The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

May 10, 1971: CID Summary of Investigative Activity

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information: May 10, 1971: CID Summary of Investigative Activity

Note: Translation of the document as I read it to be
(Spelling, punctuation and grammar preserved)

Received call from MAHON. Related that he and IVORY had contacted Kathy SMITH and Diane HEDIN in New Jeresy and had taken statements, fingerprints and hair samples from each. Neither knew the whereabouts of STOECKLEY on the night of the murders. Mailed statements, fingerprints to this office and should receive them to morrow.

Related that he and IVORY are now in Dothan, Ala. trying to locate the in-laws of Bruce FOWLER. Expect to find them some time today.

Leaving tonight for Panama City, Fla. to look for Greg MITCHELL tomorrow.

MAHON ask me to remind Major REED that he is going on leave next week and that he has about two days of paper work to do in DC. He will return to this office before departing for DC.



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