The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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Bob is happy to answer any questions you have regarding the murders of his sister
Colette, and her children.

JANUARY 7, 2009

Dear Mr. Stevenson:

Before asking you my question I would like to express my deepest sympathy to you over the loss of your family members and thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

I am a survivor of domestic violence. My son and I escaped my abuser in 1993 after years of abuse. My abuser attacked me with a baseball bat and tried to murder me with our two year old son sleeping a few feet away.

I first heard of Colette, Kim and Kristen's story back in 1985 after reading the book "Fatal Vision" .And even though it took me a long time to understand the dynamics of abuse I believe that their story was a catalyst in our getting free. It helped me to understand that I could not deny the fact that his abuse was destroying my life and would destroy the life of my child if we stayed.

Since then I have become a Victim's Advocate working with domestic abuse victims and have done so for the last twelve years. Each time I help another woman who is being abused to know she is not alone I think of Colette. It is my belief that domestic violence is one of the great evils of this world. Abusers almost universally are con artists who charm others into believing in them starting with their victims. MacDonald is a prime example of this. I also believe that most abusers harbor a deep seated hatred/resentment of women. I think this is true of MacDonald also. I hope he suffers everyday knowing that he destroyed his unborn son in the process of taking his families lives. Colette, Kim and Kristen deserved a chance to live their lives. May MacDonald's freedom be stolen from him for the rest of his life as he stole their lives.

My question is this. Do you believe that when Colette called her Mother prior to the murders and asked to come home for a visit that she intended to confide in her about MacDonalds abuse and leave him? This is a question that has always haunted me.

Thank you for answering.


Pray for dead and fight like hell for the living.
Mother Jones.

Dear Lynn,
I agree with your perceptions about the nature of obviously have first hand knowledge and your analysis is "dead on".

Also, it is heartening to know of the work that you do..............I applaud you for your efforts in behalf of the abused women out there......and there are SO we both know.

Yes, personally I believe that Colette wanted to escape him and probably to leave mother always regretted preventing her timely trip which would have saved her life.................and in retrospect she analyzed the phone call and found reasons to blame herself as in retrospect she felt that it was a call for help.

After answering your question, I had a need to add something.

If your organization, or any other organization fighting against abusers or FOR the relatives or abused people could figure out any way to use my support I would be glad to add my voice to your cries for change.


Bob Stevenson


Bravo, Robert! Fred Kassab would be so grateful for what you are doing. I am a former Blue Point gal, who is 59 years old and forever touched by this case. Never a Feb. 17th passes but that I am filled with sadness. Bless you, and stay strong.


Dear Amy,

Thank you for writing..................and reminding me all that was good in Blue Point..........staying with my Grandmother and cousin Ed..........going to Flo's hot dog stand, and crabbing down at the beach at the dock where the boats went out into the Great South Bay..........

Walking in the woods with my BB gun as a child "picking off enemy trees" with a single shot..........falling in the swamp often.............and riding my bike down to the butcher for my Grandmother who often sent me for a pound of ground round to make me and Eddie a hamburger.............

Life was good, and simple back then..............

Later, I believe that it became a site for MacDonald to sleep with my sister.

Helen was unsuspecting..........but thought they loved one another.

Thank you for your support and remembrance of my family.


Bob Stevenson


I believe that inmate is fully aware of the fact that he did kill his family. I also believe that he justifies his claims of "factual innocence" in his own mind by blaming Colette and Kimmie for his actions. I think he blames Colette for "getting pregnant" totally ignoring his responsibility {he was poking fun and SHE took it seriously} and Kimmie for being conceived. In his mind THEY are at fault, they forced him into this position blah blah blah blah.

What are your thoughts on this subject?


Dear Robyn,
NO, it is my opinion that it was an explosive murderous rage that hit him when he was caught molesting Kim by my sister and saw his entire life dissolving and the myth of his manhood and heroism about to be destroyed forever.

I believe it was an unreasoning act of a psychopathic madman, who also is obviously a sociopath.


Bob Stevenson


Christina and Bob

  Sweet Angels Lullabys

By: Lynne Pendergrass
Permission to use received from the author

Morning light upon the ocean, dancing round and round
smiling babies laughing, who would have known how short
our time would be.
See you sleeping in the bedroom, all around the butterflies and
flowers bloom, for you.
Sweet Angels Lullabys catch me if you can,
run with me like you use to with your hand in my hand,
I'm so lost without you.
Play hide and seek and come try to find me, watch the birds in the trees,
we sometimes forget how fragile life can be, but I'll hold you close in my dreams.
Stop for a moment whisper in my ear, hold me close and never fear
I'll always be right here.
Sweet Angels Lullabys catch me if you can,
Run with me like you use to with your hand in my hand,
I'm so lost with you.
Play hide and seek and come try to find me, watch the birds in the trees,
we sometimes forget how fragile life can be, but I'll hold you close in my dreams,
in my dreams.
Sometimes the sun turns into rain and all we are left with is the pain.
I can see the footprints in the sand, and know that someday we will see you again.
Morning Light upon the ocean dancing, round and round
smiling girls laughing, who would have known how short our time would be.
I pray at night when I can, I am down on my knees with the good book in my
hand, softly whispering, " Lord I wish I could understand."
I hold your photographs close to my heart, and I don't ever want to be
apart. I look to the sky.
I close my eyes and dream, I hear you whispering,
Sweet Angels Lullabys, soften the tears that I cry for you, for you, always for you.
Sweet Angels Lullabys catch me if you can,
run with me like you use to with your hand in my hand,
I'm so lost without you.
Play hide and seek and come to try and find me, watch the butterflies in the trees,
We sometimes forget how fragile life can be, But I'll hold you close in my Dreams.
Sweet Baby girls I will never forget how precious you are to me,
and I pray, oh how I pray you rest in peace. Rest in Peace.

Dear Lynne,

Thank you for your beautifully composed and written poem you have written...............

I am saving it in my files to read when I want inspiration and I again want to hear your love shining through the tears.


Bob Stevenson



I have been interested in this case since my father bought me the book Fatal Vision when I was in high school (mid-'80s). I'm still very curious about your family's feelings and actions soon after the murders -- I understand your parents believed MacDonald to be innocent (until they saw the evidence firsthand) ... but can you explain further how you and Vivian knew differently? I know you mentioned it in earlier answers (the model comment, etc) ... but I'm interested because I think siblings have more of a connection than parent-child sometimes ... I know it's true in my life. I think that's what's always made me wonder -- what happened immediately that day at Ft. Bragg -- did anyone call him on his lack of injuries, etc.

Thanks again, and I wish you peace and love in '09.


Dear Michelle,

We were all in a state of stunned is too hard to explain.......and I never will be able to, but it was Vivian who had the immediate insight to suspect him......................and the comment of his mother, "How do you know that he did not do it?"
Freddy was too reserved to say anything even if he thought it.........he was not a "loose cannon" in any way and functioned only on logic in this matter.

I wish I could claim some special insight, but I did not have it......but I was fertile ground for the seed of disbelief Vivian had.....................I HAD seen his narcissistic self centered mocking behavior several times and had accepted him only because my sister had................

When he floated the lie about killing one of the murderers and I heard his phone call, I broke totally with any feelings that he was innocent; and as I said previously, I alerted the CID of my feelings at that point and thereafter did everything I could to aid the prosecution.


Bob Stevenson


Hi, Christina,

My remarks are directed to Mr. Stevenson, I have long wondered how he dealt with this awful tragedy. I am the author of "The Parents Who Won Justice For Their Daughter," and when I met your mother and Freddy, at the trial in Raleigh, they were so kind to me. I was only in my early 30s then, and as convinced as they that MacDonald was guilty. My life has gone on, as a writer and a mother and now grandmother, all things denied to Colette. I don't think I could ever be as close to a tragic story again, but if I can ever help in any way - let me know!


Dear Sara,

I did not deal with it well at all..........

For several years Freddy prevented me from having to deal with it by doing everything himself, telling me "to go do the best I could to have a normal life.......that he was trained in how to find the truth and could deal with it in ways that I could not".

As a result, I hid from the most gruesome truths, not even reading the book "Fatal Vision" until I sat by his deathbed, knowing that it was time for me to assume the role he had played for years.

To this day I have not looked at pictures of the autopsy as that is beyond my level of sensitivity in the matter. I prefer to remember them as they were, not as he left them........

Each time that I cooperated with some production seeking my representation I had to again go over what I had tried to put out of my mind for so many many, etc. so that I could effectively take on the MacDonald Lie Machine and public relations my despair.

The last time I tried was the Larry King show and I do not want to deal with that biased ass again........I had prepared by studying detailed DNA information so that I could challenge Barry Scheck if necessary.........but King blocked me by saying there was a fire in the studio and he had lost touch with me.....

NO, he had lost control of me and he did not like it.

Since MacDonald was denied parole for another 15 years the prosecution had told me that I can "retire" from public relations as I choose to, and they would carry on with determination and keep him in prison where he belongs.

These good and determined men do not forget what happened and do NOT ever turn away from their duty as they see it...............I owe them a great and continuing debt of appreciation for there vigilance, particularly Brian Murtagh.

Thank you for your continued belief in MacDonald's guilt and any kindness you showed my parents so long ago.


Bob Stevenson


Mr. Stevenson,

I appreciate your contributions to this fascinating site. I was wondering if you had the text of MacDonald's infamous call to Mr. Kassab about "taking care" of one the "assailants". When reading Fatal Vision, this pretty much convinced me of MacDonald's guilt (and there was still much more to read).

I was also wondering if you had the full testimony of Carol Larsen/Penny Wells to the grand jury.



Dear Eric,

No, I do not have the full text of that phone was not necessary for me to have it as I have personally heard it more than once..................a copy of tape does reside within the government file of evidence etc. There are no plans to add it to the website at this time.

As to reading the testimony of the "lady" in question, I have never had any interest.......I know who she is and of his sexual exploits with other would only serve to further harm my psyche in the matter whether they admitted their roles or did they are throwaways to me as they were to him. Serial abusers and users like MacDonald have no value for the people they manipulate or use and exploit for their own grandiose purposes. I feel the same way about all of the many other women in the many relationships that were discovered and cataloged by the CID.........they serve no purpose in my life or in the case.......they do not run to the truth of the murders, not necessarily to any motivation.......that is just the way he was, a charmer of women and a man who took advantage of all of them......when he finishes with any of them and has used them up or when they find out what he is, he trashes them......that IS history.

Christina has a copy of her testimony.......whether she adds it is her call.


Bob Stevenson


Got you. Dead silence, no reply. That tells me I touched a nerve.

I don't think it is low of me to say exactly what I think about Bob Stevenson. Dr. MacDonald has now been falsely incarcerated in an American prison for nearly 30 years while Bob Stevenson sits on his butt in some American radio station and broadcasts Fred Kassab's, and his, speculations and lies, about possible incest in the MacDonald case. That is a serious matter, and a libel, for Dr. MacDonald, if not for Bob Stevenson. There was never the slightest medical, or physical, evidence of any incest in the MacDonald case autopsies of the two murdered little girls. The matter of incest in the MacDonald case was never mentioned once at the 1975 Grand Jury, or the 1979 trial, by the prosecution, because it never happened. I don't mind fair comment and opinions from people who might think Dr. MacDonald is guilty. I will not tolerate comments, broadcast on radio by anybody, including Bob Stevenson, which are patently untrue about Dr. MacDonald. YOU GOT THAT


Who are you to question the opinion of others........were you there?..........were you a family member?

I am certain Perry MacDonald who uttered the following to me and my mother the day after the murders at the hospital in Ft. Bragg, "how do you know he did not do it", died sadly knowing in her heard that her son was a murderer..........................and poor Judy, who was a lovely young lady, I am now told; is now in an institution of sorts seeking to save herself of the effects of alcohol probably induced by the lifetime of doubt or knowledge of what MacDonald did ................and his older brother Jay, I have had it reported to me that he was screwed out of his share of his families inheritance by Jeff, ( and Judy probably as well), and he has been heard telling another person ( I am told) that he believes that his brother is guilty............

As they used to say, "Fifty million Frenchmen cannot be wrong"................and the predominance of people who have considered the EVIDENCE have lost all caring for that piece of trash named Jeffrey MacDonald.

.......but you do not let the facts stand in the way of the truth you want to believe...........and you are neither family, insightful about the facts; nor were you there.........or were you?.......maybe yours is but a synonynm and you are Jeff.

I regret that his family has suffered as much at his hand, as mine has...................but that is just good ole Jeff for you......destroys everything he touches....

Find a new hero......please...............

"Goty you" !!!!......."No reply", what do you think......does everyone sit around and wait for idiotic uninformed letters like yours to answer?

Not by a long shot

I, unlike MacDonald DO have a life, and answering the likes of you is not part of it; but not something I cannot do.

I have many other things in my life and did not even know of your letter until today................I merely had decided to ignore you as it is obvious that you know nothing of the case for if you had read the reams of transcripts, evidence, prosecution evidence, and were intimately familiar with the FACTS of the case you could not take your obviously uninformed frankly, I dismiss you as irrelevant, obnoxious and stupid.

I will not allow one like you to bother me.........not for a moment............and silence me? NEVER........Who are you to say "you will not tolerate anything" about this case?

You are no one and nothing and unless you are a Jeffrey lover, I cannot conceive of why you are so incensed.

You may not like my OPINION, but who asked you?


Not hardly......that is just another aspect of your ignorance..........Libel is knowingly uttering an untruth as fact..............I merely gave the opinion of my family and I when I was asked to.


Unbeknown to you obviously, is the fact that most people are "secreters" of fluids...........and the fluids can be identified as to who they came from..................Kim, in this case, not her little sister.

Then you might ask yourself why was it necessary in the art of a liar to cover this fact?.........maybe it was for the reason I suggest..........and maybe not........but at any rate, this was a fact that was not necessary to prove at trial in order to convict a murderer of murder..................he was NOT being tried for incest.

I am sorry for your tortured mind...........and for your waste of time with a man who has used everyone he has come in contact with.

His latest wife, in the end; will sadly end up to be only his latest victim when he has used her up and she is not good to him as an advocate.

Save your tears for O.J.

He is more deserving of your pity.......he killed fewer people and at least they were not his children nor a pregnant woman unable to defend herself against the big brave "Green Beret" of no consequence.

Oh, yes.....I neglected to mention that you sign your letter Henri McPhee.................just in case that is your real name and anyone knows you.............I hope you hear from a few people over the course of your life.

Good bye....................I shall not waste further time with you..........your ignorance shines thru and I only answered so that others can see the kind of trash that is aligned with MacDonald.


Bob Stevenson


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