The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site is a compendium of information about the Jeffrey MacDonald case. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 of the murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is serving three life sentences for that brutal crime.

The Murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site

February 19, 1970: Statement of Richard Avila, CID
re: Interview of Pamela Kalin

Note: Translation of document following scanned copy

The Jeffrey MacDonald Information Site: February 19, 1970: Statement of Richard Avila, CID re: Interview of Pamela Kalin

Note: Translation of the above document as I read it to be
(Spelling, punctuation and grammar preserved)

Pamela KALIN was interviewed in Bldg #1-S-3543, room #6, CID section of the main post Provost's Office, Ft Bragg, NC, at about 1400 hrs, 19 Feb 70. Present during the interview was her mother, Mrs. KALIN and SA Tom McNALLY, FBI, KALIN stated that she baby sat for the MacDONALDs quite a few times, as she stated, about 10 or 5 times. She stated that all of the times she had baby sat, she had never heard any cross words or what may have even interpreted as cross words, spoken by either CPT MacDONALD or his wife Mrs. MacDONALD, towards the children or towards each other. In KALIN's opinion, CPT MacDONALD and his wife were very loving towards each other and towards the children. KALIN knew nothing derogatory about either of the MacDONALD. At this time P. KALIN was shown knife with a brown colored handle with about a 4" blade and she was asked if she had ever seen this particular knife or one like it and she replied she had never seen it or one like it, that she could remember. At this time she was shown another knife, also with a brown colored handle with about a 4" blade. This particular knife, the second one shown to P. KALIN, had a curved blade. This type of knife is commonly referred to as a paring. When shown this particular knife with the curved blade, KALIN very readily identified this knife as having seen this knife or one exactly like it several times in the MacDONALD residence. She further stated that she had seen this particular knife, or one like it, sometimes in a drawer in the kitchen where several kitchen type utensils are kept and sometimes lying near the sink on the cabinet top. She was asked why she identified this particular knife and she stated because of the curved blade. All sides of the knife of the knife were shown to so she could observe the knife from all angles and she affirmed seeing it or one like it in the MacDONALD residence. After the knives were shown to KALIN, she was then shown an ice pick with a yellow colored wooden handle with about a 6 or 7 inch blade and asked if she had ever seen it or one like it and she stated she had not or could not remember ever seeing any ice pick of any kind in the McDONALD residence. KALIN was asked if she had ever seen any type of ice crusher, hand or electric, and she replied she does not remember ever seeing one. At no time was KALIN told that any of the weapons viewed be her had been found at the crime scene or that they were the suspects murder ones. KALIN could add nothing further.

At no time was KALIN allowed to touch the knives or ice pick.
The Knives and the ice pick were released to me by Crim Inves Robert B. SHAW who had previously marked the three weapons for identification, and at no time did the three weapons ever leave my personal possession.

                                                                                                                                ( SIGNED )

                                                                                                                              Richard F. Avila
                                                                                                   Criminal Investigator



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