The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

July 13, 1970: Sworn Statement of 1st Lieutenant Ronald Harrison
re: U.S. Government vs. Captain Jeffrey MacDonald

Note: Translation of document following scanned copy

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: July 13, 1970: Sworn Statement of 1st Lieutenant Ronald Harrison re: U.S. Government vs. Captain Jeffrey MacDonald, p. 1

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: July 13, 1970: Sworn Statement of 1st Lieutenant Ronald Harrison re: U.S. Government vs. Captain Jeffrey MacDonald, p. 2

Note: Translation of the document as I read it to be
(Spelling, punctuation and grammar preserved)


The undersigned, Ronald Howard Harrison, First Lieutenant, United States Army, being sworn this thirteenth day of July 1970, wish to make the following statement.

I have known Jeff Mac Donald since October 1969. I was a frequent visitor to the Mac Donald household, visiting there 2 or 3 times a week. Jeff and Collette were always glad to see me and I was encouraged to stop over more often. I feel that I had an excellent opportunity to observe the entire family.

Jeff was intelligent, understanding, perceptive, and kind. Many times he went out of his way to help people in need. On his free time he often responded to a request for help and either made a suggestion over the phone or a personal home visit. He had what I considered an ideal marriage with two beautiful children. I wanted my fiance to meet Jeff and Collette so that she could see what a happy marriage was like. I never saw either Jeff or Collette quarrel or raise their voices at each other or the children.

Collette was very sweet. I thought she was a wonderful person and mother. She was the type of wife anyone would have been proud of. Both Jeff and Colette were happy that she was again pregnant and mentioned this to me over the phone.

It seemed to me that Jeff and Collette loved their children very much. Jeff was excited at the prospect of getting a shetland pony for Kim. He tried several places and finally told me, "I saw this ad and called the owner. He had the pony, saddle, bridle, and a cart for $75.00, If the horse is breathing, I'm going to buy it." He did buy the pony for Kim, and worked after duty hours to build a shed, and on Christmas morning drove to whole family to the farm to see the pony.

Jeff could discuss a large variety of subjects well, and since his interests coincided with my own, we often discussed sports, Special Forces, jumping, politics, movies, books, television, and I would ask questions about medicine or new medical developments.

Since I was quoted in the newspapers as saying Jeff and I discussed the Sharon Tate murder case, I feel that I should explain the conversation in its entirety. On Saturday, the 14th of February, I stopped by Jeff's about 7:30 or 8:00 in the evening. Working clockwise, Collette was seated on the couch, Jeff in his chair, I in mine, Kim on the floor with her PJ's, watching TV from a bear shaped sleeping bag. We were watching TV and discussing the programs, and I was playing with Kim on the floor. I noticed an Esquire magazine among others on the coffee table. On the cover it said "Evil lurks in California - Lee Marvin is afraid". I called attention to the magazine

page 2

and picked it up. Jeff said "Go ahead and read that -- its wild." So I opened the magazine and the first article I saw was one with illustrations of necklaces in the form of devil signs and people participating in a witchcraft ceremony. The next page had an article about a girl called Lada and her black swan, which we discussed. I turned the page and saw an article on the Sharon Tate murders-- We said it was terrible and that drug abusers were sick, disturbed people. I closed the magazine and placed it back on the table, and we continued watching TV. Altogether, the conversation about the entire series of articles lasted about 10 minutes out of a 2 - 3 hour visit, and most of that ten minutes we discussed Lada and her black swan.

After the incident, I saw Jeff in the hospital on the afternoon of the 17th. He had a large bruise and lump on the left side of his forehead and more lumps on the left side of his head. He also had numerous ice pick wounds on his chest and arms, and also what looked like two knife wounds on his abdomen.

I have been placed on administrative hold several times during the past few months but have been cleared to proceed to Vietnam on this date by the prosecuting lawyer. I am to report to port of embarkment, Travis AFB, 17 July 70.




Ronald H. Harrison


Sworn to and subscribed before me, an officer authorized to administer oaths this thirteenth day of July, 1970.



James F. Douthat


10 U.S.C. 936



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