The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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Bob is happy to answer any questions you have regarding the murders of his sister
Colette, and her children.

FEBRUARY 4, 2009

Hi Christina!

This e-mail is for Bob Stevenson, if he's still up for answering questions. :)

Hi Bob,

First of all, I want to commend you on your efforts to keep Jeffrey MacDonald in prison, where he belongs. Since I became familiar with the case back in 1984 (after reading Fatal Vision), I've been in awe of Freddy and Mildred and their incessant quest for justice. They remain an inspiration to me to this day, even all these years after their deaths. I think it's wonderful that you've picked up the torch, and that you continue to advocate for your sister, nieces and unborn nephew.

I do have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind. Aside from Joe's book, I've also read Christina's wonderful book, as well as dozens of various articles over the years pertaining to the case. The one area I've always had trouble with is the timeline regarding Kristen's death. I realize that we'll never know precisely what happened that night (the only one who knows is MacDonald, and he'll never talk), but I'd be interested in your opinion. We know from the evidence that Colette was beaten in Kristen's room, and that she bled profusely there. What I'm wondering is, do you think that Colette went into Kristen's room before MacDonald got there, in an attempt to try to protect Kristen? Or do you think Colette went into Kristen's room during MacDonald's attack on Kristen, in a vain attempt to try to save Kristen's life?

Also, I find it odd that the MacDonalds' next-door/upstairs neighbours didn't hear more of a struggle going on in the MacDonald apartment. Regardless of who committed the murders, whether it be a band of raging hippies or a psychotic, wigged-out husband and father, there must have been one hell of a racket going on in that apartment. There must have been lots of screaming, crying, shouting, etc. Other than one neighbour who claims she heard a woman screaming and children crying, nobody seems to have heard anything. I find that very strange, especially since it's been testified that the apartments on Castle Drive had very thin walls. Not to mention the fact that the evidence suggests that Colette fought very hard for her life and the lives of her children. It just seems to me that more people should have heard something. What are your thoughts about this?

Even after nearly four decades, my heart still bleeds for Colette, Kimberly and Kristen. They suffered horribly at the hands of that worthless excuse for a husband and father, and I hope he remains in prison for the rest of his life. I have no sympathy for MacDonald or that twit, Kathryn. At least, unlike Colette, she knew what she was getting into when she married MacDonald.

My final query is in regards to MacDonald's fourth victim - his son. I guess maybe I should be asking Pep or Christina this question, since it's kind of a "woman thing." Did Colette have a name picked out for her son? It would be nice to be able to refer to him as something other than "unborn baby boy MacDonald."

Thank you for your time, Bob. Keep up the good work.


Dear Tammy,

As to the timelines of death, I try to stay away from the forensic details of the case whenever possible and except when I must do some kind of a TV or other interview try to put the details out of my mind as it is torturous to remember all of that.

Christina could better answer you, and as she reads this I am asking her to add something at the end of my letter in response to your letter.

I do however know that I cannot erase the fact that she was the last to be killed...........I should say executed.....because she was killed in cold blood.........with malice aforethought and not in the heat of the moment..........and the many defensive wounds on her little body are a pathetic testament to the fact that she knew her assailant and what he was doing to her.

The blood evidence tells, I believe I remember, Colette had entered the bedroom in order to protect the child during the assault and it was there that the final blows were struck to end her life and she was later removed when the child's life was so brutally ended.................and hence the bloody footprints, etc.

As to the neighbors, I never believed that they did not hear something..............and I believe that their daughter had been a baby sitter for the children.............but our family did not believe they could have slept through the sounds of death without some knowledge or awareness.

...........and no, I never heard of a selected name for the "unborn male child"..............I am sorry that I do not have that information or I would long ago have used it.

Thank you for following the case and it's facts.


Bob Stevenson


Per Bob's request, I will add to his answer. This of course is just speculation as no one will ever know for sure except MacDonald, and for sure, he will take the secret to his grave.

I believe with all my heart that Colette witnessed the murder of Kimberley, and she was shortly thereafter rendered unconscious by MacDonald or put in a kind of stupor incapacitating her. I believe at this time MacDonald thought he had killed both Colette and Kimberley. Going into Kristen's room, he somehow could not hit her with the club, and so he laid it on the end of her bed. I think he was in a stage of panic, had sometime to think of what he was going to do. At this point, he went into the living room and his eyes caught site of the Esquire magazine leading him to pick it up, look at the article regarding the Sharon Tate murders. It was during this time he decided he had to kill Kristen as well, but to use multiple weapons to make it look like several people were involved. He went into the kitchen and got the knife and ice pick and returned to Kristen's room stabbing her with the knife.

Somehow, during this time Colette stumbled into Kristen's room and tied to protect her. He then turned his rage onto her knocking her into the corner on Kristen's bed savagely beating the life out her.

Then he went back to the master bedroom, stripped the top sheet and bedspread off, picked up Kimberley in the sheet and carried her back to her bed. Then carried Colette back to the master bedroom in the sheet and bedspread.

He hit Colette with one final blow with the club and stabbed her with the knife. I believe his pajama top was just hanging on him and in his way, so he took it off and threw it onto Colette. He was not done, but in his rage, he forgot the pajama top was on her, stabbing her with the ice pick through the top.

He then returned to Kimberley, hitting her with club and stabbed her with knife. He went to Kristen and stabbed her with ice pick.

I might add that I believe the murders took place much earlier in the evening, and MacDonald had ample time to amateurishly stage the crime scene and precisely make the incision that resulted in his 30% pneumothorax.




I would like you to know that this case has not been forgotten. As I read the information posted I am - a) disgusted at what kind of a monster could take his wife and children's life and - b) broken hearted for your family. I could not even imagine my loss if that was my sister and her girls (7 and 9). Your family's strength and love for Colette and her daughters would have made them proud. Only true love can make someone fight to the end for justice. You will see them again.


Dear Kari,

Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Each time I see that a new motion has been filed.....a new attorney has decided to make his bid for fame (should be thought of as infamy) I am somewhat disheartened.............but having Christina's site and people like you actually do make a difference in my attitude and my life.

THANK YOU.............your thoughts will not be forgotten.


Bob Stevenson


Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your site. I had always believed Jeff MacD. to be guilty, but seeing the horrifying crime scene photos of Colette and the children, while he points out the little abrasion on his forehead...I don't know how ANYONE could have doubts after that.

Colette was a lovely young woman and someone I'm sure I would have enjoyed knowing.

My heart goes out to you and your family.



Each time I open a group of letters that Christina has forwarded to me and I receive letters such as yours it helps my day, and that of my wife; Vivian.

Your open mind and heart are appreciated.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Cristina and Bob Stevenson,

Bob, thank you for your lovely response to my letter expressing relief about Judge Fox's DENIAL!!

Each mass I attend I also pray for Colette, Kimberley, Kristen and Colette's unborn son.

I've also given thanks in prayer for the hard work Freddy, your Mother, (and now you) did all those years and continue to do now.

Please know there is a vast array of us that will never forget Colette, Kimberley, Kristen and Colette's unborn son.

God Bless you and your family.

And, Christina you are a wonder at all of your hard work as well. Please convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to: Brian Murtagh, James Blackburn and all of the investigators in the case. Their diligence and professionalism is much appreciated.

Thank you!


Dear Derise,

We are grateful for you prayers for my sister and her children...............and I am thankful for your words of consolation.

It is a blessing to know how many people still remember them and DO care................and know that MacDonald is truly guilty.

Bless you and yours........


Bob Stevenson


Thank you for your kinds regarding my website and your continued support.

I will forward a copy of your e-mail to the people you mentioned.



Bob: I greatly admire your willingness to accept the torch passed to you by Freddy Kassab. I was also extremely impressed with your presentation of this case on Hardball with Chris Matthews. In my own little way, I've been battling the MacDonald camp propaganda machine for the past two years via my website which focuses on the facts in this case.

During my 24 years of research, I've communicated with several MacDonald advocates. A tiresome theme among those who advocate for this family murderer is that William Ivory was an incompetent investigator. I've found this take to be laughable, especially considering the fact that Ivory is a CID Hall of Famer. I was wondering what your opinion was of Ivory as an investigator in this case and as a person? Do you still keep in touch with him and does he follow the current legal battles in this case?

Take care, Mr. Stevenson.


Dear Philip,

Thank you for your letter..............and for your comments..........

Bill Ivory IS a CID Hall of Fame person and that is no small accomplishment as you well know.

I have only respect and admiration for Bill.....but no, I have not kept in contact with him.
I only ever met him once when he and I and Peter Kearns, the Chief Investigator were interviewed together for a TV piece. I enjoyed his company and would love to speak with him again.

Peter became a close friend and one who I really came to know.............and he was a prince of a man.......a totally dedicated man of the law...........and shrewd as the day is long.

The MacDonald propaganda machine is never silent and always looking for an angle that does not exist, with another opportunistic lawyer hoping to "make his bones" with the case.............

And now, we find out that it appears that MacDonald has not even taken care of his family in the wake of his mothers death by sharing their inheritance. I think it is a shame that everyone in his family was destroyed in the end owing to his self indulgent self involved nature.

My family, including mother and stepfather were also "collateral damage" as I hear his brother Jay and sister Judy have been....................and I am certain that his mother died knowing that he was a murderer.
Everything that he touches he destroys..........................

I hope you are well and that you keep on with your efforts to debunk his myth.

Thanks for your support over the years and this letter you have sent to me.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Bob,

I wanted to say first off how sorry I am for you and your family to have had to suffer through what you have as a result of Jeffrey MacDonald's cruel and cold actions. I also wanted to say I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and especially for your mother and stepfather, for fighting the way that you all did to put JRM in prison for the crimes against your sister and her children.

I became interested in the case when I was assigned a paper in my University Women's study course researching "Violence against Women and the Social Impact". I chose to write my paper about Colette and the girls and everything that happened to your family as a result of their murders and the years following. I found Joe McGinniss' book Fatal Vision to be a great resource for my paper not to mention Christina's amazing website.

My question to you is: I know that you believe that Colette caught JRM molesting Kim and this was the catalyst for the death battle that you think that there is anything to Joe McGinniss' theory that JRM was nearly psychotic from taking too much of the diet drug Eskatrol? I think it is McGinniss' belief that a heated argument between JRM and Colette turned into a physical battle when your sister decided to stand up to JRM and maybe even threaten him that she and the girls would leave him and his nasty controlling behaviour. If he was amped up already then any resistance or defiance on your sister's part may have caused him to lash out in a physical way. An escalating argument would explain certain evidence at the Master Bedroom crime scene like the hairbrush on the floor and the bent paint covered Geneva Forge knife.

I guess more than anything, I don't wanna believe that after reading about everything JRM did to Kim that she would have had to suffer molestation as well. Regardless how it began I believe JRM to be guilty and I find that his continued pathological lying of his part in the crime is completely abhorrent, just typing his initials makes me feel dirty.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions, I wish you and your family all the best.


Dear Deedra,

Thank you for your kind letter and words of support.

I can easily understand how the use of large amounts of amphetamines can spark a violent reaction or violent behavior.............behavior of that type can also result from over use of steroid and can create "roid rage", but I am not sure how large a part that played in the murder of my sister and her children

These are things that we can only speculate on, and certainly it could have played a role.................but I do not think it is the primary reason.

Many people have taken large doses of amphetamines but they did not murder people..............yes, it keeps you up and makes you more aggressive and I believe that at one time men in combat may have been supplies with amphetamines...........but some things we may never know; unless he confesses and asks for mercy and parole.............but I would find it hard to believe even any self serving confession that he makes as it would be whitewashed and sanitized to allow him the most dignity possible.

Suffice it to say that the evidence is overwhelming that he did kill all of them and that he now is in the right place.


Bob Stevenson


Bob Stevenson,

I can't for the life of me understand why you don't just let it go. It has been many years, and it is time for you to get on with your life.

You are in bad company with the woman who started this website. She is a liar. Ask yourself the question, how did she come by all the records she has? Probably from sleeping with the so-called CID agents and anyone else she could, including the great prosecutors.

Why would she attend the trial if in fact she did?

And you are a disgrace! Pretending you loved your sister so much. Hell, there was no love lost between the two of you.

You are a pathetic old man period. And make that an alcoholic just like Fred Kassab.

I doubt you have the balls to answer this.


Dear James, are so fact; I am delighted to read your letter, and more delighted to answer it.

You see, idiotic vitriol such as you spew is nothing new, coming from the MacDonald camp, which is clearly the direction from which you emanate.

Further, others seeing your foolish and insensitive letter can see what kind of people gravitate to his cause.

It is my privilege to expose you. Were you a person of integrity and courage who wanted to be counted you would have identified yourself, instead of hiding behind a first name...............which may not even be your first name.

Since you are so intent why don't I take the time to answer each sentence/paragraph, in turn.

1. Yes, it has been a long time...............but if it were your family that had been butchered by a sociopathic multiple murderer who shows no remorse for his acts, and continues to ask to be rewarded for his acts with his freedom when he has no repentance for the acts for which he has been found guilty and whose case has been a judicated ad nausem................wouldn't YOU still be involved...........If not, you would be no more of a man than he is...........and as much a waste of life as he is.............and by your lack of sensitivity and comprehension, I would guess that you are no bargain in this life either.......and by the way......I have gotten on with my life, for many years...............over the years I had a very successful career, and I am still involved in finance in the leasing community, actively involved in the sales process, and whenever possible; in charitable acts.....................What has your hero ever done in his life? is a vast wasteland..............he has no family, no children or great works, no meager works, no books, no paintings................just an endless life of four walls in a Federal Penitentiary where he spends all of his self indulgent life trying to free himself from the rightful punishment for his horrendous acts................and the irony is that if he confessed and showed remorse he would have some real chance of parole.....................and, I am content in my life to know that a sociopath like him can never admit the truth; and that he will, as a result, spend the rest of his life behind bars, if only for being what he is..........

2. I am not in "bad company" with the woman who started this site................I am privileged to have her as a friend. I sought her out, she did not bother me.......She is a dedicated, selfless person who saw the truth and decided to act upon her convictions. She has financed the project herself from her own pocket and spent countless hours on her pursuit of justice without ANY return other than the satisfaction she gets from doing something in the cause of justice......something that no one else has done............. In the beginning she thought he was innocent, as many have; but seeing the trial as a student, studying the forensic evidence, listening to the turns and twists of his untruthful testimony and statements.........finding out what the FACTS of the case were......studying the blood and other evidence collected and preserved to this day convinced her of his guilt.................and as to the sources of her information, they are impeccable! Did you never hear of the Freedom of Information Act?.............No, I don't expect do not sound like a person of knowledge, so I should inform you that all of those documents, with the exception of those I have supplied; are in the public domain and available to anyone who has the interest and the diligence to seek them out...............she merely used FOIA to get what she needed, and I supplied every document my family ever had from testimony to original diagrams and charts used by Mr. Kassab to assemble the picture of what happened that terrible night......your mind is obviously diseased to reason that a person needs to or would sleep with people to find out what was given to them or available to them, but I realize that your only purpose to write is to strike out in the hopes that you will or can hurt someone...........your mindless drivel of accusation does not suit you, and anyone reading your letter will know you for what you are...........and neither Christina nor I will ever give your pathetic letter and mind another thought.....

3. Christina attended the trial, that I can assure you....... many people can verify that..........she did so for intellectual reasons...........the case WAS notorious after all.....was it not, and if one were interested in forensic matters and murder trials this WAS a fascinating case to learn about and from.......there were so many differing facets to understand and probe.............but I doubt that you have taken the time to look at the facts........MacDonald people never want to let the facts get in the way of the truth they want to believe.

4. I am so surprised at your 4th sentence.............why would you think that there was "no love lost between me and my sister?" Who ARE you to question my feelings..........were you there......did you know me.........c'mon.....fess up........there is not now nor was there ever a bad feeling between me and my sister and if you actually had any first hand knowledge you would know that........if you have anything specific to say in that area, let me know...........and I will answer you.

5. Fifth paragraph........No, I am not a pathetic old man..............the pathetic old man is in a prison wasting away his life, looking like a man 10 years older than his chronological age; with lines of hate and anger etched on his face. I am lucky enough to have people think that based on my appearance and the energy and enthusiasm for life that I have, that I am 10 years younger than I am. Your next sentence is both grammatically incorrect and factually in error.............Neither Fred Kassab nor I have had alcoholic lives, and I am substance free and merely have a beer now and again like most people..........your anger is showing again, "James"...............why the necessity for an attempt at long range character is fruitless and all that you did by doing so is to discredit yourself and look like a fool to the world.

6. I guess you were wrong here too...............I did have the "balls" to both read your tripe and to answer it.

Now, it's your you have the "balls" to put your real last name on you letter as I do on mine?

Bet you don't!

Surprise me, why don't you?

Let us all know who is as ignorant and callous as you are...............the world is waiting to know......but I am not..............I do not care who you are because you really have nothing to say and no ability to verbalize it based on a reading of your letter.

You sound quite uneducated, my friend..................and you make a great exhibit for the MacDonald team!

May all see you as you are...........and may your cause be seen by all as trivial as you seem to be. You certainly have not helped him with your letter.

Bob Stevenson

................I want to add one little thing...............

I was so impressed by your ability to communicate that I wanted to offer a further response to your inquiry and comments.

Since you presume to be so close to the case and/or people in it that you think you know the relation- ship that I had with my sister...........and since you wanted to know, as you so colorfully say; "if I had the balls to respond to you..............I have a great idea for you.

Why don't you contact your apparent friend Mr. MacDonald and see if HE has the "balls" to answer questions on his website................I am sure that there are many people who would give him some messages that would challenge even the great communicator, macdonald.............

I only decided to do this recently, not for any reason of my "greater glory", but because I wanted people to have reason to believe that I whole heartedly support the efforts as displayed in the website you DID have the interest to it carefully and learn the truth...........and see, does you hero have the courage to stand up to public scrutiny.................I firmly doubt it.

Bob Stevenson


Dear Mr. Stevenson:

I was reading your replies on the web site today and had to write concerning a negative letter I saw.

I absolutely cringe when the murderer is called "Doctor" since he lost that privilege (and later his license) the night he murdered his family.

You and your family have shown immense courage by keeping the murderer where he belongs. Please don't let the negative letters get you down. There are a lot of us out here who support you.

Blessings to you


Dear Paula,

The negative letters do not get me down..............and if they did I would not bother to answer them...........there are surprisingly few actually; and I chalk it off to ignorance or anger and frustration on the part of the writer and their unwillingness to look at the evidence dispassionately.

Be it this case, politics, or religion; people have a habit of ignoring the facts that get in the way of the truth they want to believe.

Thank you for your letter.


Bob Stevenson


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