The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

June 3, 1970: CID agent William F. Ivory's Statement

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I. William F. Ivory want to make the following statement under oath

About 0350 hrs, 17 Feb 70, this investigator was notified by radio that a fatal stabbing had occurred at 544 Castle DR, in the Corregidor Courts housing area, Ft Bragg, NC. Upon arriving at the scene, the MP Duty Officer began a briefing of what he had found in the house. He arrived about 0350 hrs and, finding the front door locked, went to the rear and entered finding two military policemen giving first aid to a man who was lying on the floor of the master bedroom next to the dead body of a woman dressed in pajamas. He left the master bedroom and walked along a hallway leading to the living room. He glanced in two bedroom which are along the hallway and saw the bodies of two children, apparently dead. The man who was lying on the floor of the master bedroom was identified as CPT Jeffrey R. MacDONALD, the resident of the quarters. He briefly stated to the MPs that he had been sleeping on the couch in the living room when he was awakened by his wife's screams and saw two Caucasian males, one Negro male and one Caucasian female standing at the foot of the couch. These persons attacked him, and in the course of the struggle he was knocked unconscious. He awoke to find the assailants gone, and his family dead.

Upon the arrival of this investigator, CPT MacDONALD was being removed from the master bedroom by medical personnel. Initial observation of the scene reflected the following. The building, a red brick structure, houses four families. The apartment in question is on the east side of the building and is a one-story dwelling. The apartment next to it, however, is a two-story dwelling with two bedrooms on the second floor floor situated over the living room of the MacDONALD's living-dining room area. The living room was in good order except for the area immediately around the couch which is on the east wall of the room. In front of the couch there was an overturned coffee table resting on its edge atop an assortment of magazines. A few feet west of the table on the floor was a plant with roots all intact. Standing upright next to the north end of the table was a flower pot which apparently contained the plant. There were no apparent signs of blood in this area.

The dining room, which is an extension of the living room appeared to be in good order with no signs of a struggle.

The kitchen, just off and west of the dining room was lit and it was noted that a wall telephone, just inside the door, was off the hook and the receiver-transmitter was hanging downward and lying on the floor. There was what appeared to be bloodstains on the floor adjacent to the telephone receiver-transmitter. Running east to west off the living room-dining area was the hallway leading to the master bedroom. Looking down this hallway the body of a woman could be seen lying on the floor next to the green chair. Walking down the hallway toward the master bedroom, stains which appear to be blood were noted on the floor near the doorway of the north bedroom. In the master bedroom it was noted that the body of a Caucasian female probably in her middle twenties, dressed in pink pajamas was lying on the floor. The upper half of her body was extremely bloody and showed signs of being beaten on the head and stabbed in the chest and neck. The hands and arms also showed signs of a violent attack. Draped

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Statement of Criminal Investigator William F. IVORY taken at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, dated 3 June 1970, Continued

across the upper portion of the trunk of the body was a torn blue pajama top. Across the abdomen was what appeared to be a heavy white terry cloth towel. Both items were bloodstained. The front of the chair next to the body was covered with stains which appeared to be blood. At the feet of the body a throw rug was turned up at one corner, and lying on the folded corner was a blue piece of material which appeared to be the pocket from the blue pajama shirt. The double bed which was to the south of the body had only one pillow on it and was made with only a bottom blue sheet. The second pillow, it was learned later, was taken to the hospital with CPT MacDONALD. The sheet on the bed bore small stains which appeared to be blood. On the headboard on the west side there was written vertically in what appeared to be blood the word "PIG." On the floor at the foot of the bed near the hall doorway was a bundle of bedding consisting of a bed sheet and bedspread. The sheet appeared to be the same type and color as the sheet on the bed. This bundle of bedding contained large stains which appeared to be blood. On the floor about three feet north of the body and adjacent to a dresser was a small paring knife with the tip of the blade stained with what appeared to be blood. Stains which appeared to be blood was also noted on the walls and ceiling of this room. Next to the dresser on the north wall was a door leading to the utility room and leading from this room was a door opening to the back yard which was open. The arriving military police state that they found the door leading outdoors from the utility room open when they arrived. There were no bloodstains found in the utility room. Proceeding out of the master bedroom and back along the hallway, the bedroom on the south side of the hallway which was unlit was inspected and the light turn on. Lying in the bed was the body of a Caucasian female about 6 years of age. She was dressed in nightclothes and covered and tucked in with the bed covers. The face of the girl bore evidence of a severe beating and stab wounds in the right side of the child's neck were noted. A large amount of blood was present and the girl was apparently dead with no pulse of other signs of [I think the of should be or] life. In the bedroom across the hallway on the north side of the house the body of a second child, a Caucasian female about 2 years of age, was observed in the bed which was against the west wall. She was also dressed in nightclothes and the lower portion of her body was covered with bedding. On the chest, back and hand were wounds which appeared to be stab wounds. She did not show signs of life. The clothing was not removed but the wounds could be seen through the tears in the pajama top. About one inch from this child's mouth there was a plastic baby bottle with the nipple pointed towards the child's mouth. At this time, the next door neighbor, CW3 Donald L. KALIN, 573d Pers Sve Co, Ft Bragg, NC was contacted and requested to make identification of the bodies. He agreed and in the south bedroom he identified the remains of Kimberly [sic] K. MacDONALD. In the north bedroom he identified Kristen J. MacDONALD, both daughters of CPT Jeffrey MacDONALD. In the master bedroom he identified the body of the woman as Mrs. Colette K. MacDONALD, the wife of CPT MacDONALD. He stated he had know then [I think it should be them instead of then] since they moved into the quarters in August 1969. At this time a call was placed to the CO, Det B, 3d MP Gp (CI), and other investigators requesting their assistance in the investigation. A photographer at the scene began photographing the scene and an additional photographer was requested from the Fort Bragg Photo Lab. Upon his arrival more

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Statement of Criminal Investigator William F. IVORY taken at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, dated 3 June 1970, Continued

extensive photo coverage was made. CPT William NEAL, Medical Officer from Womack Army Hospital, who was summoned to the scene made the official pronouncement of death at 0458 hrs. 17 Feb 70. Subsequent to the pronouncement of death, and photos being taken, a more extensive visual examination of the bodies was made. It appeared Kristen MacDONALD had been stabbed with a knife in both the chest, neck, and back and bore what appeared to be a defensive wound on her right hand. Kimberly [sic] MacDonald had several stab wounds to the neck, and signs of a severe beating to both the right and left sides of the face and head. It appeared also that Mrs. Colette MacDONALD had been beaten about the front portion of the head. Her arms appeared to have been broken and there were numerous stab wounds in the chest and neck. The position of the bodies were outlined and they were released to be taken to Womack Army Hospital Morgue for autopsy. An investigator accompanied the bodies to obtain required evidence from them.

An extensive crime scene search was conducted after the bodies were removed, and a team of technicians from USA CI Laboratory, Ft Gordon, GA, was requested to assist. After the body of Colette MacDonald was removed, numerous blue fibers, and threads were found on that portion of the master bedroom rug where the body had been lying. In a blood clot which had been directly under her head more threads were found. These threads had the same general appearance as threads from the blue pajama top which had been on Colette MacDONALD's body. In a further search of the room similar threads were found in large quantities scattered about the room to include that part of the rug and floor directly under the headboard of the bed where the word "PIG" had been written. Similar threads were also found on the bed of Kimberly [sic] MacDONALD. In addition the pathologists at Womack Army Hospital while taking scraping from the fingernail of Kristen MacDONALD found a blue fiber also similar to those of the blue pajama shirt. During this time, CPT MacDONALD was being interviewed in depth at the hospital and he related that the blue pajama shirt was his, and that it had been ripped by his assailants. In subsequent statements he related that it was ripped and pulled over his head in the fight in the living room and when he regained consciousness the shirt was around his wrists, and he went directly to his wife's body and placed it on her chest after first removing a paring knife which was stuck in her chest. He denied going any place than directly to her body with the shirt. He denied going near the headboard of the bed or even seeing the writing. With this in mind a search of the living room where the attack had supposedly taken place was conducted. No thread were found on the rug, couch or floor in the living-dining room areas. During a search of the area outside the house a 31-inch length of wood bearing reddish-brown and off-white stains, was found lying near the rear door of the utility room. A paring knife and an icepick were found under a bush several feet from the club.

Upon arrival of the technicians from Ft Gordon, a more thorough processing of the scene was made by representatives from the Chemistry, Fingerprint, and Photo Sections. In addition to chemical tests conducted at the scene, over 200 exhibits were removed from the house for examination and analysis at the Lab. It was determined at the hospital that 4 distinct blood types were in the family and were denoted as follows:


Mrs. MacDONALD, Type A

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Kimberly [sic] MacDONALD, Type AB

Kristen MacDONALD, Type O

This information was obtained to assist the laboratory in the analysis of the exhibits.

The sewage pipes of the apartment was excavated and showed that no obstruction were in the peipes and contained nothing of evidential value.

The search of the crime scene by investigators from this office, and technicians from the CI Lab failed to disclose evidence of any intruders in the house. There were no signs of any part of the house being ransacked, or searched in any manner. The house was in disarray, which appeared to be a result of poor housekeeping.

As of this date, laboratory examinations of exhibits removed from the crime scene are still pending.


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