The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.


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1987 and 1990: Some interesting statements made

1987: Jim Blackburn: "I don't really know what he could do, unless he of course discovers new evidence. But if he does not discover new evidence, and obviously the trail is got to be getting mighty cold seventeen years after the murders, he is in a very difficult legal position."

October 18, 1990: Jim Blackburn: "I don't think there is any evidence out there that I'm aware of or that I've ever seen, and I've seen an awful lot of it, that would ever suggest that he is anything but guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which the jury so found."

"There were unidentified fibers found, there were unidentified fingerprints in the house, as you know, but we didn't convict Jeffrey MacDonald on what is unidentified, we convicted Jeffrey MacDonald on what was identified, and the fact that overwhelmingly the physical evidence that was present in the house totally contradicts his story that a band of hippies broke into house and killed his family."

October 19, 1990: Jim Blackburn: "I do not believe there is any legal basis for their claim. The truth of the matter is, we did not suppress any evidence."

"Let me say first of all, there is no evidence that we suppressed -- at all -- to which they were lawfully entitled to ever receive. We would not do that and we did not do that."

October 1990: Dale Cardwell: "And finally, a letter from assistant prosecutor Brian Murtagh to lab experts indicating 'great concern' over an untraced fiber found on Colette MacDonald's body. Defense attorneys say prosecutors knew the fiber might help MacDonald prove his case."

Jim Blackburn: "I don't see that as any evil intent, no matter how the defense may seek to characterize it. Rather, I see it as a proper letter written by someone who's trying to find the truth."

"The information and material which we were lawfully required to give to them, you had better believe that we did so."

November 8, 1990: Jim Blackburn: "I will simply say that the evidence against Jeffrey MacDonald has, in my opinion, always been overwhelming. It's important to note that the government introduced over 1100 pieces of evidence in that trial against Jeffrey MacDonald. Not one part of this new motion challenges the validity of the evidence that was introduced against MacDonald. Nothing."

Harvey Silverglate: "We have no reason to believe Mr. Blackburn was in on this suppression. In fact, I doubt very much he knew about it. If you show him the bench notes, and ask him if he ever saw them, I think he'd say he didn't. I think Mr. Murtagh kept them from him."

Jim Blackburn: "If you could see the photographs of his little girl, who was stabbed 30-some times; if you could see the photograph of his older child who was stabbed and beaten 10-12 times; if you could see the photographs of his wife, who had both arms broken, her head smashed, stabbed with an ice pick pick 20-some times and a knife 15-20 times; and you could see MacDonald, who had no mercurochrome, or no merthiolate on him, no Band-Aids on him except for this right lung, and who walks to the funeral and they're carried in caskets, then, yes, that is a very real problem he has. Particularly when he goes on nationwide television and time after time after time, and seduces the public to believe the that he suffered life-threatening injuries."

Harvey Silverglate: "If there's justice in this system, we deserve a new trial. MacDonald's odds? Very high. We get to a jury on this case, MacDonald will be acquitted."

Jim Blackburn: "I will tell you that I could repeat my argument to the jury today, as I did then, word for word, and I would believe it today to be as correct and truthful and proper and appropriate as I did the day I gave it in 1979, August. I do not think there is any evidence that links anyone else other than Jeffrey MacDonald to these crimes."

Jeffrey MacDonald: "Well, of course I would never sit idly in prison and accept punishment, I'm innocent. No innocent person would lie back idly and accept a triple life sentence for something they didn't do."

Harvey Silverglate: "Why should MacDonald admit to a crime he didn't commit? Of course it's very easy for Murtagh to predict that MacDonald to his dying day will deny his guilt, because Murtagh knows he's innocent. Of course Murtagh predicts it. With great facility he predicts it."

November 8, 1990: Jim Blackburn: "I believe the evidence is extraordinarily persuasive that he did it. It is beyond any reasonable doubt. It is beyond any moral doubt in my mind."

"In 1979, prior to the trial, I think it was two to three weeks prior to trial, the government made available to the defense all the physical evidence."

Gunderson: "Not true. The evidence was made available to the defense by the prosecution six days before the start of trial."


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