The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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Bob is happy to answer any questions you have regarding the murders of his sister
Colette, and her children.

DECEMBER 28, 2008

Hi Christina and Bob,

Thank you for your letters. I read Judge Foxes Decision and feel that it unnecessarily took up too much time that he could have been spending on doing something else. The ridiculous same old game being played over and over again. Through the years and all of the interviews I've never once heard MacDonald say anything in reference to you Bob on TV. He never once has said what it did to you and to Vivian.

I used to think he was innocent and for years was passionate about it. Christina has posted things here that in reading them there leaves no reasonable doubt as to what happened that night. I am truly sorry for the loss. I look at the pictures and think to myself how a father could ever do that to a child.

Christina and Peter both have said some really important things. I saw the interview the other day. He is a con man. My last conversation with Peter was a few years ago. I got to talk to him on the computer. He told me that it was Kimberley who was in the bed not Kristen. He told me to KISS. When I read his statement. I asked myself the same question. How do you fight off four people and make your way down the hallway to your wife and kids and not get blood on the walls or the floor?

You are right Judge Fox sees him for what he is. He is meticulous and has no problem denying his request as it is the same old thing time and time again.

I did ask the defense once about the bite mark on Kimberley's cheek. So far I have never received a response on it. It was mentioned in the autopsy as a round circular wound but when you look at Christina's picture with a magnifying glass you can make no mistake that is a bite mark. So my question to both you and Christina is has anyone ever mentioned the bite mark?

I again thank you Christina for your tireless effort in maintaining this website. I have been following this case since I was 15 years old. I believed he was innocent till I read the evidence. Till I saw for myself. I have two girls. I am about the age Kristen would have been. I am sad that these two children and the son did not have the chance that God gave them. The only thing is that I don't think we will really know what was the root cause of the argument, but I can honestly say there is nothing in this world worse than losing children at the hands of a parent. You can believe there is Justice for Kristen, Kimberley and Baby Boy and I believe that Judge Fox is that Justice.

It is my sincere wishes that I hope with the holidays fast approaching that you all have a moment where you think of the wonderful times that you had with Colette, Kimberley, Kristen, and know that they in spirit live on through you and the family.

I would like to know Bob, do you all still have the things that belonged to the girls? Their clothes.

The reason I ask is there is a bracelet missing from Kimberley's arm. I wondered what happened to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I hope both of you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

My uncle was murdered May 11, 1995 and the killer walked free. I am still waiting for justice. He was 34 years old.

Thank you for everything.


Dear Lynne,

I am glad you wrote in wondering how it all started because it gives me a chance to answer a question that no one has ever asked me and I do have an opinion on....................


It is my opinion as it was Freddy's that MacDonald was caught in a child molestation by my sister as she came in from class that night. Freddy wrote a letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer stating his opinion; but fearing the ever litigious MacDonald response, they did not have the courage to report it.

MacDonald's strained sexuality was deftly analyzed by his own psychiatrist who analyzed him.......and who concluded that if motivated by the right circumstances he could kill...............I do not have time right now to look his name up, but I seem to remember it was Dr. Robert Sadoff., Ph.D.........or close to that.......check it out on the sums up his confused sexuality pretty well, especially for a man who was brought in by the also mentions his latent homosexuality...........

I believe I sent a copy of the letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer in his own handwriting to Christina, and if so it is on the site any rate, I read it and we discussed mother did not want it known as she thought it brought on additional shame and degradation to what was already too horrible..............I strongly disagreed.

By the way, when I sat across the table from Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald and made about a 1/2 hour statement of my feelings about him and his parole; the only time he reacted was when I accused him of being a molester of his own child.

Mrs. MacDonald; true to the capacity for lying by anything named MacDonald, denied on the Larry King show that she had ever met me...............strange.................they certainly clutched each other tightly as I spoke at the parole hearing.......would have expected her to remember me after that !

She also had to pass Vivian and I and the Justice Dept personnel after he was told that his parole had been denied and they were marched out of the meeting place......I guess she forgot that too......I know that I never will.

It is interesting that before the hearing was held I had been told that the decision would be made immediately after the hearing and that I would not have to wait to know the outcome.

I expressed my extreme thanks for that kindness to the prison representative who told me that..........and he told me that it was NOT done out of any regard for me.......but to avoid keeping the prisoner in doubt of the outcome as it was deemed inappropriate!

The guilty have more rights than those harmed it seems.

.............and yes Judge Fox wrote a lengthily opinion.............and thank God for was painstakingly written to close all the doors and prevent any reversal....................I am grateful for his learned jurisprudence.

There was no bite mark on Kimmy's check.....there was no bracelet missing from her arm.


Bob Stevenson


I lived in Phoenix during part of the time MacDonald was in prison there. My interest was peaked as he was interviewed by the local media explaining the book and movie, which was being re-shown on television were stunts for publicity and new evidence had been uncovered that would clear him. I am almost to the day one year older than Kimberly, which kept me emotionally involved.

My question is for Bob Stevenson. Freddy and Mildred must have been incredible people to keep up the long fight. How did they maintain their tenacity with all the disappointments handed out by court action upon court action?

Just one more, but this so very personal and I don't expect you to answer if it is. Now that Freddy and Mildred have passed on, do you personally believe they are reunited with Colette, Kim and Kristen, and if so, does this bring you any comfort?

I pray for you all to find comfort and peace.


As to Freddy's tenacious was easy for him.....he was a mature, intelligent and if need be passionate and persistent in his quest................he showed me a pair of shoes that he had literally worn out walking through the halls of Congress trying to garner support for a prosecution......................and as you know; when all else failed he personally swore out a warrant that forced the hand of the government into getting involved. I have since met with the attorney from Long Island in his office and it appears that was one of his favorite moments in his career.

I gave him some professionally taken 8 X 12 pictures of Freddy and Mildred to frame on his wall next to the motion already framed.

My mother could not give up..........she was consumed by hatred for MacDonald and wished for HIS death..............not a pretty thought, but what MacDonald had done was inconceivable and unforgivable.

Forgetting Christianity for the moment, I am told by psychiatrists that there ARE some things that need not be forgiven..............but to dwell on one's hatred of another is harmful to the individual, so I personally do not dwell on it.

As to the togetherness of my dead family on some other level, surely I want to believe that is possible; but my own faith does not depend on a hereafter one way or another......................heaven AND hell exist on the earth........surely what passes as news, the daily reportage of man's inhumanity to man convinces me that hell is here.............and the kindness and generosity of others shows me that heaven and god is in everyone somewhere................excepting MacDonald, who is purely a creature of the Devil.


Bob Stevenson


Dear Christina

Thank you for your site, I've learned a lot.

I would like to express my sincere condolences to Bob Stevenson. I was wondering what he thought of
Fatal Vision. Did he think it was an accurate portrait of Colette, the girls, his parents, and the others involved in the case?



Dear Betsy,
The book, Fatal Vision was, "dead on".............Joe McGinniss had him pegged exactly and he captured the arrogance and concept of the sociopath so accurately it is phenomenal........everything in the book rings true......and I remember the TV version in which a young man so accurately played MacDonald that it was that if you want a graphic of MacDonald and his behaviors..........

All of the data about the case was too horrible and while I had seen the TV version (knowing I could look away if it became too painful; I did not actually read the book until I sat at Freddy's bedside in a Florida hospital as he was dying.............I knew that it was time for me to stop hiding from the details of the horrible crimes then and for me to prepare to spend, if necessary; the rest of my life pursuing MacDonald and doing everything I could to keep him in prison.

As to the TV production by NBC ( garnered the movie of the year for NBC), I think the actors name may have been Gary Cole..............Karl Malden passionately played Fred Kassab, and Eva Marie Saint captured the essence of my mother at that time.

Thanks for your support.............. little can now be too personal to answer..............I have spent a lifetime now involved in the case.

I may however, choose not to answer letters that bring out too much of my anger as anger and hate are not healthy...........the courts have spoken and I just wish the opportunistic lawyers would give up on him.

Judge Fox did not seemed too thrilled to be writing another chapter in answering MacDonald's attempt to receive a "get out of jail free" card.


Bob Stevenson


This is a question for Bob.

Did he also believe that MacDonald was innocent while Freddie and Mildred did, or did he have doubts or think MacDonald was guilty prior to Freddie and Mildred coming to that conclusion?

Thanks to Bob for being open to discussing with folks, and to you for providing a forum for that.


Dear Debbie,

I just gave my answer to your question in detail in response to another letter....................and yes, we did suspect him before the Kassabs did and we became, "informers" of sorts; reporting our suspicions and any data we could without my families knowledge.

My wife had the insight before I did..................women, with their intuition see things more clearly sometimes then do we men.

Thanks for your interest and support, and read my full response in the other letter.


Bob Stevenson


Dear Christina,

Again, my wife and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, productive New Year. I'm sure there are millions of supporters out there who follow this case through your website and, like myself, truly marvel at your tenacity and thoroughness. You mentioned Mr. Stevenson answering questions about the case, and I would like to ask him a couple of questions, if I may:

First: Was there animosity between you and Dr. MacDonald when your sister was alive?

Second: Mr. Kassab supported Jeffrey MacDonald for quite some time before he devoted many years of his life to convicting his former son-in-law for the murders. Were you initially supportive of MacDonald prior to the trial/conviction, or did you suspect him from the start?

Forgive me if this information is too personal. You need not respond if that is the case.

Thank you.


Dear David,

There was never any animosity between child MacDonald and myself and in fact I attended a number of parties at his house...............and after his marriage to my sister there was none until his selfish nature showed itself when my sister was told she was not to get pregnant again as it would threaten her life...........and as always, his "whatever is good for me is good for everyone else" nature finally alienated me.

In the beginning, Freddy and my mother could not believe that, "a man who buys a pony for his children could butcher them".......but that is not a normal man and they did not know at that time what he was capable of. It was Freddy's former training and British OSS training that enabled him to put aside what he wanted to believe and solve the crime.............his tip off was a phone call he recorded and played for me in which MacDonald stated that he and a green beret killer team scouted the area for weeks and had found one of the killers and executed him................

As to myself and my feelings, I should point out that when we first got to Ft. Bragg, the day of the murders; we heard his mother Perry saying to my mother, "How do you know that he didn't do it"..........and it was my wife who first said he was guilty because of his health that day......his bright and bushy tailed cocksure attitude, and his flirtatious manner with her. She had been a successful model in the fur coat industry in New York and he asked her to "do a couple of turns for him".

We immediately began to covertly tell the Army CID of our feelings and it was I who informed Col. Pruett of the tapes made by Freddy and we urged them to get them to use them to unravel his story like a cheap sweater.


Bob Stevenson


Mr. Stevenson,

Thank you for agreeing to answer questions.

I will say right up front that I'm 99.9 percent certain that MacDonald is quite guilty, so please don't think I'm writing this to "flame" you or cast doubts on your judgment. Having said that, it gnaws on me whenever I think about the case to realize that this is a guy who has spent almost 40 years professing his innocence to anybody and everybody who will listen. I can't help but think that if I were (God forbid) in his shoes, there would just have to come a point when - if I was guilty, and knew I was guilty - I would either just admit my guilt or at least just shut up and stop wasting people's time.

How is it possible that a man can spend decades professing his innocence? I know you'll say it's because he's a sociopath and because he's still able to attract believers, and I'm sure that's true so far as it goes, but at some point he has to realize it's a lost cause and he'll never be free again, right? Doesn't he realize that he could actually do some good, maybe even for himself, by confessing and telling the world what exactly happened that night and what the motive was?

Sorry for the length of the question. I look forward to your answer and wish you a Merry Christmas. are correct that the behavior pattern of sociopaths like MacDonald and O.J. Simpson will never allow them to admit to their guilt.............

They also think they are smarter than everyone else and in their arrogance cannot defile their feelings that they are legends in their own minds..........

How crazy does a man have to be to NOT admit to his guilt and show repentance for his crimes.....especially if he knows that is the only possible way a parole board could ever release him no matter how many years go by...........

Personally, if I had to I would agree that I single handily was responsible for the murder of Jesus if I had a chance to walk the planet am happy that he CANNOT confess as it guarantees that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Based on his past sexual exploits I also wish him an active sex life there in Cumberland, but I have never been able to figure out if he pitches or catches..............but the psychiatrist who examined him and found his homosexual nature did not comment on that either.

Do I sound angry and bet I am.............the bastard killed my entire family one way or another and I wish him every bit of pain, if he is capable of feeling any; during his many years of incarceration yet to come.

At this time of the year, there is no one to call on cousins for my children to be with... and no children from Kim or Kristy to brighten my life.

It has been foretold that he will burn in hell and have many successive painful reincarnations to eradicate the horrible deaths he brought to his family..........

Oh, yes......he believes he is a man..............but what kind of man erases his family in a horrible episode and spends the rest of his life denying it?

This is NOT a man.........just an aging portrait of Dorian Grey with all of his hate showing on his now lined face......a coward to the core.


Bob Stevenson


Hi Cristina,

I am delighted beyond words that Judge Fox rendered his decision and a very just one at that.

It's about time all these ridiculous appeals WERE DENIED!

God Bless you, your family during this holiday season. All the best to you all in 2009! God Bless to the Stevenson family and all the best to them in 2009 as well.


Dear Derise,

Thank you for your kind expressions of support recently sent to Christina.

I am grateful to you and to the fact that Christina has been able to open the eyes of generations of people who have supported the murderer over the years..............some out of ignorance (never let the facts get in the way of the truth they want to believe)...........and the lawyers etc. who always hope to bask in the glory of changing the outcome for financial benefit and fame, regardless of the truth and the butchered bodies MacDonald created and they, without mercy trample on.

.............and as always; Christina deserves the credit for keeping him unmasked no matter how he continues to plan and lie..........


Bob Stevenson


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