilliant rainbow shone above the house across the street.............I was profoundly WAS like a sign from "on high".

I am shaking at this very moment as I remember how I felt that day.............

As to seeing my sister and her family lives and children were in New York and theirs elsewhere..............and I never took vacations and I do not know what Jeff did.........but I think he was working as much as I did...........those were the "lean years" where we were all fighting for a future...........until he abruptly changed and ended the future for his family.

Did I see sociopathic behavior in retrospect?

NO. Cruel sometimes.........usurious..........selfish.............unkind..............and I am told of one time I did not see when he was said to be in a fight with the captain of the rival football team and the investigator who had found out about it said he was banking his head on the concrete and might have killed him in the rage he was in had others not pulled him off of his rival..............but this is only hearsay that I was told about and cannot confirm.

Thanks for your support.


Bob Stevenson


Why do you believe he's guilty?

Ask a real question please.

Because of thousands of pages of testimony.............hundreds of articles of evidence...........the juries conclusions after hearing everything YOU did not hear and obviously do not know.

WHY DO YOU THINK THERE IS ANY POSSIBILITY HE IS INNOCENT.....and please try to use more than one minimalistic inarticulate sentence to answer.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Christina,

Well the nauseating beat does go on. Good Lord! What a bunch of crap. It's hard to believe Mac gets lawyers to draft up this junk over and over again.

I've been working overtime with year end projects and had not looked at the site since the anniversary of the murders. I think your commemoration of Colette, Kimberley, Kristen and Colette's unborn son was very nicely done.

I received a voice mail from Bob Stevenson thanking me for my continual prayers for Colette and her children at mass. He was very kind and I appreciate him taking the time to call. I returned his call to reaffirm that whatever it takes to keep Mac in prison, I'll be more than glad to help.

Hope you and your family are doing well.

Warm regards,



Thank you for yet another supportive letter.

I am only sorry that I did not have more time to speak with you the day you returned my call.

Now that I am in semi-retirement, I was on my way out to the Church where I am the administrator and assistant to the Pastor.

It is the time in my life where I seek to make my contribution to the welfare of others and use my accumulated knowledge and experience to assist others.

I hope to expand the outreach efforts of the church I am affiliated with and make my "mark" that way.

Thanks again.


Bob Stevenson


How could have Jeffrey MacDonald commit a crime as heinous as this? He was found with a serious chest wound and needed to be resuscitated at the scene.

It has also been found that the ambulance driver manipulated the crime scene and stole MacDonald's wallet.


HOW COULD HE HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME LIKE THIS? - with anger and rage unabated!

Why and how could you ask so uninformed a question.........with weapons from his own home, in an explosive rage, by then by carefully faking his own injury and staging the scene as was proved.

Then, as a skilled surgeon he inflicted his own wound...........and when he virtually butchered and all but disassembled by sister you tell me.........HOW COULD HE HAVE ALMOST NO WOUNDS AND HAVE FOUGHT A FURIOUS BATTLE AGAINST MULTIPLE ASSAILANTS?

...........and there was NO evidence of other people in the can YOU explain that?

The so call intruders, if there, and in a drugged state surely would have done some "work" on the only person capable of self defense.............yet this "big bad" so called green beret had only minor wounds with the exception of the one self inflicted ice pick wound.........and a nice neat one at slashing, cutting, stabbing, or clubbing as was the misfortune of his pregnant wife and little children; none of whom were capable of self defense........... !

Gee.............he got off easy..........or did he...........the jurors saw through him even if you did not; and they saw his lies and his little NOT life threatening self inflicted wound and convicted him.... and he was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences..........seems the judge was not fooled by his charade either, and a judge who sat for a lifetime listening to cases and hearing testimony of innocent AND guilty defendants should be a pretty good person to "judge" the veracity of witness/murderers like MacDonald..............and his sentencing of the butcher from Patchogue speaks volumes to others.........why not you?

Maybe one of those clubs struck you in the head causing an inability to reason, eh?

Sorry my friend.......people like you are vexing to deal with........shallow reasoning and lack of intellect can be frustrating to the family of murdered people. While we cannot all be born with the same mental horsepower, we can search for the truth and discover it on some level.

Go back to the your opinion will not be the same, I promise you that.


Bob Stevenson


After I read Fatal Vision, I was convinced MacDonald murdered his family. What convinced me of his guilt wasn't Joe McGinniss, but Jeffrey MacDonald. His testimony to the Army and later to a federal grand jury sealed it for me. He's proven what a liar he is every time he opens his mouth.

As far as theories go, I've heard some good ones. Colette's brother put forth the possibility that Jeff was sexually abusing the oldest daughter and got caught. I hope that theory is wrong.

I have always wondered why no one questioned the fact that Kristen's blood didn't match either of her parents. Colette was A, Jeff is B, Kimberly was AB, Kristen was O. That doesn't add up to me. Is it possible that Kristen wasn't Jeff's child? Could that have caused a fight that ended in murder?

I don't think anyone will ever know what really happened in that house, or why. The only one who does know, is sitting in prison, where he belongs. I'm just sorry he wasn't executed for what he did. God bless Colette, her unborn son, Kimberly and Kristen. Rest in peace angels.

When I read what Freddy said about believing Jeff's story about there being four intruders in the house that morning, I was moved to tears. I had never considered looking at it that way, but it makes perfect sense. I believe, like so many others, that if it weren't for Freddy Kassab, that s.o.b. would've gotten away with murder.

I saw the Larry King show with Jeff's wife. It was very clear that Larry was on her side. Robert Stevenson was not given equal time and was cut off every time he tried to talk. I think Larry King is a jerk, so I wasn't surprised at how rude he was to Robert. I hope he finds some comfort in knowing that there are decent people in this world who support him. People who won't forget Colette and her children. For me, as long as he's in prison, that's at least some punishment. It's not the kind of punishment I think he deserves, especially since he's had such a comfy life behind "bars". Anyhow, thanks again for answering my e-mail. I look forward to reading your book.


Dear Susan,

You are SO right..............without Fred Kassab their would have been NO prosecution of the in all things, there are always politics involved....and at the time things seemed so messy and clouded no one wanted to pick up the case and prosecute it...........ONLY with his years of work......walking the halls of congress and finally HE had to bring an action against MacDonald in order to force the government to prosecute the case.

However, make no mistake; the men like Pete and Brian who eventually handled the case did so willingly, and masterfully.............and all of those from the CID gave up major segments of their personal lives to see the case through.......and many of them also suffered losses in their personal lives because of their unending dedication to their search for the truth.............and seeing justice done once they had found the truth.

Thank you for caring.........and yes....Larry King IS an ass.....I do not believe for one moment that his excuse that "we cannot reach Mr. Stevenson as there is a fire in the studio" was true...........there was NO fire where I was...........and his studio continued to transmit a signal, so I think it was just one more time where the "little king" dishonored himself.

He is a myth in his own mind.


Bob Stevenson

A note from Christina

There is no proof of sexual molestation of the children. It was a feeling Freddy and Mildred had. While I tend to believe it based on other evidence, as I said, there is no actual proof of it.

As to Kristen not being Jeff's child - There is no doubt, she was the child of Jeffrey and Colette. Being a nurse, I can tell you, this does occur.

While it is unusual that the members of a family all have different blood types, it far from being impossible. Next time you visit your doctor, ask him/her. You can also go on sites on the internet where medical professionals answer questions as well.



It's nice and convenient that the defendant has had over 25 years of appeals. However, the one issue that has never been addressed by the defense is the blood evidence. I think that this alone provides an absolute road map of the murders he committed that night. Had others been in the house, then why is the defense claiming that only the evidence of intruders was destroyed by investigators? I would think it would have been impossible to eliminate all traces of others and leave only the blood evidence pointing to the defendant, especially on the night of the murders. Yes, mistakes were made, but the definitive blood evidence survived. Interesting.

Dear "Jodtaa"

I cannot address you by name and do not want to print your e-mail address out as all here is confidential.....but I DO want to thank you for your letter.............

You are SO right..........they never speak about what they cannot disprove, bend or lie about..........

Theirs is a campaign of lies, disinformation and half truths meant to sway the ignorant people who have no taste for the truth and want a moment of fame by rubbing up against a murderer.

Thank you for having an open mind and seeing the truth.........and being willing to state it.


Bob Stevenson


Dear Christina and Bob,

I have been interested in this case since seeing the 1985 miniseries and reading "Fatal Vision" that same year. The two of you have done the impossible, as far as I am concerned. I believed in the possibility of MacDonald's innocence since 1985. You both have convinced me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he brutally and knowingly murdered his family.

Christina, I am now reading your book, after devouring your website and am impressed with your efforts, as well as having the courage to write a book that is neither pro-MacDonald nor against MacDonald, just the facts.

I also want to praise you for giving Colette, Kimberley and Kristen a voice and showing them as real people, with real dreams and hopes, and not just "victims".

Bob, you have my utmost respect for seeing that justice has been done for many years and for keeping your sister's memory and your nieces' memories alive and well. Your family is in my prayers, and have been very often since 1985 - - most especially every February 17. I believe that your sister and her children are together in heaven, with Mildred and Freddy, and where there is no pain, no unhappiness.

Bob, if you could say one thing to MacDonald, what would it be? And if he could answer just one question for you, what would it be?

And lastly, what is your favorite memory of Colette and the girls, if it's not too personal?

May God bless both of you and may justice continue to be served for Colette, Kimberley, Kristen and Baby Boy.



Aside from the text of your letter you ask a question..........if I had one thing to say to MacDonald what would it be...........well...I had my chance and I did say everything to him that I wanted to......and it was many many only regret is that my wife who had to remain outside of the room could not hear was the best performance of my life.........and I did my best to take him down mentally and emotionally............

It was on the occasion of his appeal for parole which ironically was on May 10th (my sisters birthday) and was held four years ago at the federal prison he is held in.

I submitted a written statement, the text of which is on the web site.......but believe me it was just a jumping off point for what I said to him...........I never practice a comes from the heart........and he received a full helping that day in the scathing statements that filled the air for about a half was cathartic believe me..........he and his wife clung together as I severely chastised him and flayed his skin from the bone as he had done to them.........and I left nothing out and did not need any four letter words to tell him how I had been simmering for years...........and there were NO questions.........just accusations and condemnations.........

.........maybe if there was a question for him it would be........why.? ....but I do not believe in my heart that there was a reason.....sure, maybe he wanted out so he could have the life of the playboy he later became.......but this was a violent explosion of rage of a psychopath bent on the destruction of all of them for a reason and only he knows why for sure, although I have my opinion...............and finally the slaughter of the youngest when his rage was cooled...............and he had to finish the picking her on both sides of her body...... face up and face down....many many wounds and also the defense wounds on her arms and hands as the child wondered as she was dying...... why?........why was her father killing her?.......hurting her?............that is the why I have for him..........HOW COULD ANY FATHER KILL THAT CHILD IN COLD BLOOD MERELY TO SAVE HIS ASS?

A MORE COWARDLY MAN NEVER execute his youngest child merely so he could try to get away with the murder of the others.............

My favorite recollection is hard to nail is their smiles and warmth..........seeing them in their mothers is all so long ago.........and my mind blocks out so much........sometimes even the good things.............

I thank you for your continued thoughts and support and your recognition of the vast contribution of time and effort that Christina has made in her life of dedication to the prosecution of justice in putting forth the truth and exposing macdonald for the liar he is.

She is a wonder and I thank God for her for who knows what he could have done if she were not around to keep him at bay.


Bob Stevenson


When Robyn contacted me and ask for some information on Colette, I was happy to speak with Bob and Pep and get the information for her. From that, she has written a beautiful poem about Colette. I was moved to tears when I first read it as I could almost visualize Colette and her beautiful smile. Thank you Robyn.

By Robyn Bishop
Permission to use by the author

Soft pastel hues yellow, pink and green
Colored her world and enhanced her dreams.
As a girl she liked cooking and flowers
Studying, caring, visiting friends for hours.
A precious daughter and sister adored,
A much beloved gift from the Lord.
Speaking french or sharing laughter with us,
A person to always count on and trust.
As knowledge was gained and friendships found,
A future unfurled of limitless bounds.
Sister, daughter, a special friend,
Her spirit surrounds us, without end.

My Dear Robyn,

Your lovely poem captured the essence of my sister.

I felt it as I read it...........people like you make it worthwhile to read the letters which come in...........and it makes the pain created by the other letters fade in my mind.

Tonight, I have decided to stop answering letters for the evening, preferring to leave with the clean scent of the bouquet of thoughts you sent our way.

Thank you for the time and effort you spent writing it.


Bob Stevenson


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