Colette’s brother’s statement for Christina Masewicz’s website and book Scales of Justice


By Robert C. Stevenson
Brother of Colette Stevenson, murdered by Jeffrey MacDonald

It was by chance that I discovered that a book had been written called “Scales of Justice”, as it is not my habit to look for anything related to the tragedy of the triple homicide in my family……….it has been enough that the murderer is behind bars up to now…….but that is not satisfactory for me anymore.

Too many misleading and fallacious statements have been made by MacDonald over the years to allow them to go unanswered.

The first writing to expose him was “Fatal Vision”, by Joe McGinniss………… excellent book detailing the heart and mind of the killer. I recommend it to you as well as showing keen insight into the crime and the criminal himself.

Originally, McGinniss was working with the MacDonald defense group, but he eventually realized that the arrogant and evasive MacDonald had to be the murderer as his testimony and statements did NOT match the evidence in the case…..and the evidence DID implicate him……….. And show a lack of the presence of anyone else on whom the murders could credibly be blamed.

Since that time other books have been written, some without the objectivity needed to examine BOTH sides in detail; and the results have at times been fatal to the truth…….as in the writing “Fatal Justice”, where one of the authors even lived within miles of the governments chief investigator…..but never interviewed him nor discussed the case with him….or even any questions he might have had about the original investigation they like to discuss and fault in their book…. I guess they were afraid of running into facts they might not have the answers to……..although they DID correspond with MacDonald in order to get his points of view on things that happened……….no wonder they supported his “version’ of the story.

 I note that areas of fact in existence that would contradict the thesis of this book went unexplained and unmentioned as they had to…… they would not be “productive’ to the thesis that there was a miscarriage of justice in the case.

This book by author Christina Masewicz, instead takes an objective look at ALL of the facts and testimony available under FOIA and much of it is quoted herein or is on her website… This information is available to you for  your revue and analysis as part of your individual analysis of the facts of the case should you have the interest to go further after reading Christina’s analysis and conclusion.

She has followed the case for years since her original attendance at the trial…..and the author has been determined to get to the truth of the case throughout the years….no matter where the trail would lead.

 The author points out many problems in the original investigation and areas she had to probe in order to get at the truth to her total satisfaction……. as she felt there were loose ends…… there are in every case ever investigated in this detail.

I may not agree with everything in this book….but that is not necessary….it is a truthful and unbiased exploration of the facts in an effort to find the truth, by a woman who for years has studied the case to find out what she needed to know, in order to make up her mind…… and then to bring what she found to the American public at her own cost.

I have made no attempt to, nor have I been asked in any way, to shape the book or its contents.  Neither the author nor I would do that ethically. I did correct some family history in the interest of the overall credibility of her work; and gave some insight into our family and its history from my point of view; as I have remained silent for many years and there is no one left now to tell some of the original family truths but me….

Please remember, that just as there is no such thing as a perfect crime….so there is also no perfect investigation.……

ANY case held up under a microscope WILL show some human flaws along the way, in varying degrees; and they will always be used by the defense to try to cast doubt on the hard evidence available.  This is true whether it be the infamous O.J. Simpson case, the Lacy Peterson murder investigation, or this one.

Guilt or innocence is not the province of the defense team in serving its client………it is to defend the guilty as well as the innocent in this country no matter how atrocious the act they have committed may be.

Remember too, that now you can use this information to determine what your own truth is, not based on his self serving utterances; but from the testimony, psychiatric records, and examinations and cross examinations, etc.

The comments of various experts each in their own fields is included in the book as well……..A lot of the actual information is available to you so that you do not need to make assumptions based on yesterday’s “tabloid truths”, but can make determinations based on his fallacious statements vs. the hard facts of the case.

For those of you who would still ask of me…..” Is there any question whatsoever in your mind that the right man is behind bars?”, Be it known for all time, that yes; I believe to the core of my being, that Jeffrey MacDonald alone was responsible for the incredible crimes he was not only convicted of….but sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for.

Another frequently asked question I encounter is, “Did your family ever have a theory as to the motive for the crime?” I can readily understand that people would prefer to have had a motive included in the prosecution…..but it was not necessary in order to gain a conviction… but yes…..there was a theory that Fred Kassab held, but my mother did not want discussed. She felt that the crime was horrible enough….why add this “additional” sensational possibility.

As to the theory, you see, since all of the people were of different blood types, as “secretors” their fluids were identifiable each from the other……… MacDonald had said that the urine on the bed in the master bedroom was from his youngest child…..yet as a matter of science it was determined to have been that of Kimberly……..

Why would he lie about this? Freddy theorized that he said it was the younger child’s urine to mask the fact that Kim was in the bedroom at that time (yet the blood evidence also showed that both Colette and Kim were attacked at the same time)…….why?……Because Freddy believed MacDonald was in some way molesting his oldest child… was the urine the immature reaction to a molestation????? ….And did Colette came in and catch him in that act?  And then you might well have the murderous rage he killed in as a consequence of his being caught in a situation that would destroy him, both as the myth he fostered in his own mind…..and in the reality of everyday life….facing the shame in front of his “peers”………and of course he would have to finish it by killing his youngest child in cold blood………..

The three consecutive life sentences were given to MacDonald because of the enormity of his crimes; so cruelly wrought and without mercy for even his smallest of children……(the last of which had many defensive wounds trying to fend off the cruel death blows administered over and again by her father)……………
If there is a Hell, then there must be a special place reserved for such a person as Jeffrey MacDonald.

As to the trial…………

In a way, I think of a jury as being capable to a large extent, to be an expert in the facts of a trial in that they hear what you who are not on the jury do not hear….much more…so much more that you as a consumer of the tabloid approach to the “murder news industry” do not get the benefit of these items of information, the attitudes displayed in the testimony by the accused, etc.….. And in getting all that is presented by both sides of the case, (whereas the media can only carry a small percentage of the proceedings of each side….and then uses only the most sensational aspects of either side of the story leaving other things forgotten.)  The jury is able to render a decision that sometimes we from afar wonder about as we did not hear all that they did…..hence my suggestion that the jury is expert in a way the public is not about the facts of the case.

The public then is left with only the “spin’ of the reports and really has little reliable information from which they would have to make a decision as to guilt or innocence of the accused party.

Lately, all the information available to the public has been the self serving usual mixture of MacDonald fact and fiction……all intended to continue to confuse another generation of people into thinking maybe he is not guilty.

The government has no need to, in a continuing fashion; present his guilt as he was long ago convicted of these horrible crimes by a jury who heard the case.


When the jury returned with their verdict, some openly wept, others had tear filled eyes…..but none were untouched…… it was a hard decision for them, but their decision was based on the logic of the blood evidence and the incontrovertible conclusion that the fabricated story of the murderer could NOT have happened the way that he said… they like Fred Kassab were left with two conclusions…..either HE HIMSELF was the murderer, or HE KNEW WHO the murderer was and was covering for someone…..clearly an absurd notion given the self centered nature of MacDonald who would not put himself at risk for another person in any situation, let alone the murder of his family which would result in life imprisonment……..or worse.

The jury decided that beyond any shadow of a doubt …that MacDonald was guilty of not one….not two…..but three brutal murders…………and the last one probably in cold blood……….

Now, on to the judge…….a judge HEARS a lot of cases and witnesses a lot of testimony during his career…..he gets to evaluate how cases are presented, how the testimony of both sides goes… the demeanor of the accused as well as his words protesting his innocence…. the probability of the defenses used in each case……and finally the probable guilt or innocence of the defendant IN ADDITION to the all important decision by the jury.

This judge was a wise and seasoned veteran of the bench…..he had seen it all and heard it all during his career over the years.

This defendant, like any other defendant denied any connection with the crimes with which he had been charged…. but. since there were facts to the contrary being submitted by the prosecution which wholly discredited his fabricated story, he was able to also judge the probable guilt or innocence of the man before him, and….I submit that the judge, beyond being an expert in the law, and procedural expert; is also in the end a judge of men….of their testimony, of their motives and evasions; of the lies of liars and scoundrels and yes….. of murderers.

Based on his look at Jeffrey MacDonald, after listening to his testimony; and hearing the facts of the case… and the decision of the jury…..this judge sitting as an expert in his field after years of experience, felt that the accused should remain incarcerated for the rest of his natural life for the crimes he was convicted of, and so sentenced him.

MacDonald was sentenced to three consecutive life terms….one for each of the brutal murders he committed………..that is why he received three consecutive life sentences….for you see, that more than one  life sentence is necessary to accomplish this as a “Life” sentence does not mean life……it can mean as little as 17 years with good behavior.  To put someone away for good requires multiple life sentences in order to gain the necessary result.

Fred Kassab is dead now….his work in seeing the crime avenged by the conviction and imprisonment of the murderer was accomplished against seemingly overwhelming odds, but there is more to be done - FRED KASSAB’S UNFINISHED WORK IS  TO KEEP THIS BRUTAL KILLER BEHIND BARS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE……………..

I promised Fred that one day….when necessary,  I would follow in his footsteps, and that I too would do whatever was necessary to keep Jeffrey MacDonald in jail …..where he belongs.

Something tells me that now; this is the time to speak out.

An unrepentant butcher whose slain family will never walk the face of the earth again wants to be free.

Who knows, he might even have a chance of that if he accepted his guilt publicly………but those of us who really know him depend on his level of psychopathic insanity to keep him in prison for the rest of his life.
This man is a sociopath and cannot and will not repent of his inhuman crimes.

Any sane man would admit his guilt in order to return to life…….

It is therefore important to me that each of you read this book and check the facts for yourselves……do not let him or a MacDonald groupie tell you what they prefer for you to believe; each for their own foolish reasons.

Even Jeffrey Dahmer was featured on trading cards as a pop hero to some…..and there will always be those misguided few who come to his aid…..until they too find out the truth and are discarded by him.

Save your time and tears for a worthwhile effort…………….

If you read this book I have no doubt that the MacDonald smokescreen of picking at investigatory errors and mixing his lies with a little truth and leaving you with the resultant confusion in your minds will not be persuasive to you as to whether he is or is not guilty.

In the “OJ” case we saw DNA evidence of several billion to one ignored by a jury who would not use the facts provided to them as the flashy smokescreen of the so called dream team and the stupid glove trick allowed them to find sufficient doubt to convict a man who was obviously guilty to a nation of onlookers.

Don’t let the years of dog and pony shows and whatever current efforts he floats obfuscate the hard evidence and the facts……He is guilty of the brutal murders of each of the members of his family…..including a fourth and unmentioned person……his unborn son who was in Colette’s body, just several weeks from birth.

For these crimes and his continuing unrepentant nature, he should remain in prison for the remainder of his life.

I would appreciate anything any of you can do to see that others understand his guilt, and should he ever apply at some future time for a release, I would ask those of you who take the time to research this case to help my family and especially Colette, Kimberly, and Kristy.

You can do this by writing to any parole board or group involved in /or asking for his release that it be denied as he denied the final cries of his family as he killed each and every one of them.

I am hopeful that the author’s website may also serve a public relations function as well as being able to forward your messages to the appropriate authorities.

I look forward to the time that for those of you who still care, you will speak out for Colette, Kim, and Kristy.


Robert C. Stevenson